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Clay Render for Beginners

Clay Render for Beginners
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This tutorial will demonstrate a method used to create a clay render of any scene in 3ds Max.
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Clay render objects in 3ds Max

Clay render objects in 3ds Max Icon
When you’re just about finished a model in 3ds max, sometimes a quick clay rendering is needed. You might need an early prototype for the model. A clay rendering is very fast (especially compared to Mental Ray or V-Ray, which can take a very long time to render). To set a clay model for rendering, follow the steps below (depending on your version of 3ds max, things might look a bit different).

Creating Clay Render with 3ds max 2010 and Mental Ray

Creating Clay Render with 3ds max 2010 and Mental Ray Icon
In this 3ds Max 2010 video: we’ll take advantage of mental ray’s ProMaterials to create a nice clay render of the interior scene we’ve been working on. By rendering using the technique shown in this video, we can create a clean and clear render that showcases our work in the best light possible, highlighting the depth and details of our modeling work.

Making Clay Renders

Making Clay Renders Icon
This simple tutorail will show you how to create a "clay rander" using your default 3D Studio MAX rendering engine without spending any extra cash for any extra plugins.

G.I Rendering Techniques

G.I Rendering Techniques Icon
Model presentation is a crucial step for every artist when building their portfolio. In this tutorial you'll learn few techniques for creating a global illumination or "clay" render using 3Ds Max and it's 3 common render engines the scanline renderer, Mental Ray and finally V Ray. You'll also look at implementing additional lights, adding color variation, removing noise, and how to add image based lighting using HDRI images.

Making shaded wireframe rendering

Making shaded wireframe rendering Icon
The CG tutorial of how to render shaded clay wireframe with isoline mesh in 3ds max using V-Ray or mental ray renderer, and how to perform its compositing with Photoshop or the 3ds Max only with help of black-and-white gradient mask. Many of the 3d-artists at least once faced the need or desire to make the wireframe rendering. And they asked questions like: How to render wireframe in V-Ray or Mental Ray? How to perform the isoline render? How to make a shaded mesh rendering? How make a post production to a wireframe rendering? These are the questions this tutorial will answer and will show the easy and usable ways of creating model's mesh renderings.

Basic tutorial part 2 - advanced 3ds max

Basic tutorial part 2 - advanced 3ds max Icon
This video tutorial is mainly focused about modeling techniques in 3ds Max and workflow functions. I will try to show you some functions and primitives with which you can start to plan and do your model, explain workflow in 3ds Max and show some tools which you can use for this. I will show hot to model a bulb using a reference, the bulb would be modeled with two different techniques on which you will see the differences in them and also the advantage of each of them, than we will modify one of the bulbs and recreate with other functions. At the end I will do a clay render with smooth and wire surface.

Rendering wireframe using vray

Rendering wireframe using vray Icon
Video Tutorial for beginners. In this tutorial we'll learn how to render wireframe in 3ds Max and V-Ray.

How to render an animation

How to render an animation Icon
Many people don’t know how to render an animation in 3ds max, so I will explain you. Its very simple. Open the “Render Setup” and look in “Common” menu. Look in “Common Parameters” and at Time Output. Check the “Range” box and then you can put between what frames do you want to render.

Vray tutorials -Studio & light setup - Part2_Test Render HDRI

Vray tutorials -Studio & light setup - Part2_Test Render HDRI Icon
Advance V-Ray studio lighting tutorial from that explains the creation and setup for the studio lighting, and the usage of vray physical cameras within 3d Max. Here in this second part, we will assign vray render, we will adjust the render settings by explaining the parameters to make some test render and we will create an HDRI environment.

Exterior Render - Mental Ray Render

Exterior Render - Mental Ray Render Icon
This is a tutorial how to make a exterior lightning and render with mental ray . This scene was modeled in 3D max 7 and rendered with mental ray 3.4, the unit is in meter