Windows 7: System freezes after waking-up from sleep

Windows 7: My system always freezes after waking-up from sleep.
This will show you how to change how long Windows 7 will wait unattended and idle after waking up before going back to sleep or hibernation automatically.

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How to Change the Return to Sleep Timeout for a Unattended Wake Up in Windows 7
This will show you how to change how long Windows 7 will wait unattended and idle after waking up before going back to sleep or hibernation automatically.

Sleep and hibernation: frequently asked questions
Here are answers to some common questions about sleep and hibernation.
What's the difference between sleep, hibernate, and hybrid sleep? Why can't I find the sleep or hibernate options on my computer? How can I prevent my computer from automatically sleeping or hibernating? How can I wake my computer from sleep or hibernation? Why does my computer not go into sleep or hibernation as expected, or why does it wake unexpectedly? I have a device that doesn't function properly after waking up from sleep or hibernate. Will sleep eventually drain my laptop battery? Is my data safe while my computer is asleep?

Computer Not Sleeping/Waking Properly
Everytime I try to put my computer into sleep/hibernate mode it immediately wakes up. I googled it and someone suggested to disable the option to allow the mouse/keyboard to wake computer.

I did that, as well as disabling Windows update. But I still have the problem. Not only that problem though. When the computer sometimes does sleep, it won't wake up. The only way it wakes up is if I turn off the power from the back.

Then the computer will power on and say "windows resuming"

Is there anyway to fix this? I've been trying to use the sleep/hibernate function more as of late but it's become rather annoying cause it's not properly working.

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit

Windows 7 Get Shutdown When I Request Sleep!
I just updated my Windows Vista Ultra 32 bit system to Windows 7 Ultra 64 bit. It was a clean install with all the patches. So far things have been working well except when I request Sleep, the system shuts down!

It will also shutdown with inactivity. Previously using Vista, Sleep worked well.

System got to sleep while copying Files
I was copying/moving many large files/directories (~500 MB - 2 GB) between hard drives (physically inside my system, not across a network). System is Windows 7, SP1, 64 bit, 16 GB of ram.

Some actions proceeded smoothly, albeit slowly (my perception) but once the system just seemed to "go to sleep" (single instance of a 11.5 GB transfer) - nothing happened for several minutes and then Windows apparently locked up. Only way out was a cold reboot. Nothing lost.

Are there tricks to doing this more quickly? Does Windows not like big transfers?

"System unattended sleep timeout" in Power Options
This tutorial will show you how to add or remove the "System unattended sleep timeout" setting under Sleep in the advanced power settings of all power plans for all users in Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Windows 7 will not go to sleep mode
I'm at my wits end. All of a sudden my machine will not go to sleep mode. When I click on Sleep the display immediately shuts down, I can hear the hard drives winding down but the the fans keep running with the blue sleep like blinking.

I think. I have run powercfg and no requests are outstanding. Here are my current powersettings:

Balanced mode, turn display off 10 min, set computer to sleep 20 min Advanced mode, allow sleep after 20 min, wake timer enable, sharing media allow sleep

My Memory Is Shrinking
Recently I started using sleep mode and I notice that every time I wake up from sleep I am using less memory.

Normal use is usually about 23% of 8GB. First time I awoke I was using about 20%. Second time I awoke I was using about 15%.

Right now, with my mail program open and IE open I am using 19% after 3 awakes from sleep. I am left to conclude something is not waking upon awake.

I know I can check the processes etc. Does anyone know an easy way to check why my memory usage decreases each time I awake? While I await your solutions, I'm gonna take a nap.Wake me when you have something.

BSOD when waking up from sleep
This last week I have had a few occasions when returning to my laptop after a few hours. The system wakes ok but if I went to Thunderbirds and try anything it would stop responding and after a few minutes a BSOD would occur.

Something about page fault error but disappears to quick to read fully. After searching the net I discovered a report from someone who had tried sorts of things to prevent this...

Dirty shutdown and restart after entering sleep mode
I'm somewhat tech savvy, and my laptop has me absolutely stumped. I'll cut to the chase:

I get a dirty shutdown and restart (prompting Windows' safe mode option) any time the system attempts to enter sleep mode--whether by the Start menu or by pressing the power button (which I've set to enter sleep mode).

I've asked Windows to produce a dump file in the event of a BSOD, but none have been created. I've gone through all driver updates I can think of, HP siteupdates, reinstalled the OS twice, etc.

I had some luck re-enabling the Windows 7 logon screen, which had previously been disabled. Worked for a few days, and I'm back where I started.

Schedule task does not wake windows from sleep
I'm trying to have window wake from sleep, so I created an event to run using windows task scheduler. Note, I also have "enabled" sleep timers under power management.

When windows is sleeping, I was expecting the task scheduler to run and therefore wake up windows, but nothing happens. When I manual wake up windows, the event then runs.

What other setting can I check?

Windows 7 doesnt sleep-hibernate or shutdown
Windows 7 will will shutdown if I hold down the power button, however it will not shutdown when manually hitting "Shutdown" or just pushing the power button once. Everything looks normal when it's shutting down, it says it's shutting down.

yet a few seconds after the fans shutdown completely, the computer magically starts back up again.

So it does shutdown (technically, all the signs are there) but it starts back up.

Aside from the shutdown feature not working, sleep doesn't work (I don't use hibernate because I don't want to waste SSD write cycles). When I put the computer into sleep mode, it shuts down the fans and lights, however just like the shutdown issue, the computer powers itself back on (wake on LAN is off).

Even though it is powered on, it isn't out of sleep mode. None of the peripheral devices work and I can't get the monitors to turn back on, therefore I have to hard boot the computer by holding down the power button.

When I turn the computer back on, it isback where I left it before I put it into sleep mode.

Side note: System Restore is turned off.

videos freeze, i think it's a graphics problem
I've a sony vgn-fz21e. sony says on its website the fz series is not compatible with Windows 7. maybe that's the prob, but it was installed successfully anyway.
when i play a media file on bsplayer, vlcplayer, windows media player, it stops, several times. the image and sound freezes, and after 15sec, starts again. on bsplayer the time even continues to run. i think it has to do with my nvidia software, since i eliminated the kaspersky and codecs options.
also, using the mouse, i click on programs, and it takes forever to open them, because the image just freezes.
i've a geforce 8400m gt. when i open system information it says "operating system: microsoft windows vista". maybe this is the prob. i tried to update. didn't run the installation system "the nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. setup will now exit". i've dwl from nvidia the 8400, 8500 gt, 8400m gt. nothing.

64 Bit has no video after sleep mode
I have a brand new machine with Windows 7 64 bit. Sometimes after sleep mode it will have no video output. The power settings are all turned on/never sleep. It does not do this all the time but when it does I can unplug the HDMI and plug it back in then get normal video output. I have updated all the drivers and BIOS. Any help on this would be great

Mouse wakes laptop from sleep even after disabling
We have laptops both with Microsoft Wireless Mobile mouse 6000. Both have the mouse options set to NOT allow wake from sleep:
Start > Control Panel > System and Security > System
> Device Manager > Mice & other > Power Management
> clear "Allow this device to wake the computer" > OK

Both have wake timers disallowed:
Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Power Options > Change plan settings > Advanced power settings
> Sleep > Allow wake timers = Disable both

One laptop still wakes from sleep if I move the mouse around. It is set to 'allow' the keyboard to wake it up - would this ignore the mouse settings?

Windows 7 Wakes From Sleep
When I put my computer into sleep mode, or when it goes into sleep mode after an idle period, it is awakened almost every 20 minutes by an unknown source. It runs for about 5 minutes then it goes back to sleep.

Both the Ethernet connection and modem are set to wake the computer, but they are not the source.
I've tried disabling non-Microsoft services and doing a clean boot; it did not work. In desperation, I reloaded Win 7 clean and installed no other software. The PC was connected to the internet and modem only.

When left alone and in sleep mode for 3 hours, the computer was awakened just about every 20 minutes. This behavior continues. The event log always states"Wake Source: Unknown".

Hardware not recognised after sleep mode
I bought myself one of these PCI-E PCI Express PCIE to USB 3.0 4 port Hub Front Panel + USB 2.0 Card Reader but I find that when the computer wakes from sleep mode, the system cannot find the USB 3 ports.

To get them back, I have to open Device Manager and do a Scan for Hardware Changes . Anyone have any ideas on fixing this other than turn the computer off instead of lettingit go to sleep?

The boot screen either freezes or doesn't show
I turn on my computer, and two things happen: the boot screen either freezes or doesn't show. I try using advanced boot and select the repair your computer option. I shut down, and the computer boots as normal.

I think this problem has something to do with my graphics drivers. What do I do?

System specs,
OS: Windows 7 SP1
GPU: NVidia GeForce GT 520. Driver version 301.42 is installed.

Constant Windows 7 Freezes
I have a Windows 7 system that has been running fine for months. All of a sudden I start getting freezing when using windows explorer, opening a browser or just sitting on the desktop for a while.

I would be forced to to a hard reboot. Sometimes on start up it will hang and freeze on the start up screen, other times it might reset and go back to the bios startup, sometimes it will load normally. If I run in Safe Mode it runs fine

It would only do this when I was doing something on the desktop. If I had started a game for instance I could play for hours but as soon as I also opened a browser window it might freeze.

I first assumed it was a problem with windows and did a clean reinstall. This did not solve the problem. Next I read that some people were having problems like mine using the intel SSD (320 series, 160 gb).

I removed the SSD and did a clean install on a new rotating media drive. Same problems. At this time I have nothing else installed on the system besides mouse, keyboard, DVD ROM, no other hard drives, etc and no other software, just Windows 7 the the drivers I installed for the motherboard and graphics card.

Some freezes occurred while doing updates, some occurred while rebooting again.

I have ran the memory test it did not indicate an error but on the restart after it the system froze again on the start up screen.
I don't think it is power as I can play games for hours with no problem I don't think it is GPU for the same reason.

Games causes to freezing Windows
Whenever i try to play games in Windows 7 its freezing. My display drivers are up to date.
Everything is updated in my system but still all the games freezes like call of duty.