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Go vs Python: Parsing a JSON response from a HTTP API

As part of a recommendations with Neo4j talk that I’ve presented a few times over the last year I have a set of scripts that download some data from the API. They’re all written in Python but I thought it’d be a fun exercise to see what they’d look like in Go. My eventual goal is to try and parallelise the API calls.

How to Add Comments to a PowerPoint Presentation in 60 Seconds

Comments are a great tool for collaborating in PowerPoint. When you're preparing for that big presentation, using comments and leaving them for your colleagues to trade feedback is a great option. I'm working in a PowerPoint presentation here and I wanna add a comment to this slide design. Learn how to do that in this quick tutorial.

Resizing Element Groups

If you’ve ever selected a group of objects in Sketch, then resized the whole group, you’ll be used to the fact that each object within it is stretched and moved proportionally. Now, with Sketch’s Resizing option, we can specify how we want each object to behave. Let’s find out how in this sixty second video!

Mathematical Modules in Python: Random

Nearly all of the functions in this module depend on the basic random() function, which will generate a random float greater than or equal to zero and less than one. Python uses the Mersenne Twister to generate the floats. It produces 53-bit precision floats with a period of 2**19937-1. It is actually the most widely used general-purpose pseudo-random number generator.

Passwordless Authentication With Account Kit

What Is Passwordless Authentication? Passwordless authentication skips using a password for registration or login. Instead, user authentication is confirmed either with a one-time SMS verification code sent to the user's phone or a one-time link to their email address.

How to stream on Beam with FTL

Beam's latest streaming technology is promising sub-second latency and you can try it out right now. FTL stands for faster than light and it's the term applied to the crazy fast, low latency technology Beam has been working on for its streams. It ultimately results in an almost invisible stream delay, making for a better all-around experience for the viewers, since they're able to interact with the streamer in real time.

Calculating Working Days between Two Dates

Excel has some powerful functions to calculate working days between two dates in Excel. These are especially useful when we are creating Gantt charts or timelines for a proposal/project. In this tutorial, you’ll learn about Excel functions that can calculate: Working days between two dates. Date after the specified number of working days.

Changing numbers Sign in Excel – From Negative to Positive and Vice versa

Another question to answer and very interesting one indeed. Again this question came from our vibrant facebook community. The requirement is to change number signs that is change negative numbers to positive and positive to negatives. Although this is hardly the case in many situations that you really want an additive inverse for each and every value as most of the time users want all the values to be positive or all the values to be zero but in real life all sorts of things happen.

Making Birthday and Age Calculator

Last year the same day we learnt how to make a birth date heat map in Excel. So lets another Excel trick exactly one year after. Lets say the date of birth is August 6, 1986. And here are few things you want to find out only by punching your birth date:

Java 8 Stream findFirst() vs. findAny()

The Java 8 Stream API introduced two methods that are often being misunderstood: findAny() and findFirst(). In this quick tutorial, we will be looking at the difference between these two methods and when to use them.

Spring Cloud Sleuth in a Monolith Application

In this article, we’re introducing Spring Cloud Sleuth – a powerful tool for enhancing logs in any application, but especially in a system built up of multiple services. And for this writeup we’re going to focus on using Sleuth in a monolith application, not across microservices. We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of trying to diagnose a problem with a scheduled task, a multi-threaded operation, or a complex web request. Often, even when there is logging, it is hard to tell what actions need to be correlated together to create a single request.

JSON Processing in Java EE 7

This article will show you how to process JSON using only core Java EE, without the use of third-party dependencies like Jersey or Jackson. Pretty much everything we’ll be using is provided by the javax.json package.

How to Take a Self Portrait

Although you might think that a photographer would love taking a self portrait, it’s actually one of the most difficult pictures to take. With self portraits you don’t have the advantage of looking through the lens and carefully composing your image, so it can be real tricky to get it right. But with that being said, there are a few important tips you can use to make taking your self portrait a whole lot easier.

How to Create an Intense Composite of a Stone Tiger with Blue Flames

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a fantasy photo-manipulation using a basic adjustments and some stocks and how to add some textures and make it look like a fantasy fire and show you the way how to use the clipping mask and the mask as a professional and play with the lights.

How to Make Your PC Shut Down at Night (But Only When You’re Not Using It)

It’s good to to power off your PC when you’re not using it, but do you ever forget and leave it on? Here’s how to configure Windows to automatically power down at night, but only if you’re not using the PC at the time.

How to Use a JavaScript DataTable in an Angular Application

There are several data table widgets for Angular, but none of them matched our project’s needs. I’m sure that’s simply a matter of time. Angular2 is young, and the third-party libraries are even younger. They simply didn’t have enough time to accumulate features and maturity. So why don’t we use one of the seasoned JavaScript data tables?

Photographing Beautiful and Monstrous Waves

I've lived on the shores of Lake Erie my entire life and can readily attest that it can a very unkind body of water. Photographer Dave Sandford takes advantage of this by wading into the tumultuous waves to capture and showcase their beauty. We've featured Sandford's amazing work before, and it's great to hear him talk about his process and the ups and downs (or should I say "crests and troughs") of standing in freezing cold water to capture those "liquid mountains that literally last all of a second."

Photoshop Dispersion Effect: Tutorial

In this Photoshop Tutorial, I will teach you how to create a dispersion effect. This effect has become very popular. It looks fairly complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. I believe the hardest part was finding the perfect free brush set for the effect. Which I have provided below. A few things we’ll Be doing is creating the effect using brushes and masks. We’ll also be using a broken glass texture. I will then add a nice gradient for the image, then for the final step, I will sharpen the image and effect to make it stand out much more. I hope you like this tutorial.

Creating an core docker application and deploying to azure

This blog is a simple step through, which creates an ASP.NET Core Docker image using Visual Studio 2017, deploys it to Docker Hub and then deploys the image to Azure.

Dodge and burn tool

Welcome to my another tutorial from 30 Days to Learn Photoshop series. Last time we discussed Gradeint Tool in Photoshop and today we’ll discuss Dodge and Burn Tool in Photoshop. Dodge and Burn Tool give us a better control on highlights and shadows of the image. Of course, you can use your contrast bar but that feature gives us very less flexibility. All you can do is to move the slider. Dodge and Burn tool gives you full control over the image. It takes a whole lot of time, effort, and skills but the results are much better.