Windows move all icons to the left of the screen

I have arranged my desktop icons in the same relative place for over ten years and I get a bit peeved when Windows 7 decides I need to conform.

Things might be different if I could leave my PC on all the time. As it is, even though I have unticked Auto arrange Icons | and Align Icons to Grid when I restart, Windows is very likely to move all my icons to the left of the screen.

It's a bit like someone coming to your desk and moving the papers around. It doesn't happen all the time, but it certainly will on the weekly Microsoft update.

Is there any extra trick I can use to stop this happening...

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Force Windows to NEVER move my icons
Win7 64. Is there a way to 100% FORCE desktop icons from changing position under -any- circumstances?

I keep icons in certain places for a -purpose-. I leave gaps here and there on purpose.

And for whatever reason, if I install a program, or uninstall, or send a new shortcut to the desktop, Windows has no compunction in putting the new icon where -it- wants to (and moving my arrangement around to fit.)

Also, I have 2 monitors and sometimes, after being asleep, Windows -thinks- there's only one screen and moves ALL icons over to one screen.

In short, how do I force Windows to NEVER move my icons?

Windows Scaling Problem
My laptop is set for a resolution of 1680 x 1050. I have a monitor which I connect to via a docking station, and it's a wider screen format than my widescreen laptop. The resolution on the monitor is 1920 x 1080.

The laptop seems to support that just fine with one exception. The Windows 7 snap-to feature that lets you move a window to the right or left edge of the screen and have it pop into a half-screen mode only works on the left edge of the screen.

My cursor doesn't stop at the right edge of the screen like it does on the left . it just drags the window all the way off the right edge of the monitor.

And some icons that I have placed near the right edge of the screen on the laptop seem to be missing . as though they've been placed somewhere off the right edgeof my visible screen on the external monitor.

Is there any way to correct this?

desktop icons: why do they move?
I use Windows 7 HP on an Asus laptop. ON my desktop, I have 2 vertical columns of icons, about 13 icons. SOME mornings when I turn it on, I find that one of the columns has been move to the right side of the desktop even though I normally keep them all on the left side.

When I drag them back to the left, no problem, but a day or two later, they will (probably) appear on the right side again.

Get Desktop Icons to Bottom Taskbar!
I can only move 2 icons to the bottom left taskbar. They are (Windows Explorer) and (Windows Live Mail). I have had in the past 2 separate icons next to these that are my bank icons (2 different Banks). When I try and move them to the bottom taskbar it just goes back to the Desktop. I have the lock task bar unchecked. One thing I noticed is when I unchecked the taskbar before there would be vertical lines I could move sideways all along the taskbar. I don't see any line when I uncheck "Lock The Taskbar" Is there a setting or way to help me get them on the bottom taskbar?

Issues with Windows 7, Some of my desktop icons refresh some do not
Issues with Windows 7, Some of my desktop icons refresh some do not. Actually they do refresh they flash on the screen to what they should be then revert to the unrefreshed state.
It looks like it may only be the shortcut icons though I am not sure of that yet
Problem 2 is when your use your cursor in the directory tree while exploring a hard drive prior to windows 7 as you move from folder to folder the other panel would update. No all I see is the first folder, the one I click on with the mouse when I started.
If I hit enter then it will update I prefered the old way when it change on the left it would update the right not needing to hit enter or click on it.

Strange behaviour of the Taskbar.
For clarity, do the following with the taskbar in the no-hide mode. Unlock the taskbar and move it to the left of the screen. This works OK.
Now move it to the top. The taskbar moves to the top but a 'ghost' image of a taskbar stays on the left side of the screen. Now move it to thefeft again. The taskbar moves to the left but a 'ghost' image of a taskbar stays at the top of the screen. Now move it to the right. The 'ghost' disappears.
Move it back to the top. this works OK. With the taskbar at the top, set it to hide mode, and reboot the system.
When hidden the taskbar now displays a narrow strip at the top of the screen. Move the cursor to the top of the screen to display the taskbar.
The narrow strip still hangs below the displayed taskbar.

Auto-arrange Desktop Icons to the Right
I'm looking for any way that I can have Windows auto arrange my desktop icons to the right side of the screen rather than the standard left side. Just dragging and manually arranging my icons on the right side of the desktop is tedious and annoying.
And, before anyone posts, I do know of a Stardock program called Fences, but It does not have the auto-arrange functionality that I want.

Computer lags when left idle.
Like the title says my computer has this problems that when it is left idle like if I was watching a movie or something of this sorts, it does this massive lag, sound skips and screen image slows down.

Although right when I move my mouse, the screen goes black for half a sec and resumes to its normal speed. This happens every 5mins or so and some times it wont only lag butactually freeze my computer.

I am running on windows 7 64-bit. I have 3 monitors attached to my computer so I was wondering if maybe my cpu is being over worked and goes on like a power save mode when I'm not moving the mouse or something.

Windows 7 TASKBAR missing.
After running Windows 7 for 6 months, decided I wanted my taskbar on the right instead of the left, but when I dragged the TASKBAR from the left side to the right side of the display, the taskbar vanished. I've tried re-booting (by pressing the power button on the PC). And the taskbar is still missing.
I tried a right mouse > Personalize > and selected TASKBAR and START MENU to move the taskbar to the left side, but the taskbar is missing. Also now when I do a right mouse on the desktop > then select Personalize > then select TASKBAR and START MENU > the task bar dialog does not appear.
To summarize, all I did to get into this mess was drag the TASKBAR from the left to the right side of the screen and the TASKBAR vanished.

Ultimate Windows Tweak for windows 7+Remove Arrows on Shortcut Icons
Ultimate Windows Tweak for windows 7, I tried it yesterday to remove the arrows on shortcut icons. Well it did but it actually left just the text no icon either. I did go back in and reverted it back and I had done a System Restore before fiddling around so is good just thought I would bounce it on here. I only checked one as I was not interested in all the othertweaks.

how to make display in entire window, not in a single column on left side of screen?
Document and photo files/folders in Windows 7 now appear in a single column on th left side of the screen. How can get them to appear spread across the screen as they once did?

Auto-hiding toolbars on the desktop
I'm new to Windows 7 and am setting up my folder/files etc. The move from XP is certainly a bit frustrating (to say nothing about the struggle with new programmes to replace the XP ones thatcan't play happily with Win 7.

At the moment my desktop is cluttered with files and folders that I want quick access to. Using the Start menu takes more clicks than I'm happy with. On my old XP Desktop I had 2 toolbars which hung on each side of the screen.

I could fill them with folders, files and shortcuts without my Desktop looking like the local garbage tip! The toolbars were set to Auto-Hide. The result was a really tidy and uncluttered screen with the bare minimum of icons.

I just loved it. but Win 7 just doesn't seem able to do this. The closest Win7 seems to come is the little box containing the hidden Taskbar icons.

Windows 7 Taskbar Jumping Issue
In windows 7, if you right click any icon that is pinned to the taskbar, and then, with that program's menu displayed, left click an empty part of the taskbar and move the mouse in any direction. The taskbar (even if it is locked) will jump to the top of the screen.

How to change your Windows 7 desktop icons
When you install Windows 7 you will find that your desktop has only the Recycle Bin icon and any other icons enabled by your computer manufacturer. If you wish to add other icons such as the Computer, Network, Control Panel, and your User's Files icon you will need to perform a few easy steps. Before we continue, I will describe what the purpose of each of the Windows desktop icons are so that you can decide whether or not you want them to appear on your desktop.

Mysterious hidden desktop
Since a few days ago, without having installed any new software or Windows updates (except an Adobe Acrobat 9 update), my desktop seems to go into hiding after a return from the screen saver, which is a blank screen.

When I click the mouse or the keyboard to restore the desktop from the screen saver, there's nothing there but the mouse cursor. But if I move the mouse, the areas where it has moved seems to 'paint' back the desktop in that part.

If I move the mouse all over the screen, the entire desktop image is restored.

I checked the power settings (they remain default), the desktop image and the screen saver. All are the same as before this problem started.

I've used the same desktop image and screensaver way back since Windows 95 - and for a year in 7 Ultimate.

User account control - position of popup window
I have a program (under Windows 7 64 bit) that must be run with administrator privileges. Of course, whenever I invoke it, the User Account Control window pops up and asks me "Do you want to allow the following program etc." It's irritating, but I don't want to change my security settings so I'm prepared to put up with it.

The problem is that the popup window is always placed in the top left corner of the screen if I invoke it from the icon pinned to the taskbar, or in the dead centre of the screen if invoked from the program icon on the desktop.

With a trackball and a large monitor that's a LONG way to move the mouse each time.

What would be very handy is a way to direct that popup screen to be drawn in the bottom left hand corner of the desktop instead.

How to reduce space between icons on desktop
How can I make the spaces between the desktop icons smaller? I am using Windows 7 aero theme. I think (not sure) that in Windows Classic theme I could set the spaces between icons on thedesktop to be as many pixels as I want.

I know if I hold the control key down, click any icon and then turn the scroll wheel on the mouse all the icons on the desktop will get larger or smaller and I can freely control how large or small they are.

But I can't move them closer together when they are on the grid. The grid keeps them all lined up nice and neat. If I take them off grid, then they look pretty raggedy instead of being in nice straight lines. Which I like. I just don't like the spacing between them.

Grid is found by right clicking desktop, then clicking View, then clicking or unclicking "align items to grid."

How to get back network/volume notification area icons in Windows 7
Have you ever lost your network, volume, or power icons on Windows 7 notification area, and they get back by re-starting explorer.exe but disappear again after reboot Windows? Here’s a way you can try to restore those icons, which also clean up useless notification area icons.

Lock or unlock desktop icons
I have arranged the icons where I want (having AutoArrange deselected). Usually, I can freely move them when desired (as in moving a new shortcut to an application or a saved shortcut to a website to a different spot on the desktop).

Every now and then, though, the icons 'magically' become locked into their current position and a reboot is necessary to unlock them (when I reboot, the current icon positioning is maintained and I can freely move them again).

Not sure if this a Win7 glitch or something with one of my apps - no specific computer activity causes this behavior.?

Slow to Boot and Monster Icons
I have Windows 7. When I boot up for the 1st time in the day, it takes almost 3 minutes and the icons on the desk top are huge. I restart the computer, it reboots in about 20 seconds and the icons are normal size.

I have tried everything I can think of. When the computer boots for the 1st time the highest screen resolution avail is 1280x800. When I restart the computer it goes to 1680x1050 which is my normal resolution.