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Fix: PowerPoint not responding in Windows

Microsoft’s PowerPoint is one of the most widely used apps from the Office suite. Millions of students and business users use this program to create powerful presentations for school/work. But, just like every other program or app in Windows, PowerPoint might suddenly become unresponsive at some point, and cause major problems to a user who’s in the middle of creating a presentation.

Windows SmartScreen filter warning messages explained

The Windows SmartScreen filter offers protection to Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer users from internet based attacks by blocking malicious websites, phishing attacks, socially engineered malware, Drive-by-download attacks as well as web-based attacks that exploit software vulnerabilities, and displays warnings for Malvertising and Tech Support scam sites. However, with attackers finding newer ways to intrude into the PC’s, Microsoft announced that the latest Windows 10 updates, includes a beefed up SmartScreen that provides protection from drive-by attacks in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.

Creating Power BI Card Visuals

In this post I’m going to continue the process of creating a Power BI dashboard built off the data I sourced from OneDrive for Business. This time I’m going to look specifically at creating Power BI Card Visuals.

Grammar and Spell Check is not working in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a very useful software when it comes to writing long paragraphs with styling. Almost every writer uses Word on his/her computer. People use Microsoft Word over Notepad because – apart from the formatting options – it can detect spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and sentence formations. However, if your Grammar and Spell Checking is not working in Microsoft Word, then this post will show you how to fix the problem

PDO for beginner (part 1)

PDO for beginner (part 1) Icon
Some users, particularly beginners, find PDO difficult to use because of its syntax hence the need for this two-part tutorial. In the first part , I will connect with the database using PDO and perform CRUD operations, paying special attention to SQL injection threats. In the second part, I will discuss how prepaid statements work with PDO.

Perfect Airbrushed Skin In Photoshop

This Photoshop CC tutorial shows you how to apply a realistic airbrush effect. This effect is used in many magazines today.

Setting the nlog database connection string in the core appsettings.json

This article shows how the NLog connection string for the DatabaseTarget can be configured in the appsettings.json in an ASP.NET Core project and not the XML nlog.config file. All the NLog target properties can be configured in code if required and not just in the NLog XML configuration file.

How to Find Out How Much Hard Drive Space You Need

When purchasing a new computer, some people can be confused as to how much space they need. They’ll know that their computer comes with a set amount of space, such as “500GB.” Despite this, they’ll struggle to justify just how big 500GB is. What can you store on 500GB of space? Will it allow you to install software and download media to your heart’s content? Is it too small? Given there’s no physical reference as to just how big 500GB is, it can be hard to visualise its size.

How to create an ISO file out of any Windows 10 build

When Microsoft releases a new Windows 10 build to Insiders on the Fast ring, it is usually only available through Windows Update. This means you can’t find an ISO file of that build, and install it manually while it’s still available on the Fast ring only.

Minecraft Windows 10: Taming and Breeding guide

Which animals can be tamed, and which can be bred? What do you need to make them do this? There are many different uses for domestic animals in Minecraft. They are a great source of materials, whether that may be from killing it for its leather and meat, shearing it for its wool, or milking it for milk and shroom soup.

How to bring back the old User Account Control prompt

If you don't like the new User Account Control prompt on Windows 10, here's how you can bring the old style back. In this Windows 10 guide, we'll walk you through the steps to modify the registry to disable the new User Account Control dialog box, while bringing back the old experience.

What Is Windows Shell Experience Host?

If you’ve ever noticed a process named “Windows Shell Experience Host” in your Task Manager window, you may experienced a fleeting curiosity and then gone on about your business. Here’s what that process is and why it can occasionally eat up some people’s CPU and Memory.

An Introduction to CoreOS

If you’re reading this blog, then you have a rough idea of what containers are and why you want to use them. Docker has made it easy to experiment with containers, and is slowly making it easier to deploy and manage them in production environments. However, there are a still a lot of gaps in what Docker offers (for free), and others have stepped up to fill them.

How to customize the startup color of Windows 10 Store apps

You'll notice that some apps will take the color accent from your current theme, and some other apps display their signature colors like the Xbox app with its green color and Microsoft Edge with its characteristic blue color. In this Windows 10 guide, we'll walk you through the steps to change the splash screen color for various Windows 10 Store apps by adding some tweaks to the registry.

How to optimize Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta settings for a slow PC

How do I optimize Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta for my slow PC? Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta is already a step above the Java version of Minecraft when it comes to the burden on your PC. Still, some PCs can have a hard time running it — there is a lot going on. A choppy Minecraft will lead to an unhappy miner, so here are a few tips to get the game running well on a slow PC.

How to Install Drupal 8.1 with Nginx, PHP-FPM and SSL on Ubuntu 16.04

In this tutorial, we will install Drupal 8.1.10 with Nginx web server, MariaDB 10 as the database server and PHP-FPM (PHP 7.0) to handle PHP requests. I will also show you how to install an SSL Certificate to secure the Drupal website.

Deploying Web Applications in Jetty

In this article, we will do a quick overview of the Jetty web server and then cover various approaches to deploying a WAR file. Jetty is an open source Java HTTP web server and a servlet container. Jetty is more commonly used in machine to machine communication in the Java ecosystem.

Dynamically Chain Scopes to Clean up SQL Queries - Rail Tutorial

One of the worst things that can happen to a Rails application is SQL queries becoming a huge complex conditional mess. I have come across controller actions that build query strings using a type of “chain of conditionals” method, like so:

Create Radial Waves to a Beat in After Effects

Once you have keyframes, you can pretty much do anything with them. In this case, Daniel uses a radial ramp as the base of the effect that is linked to the audio keyframes with a small expression. Time displacement will allow you to animate the radial waves using an offset. The cool thing is that you can do this effect with any image. Instead of using a radial ramp, you can use a linear gradient to make a simple slit scan effect.

How to Create a 3D Black and Gold Text and Logo Mockup

Before you start creating our text mockup, download and install the font and also download the background. We will use the blue background from the Tutorial Assets as our document background. It is a 2000 x 3000 px JPG file. Go to File > Open and open the blue-background.jpg.