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Windows 7 and AutoPlay: CD won't start automatically

Windows 7 and AutoPlay: CD won't start automatically
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I have external USB hard drives. If I do nothing, ever time I start up my machine the "Options" box pops up for each partition / drive.

If I disable autorun per the above link, the drives still work, but do not open up the 'Choices" box.

But now if I insert a CD, it won't start automatically.

Is there a way to have external hard drives' and USB drives' autorun disabled but still have the CD players' autostart work?

In the Autoplay of the Control PAnel, I have the CD set to play/start with realplayer.but it doesn't.
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Start-up Problems Windows 7 and Windows XP

I run 2 computers side by side - my new laptop (Windows 7) and my old and more trustworthy PC (XP), and both are connected to my Livebox. Both are protected with Avast!, Spybot, Ad-Aware, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware .

All was well until 2 weeks ago, I stupidly tried to install a Firewall on each (in the mean time I have been told that this is not necessary, a Firewall isincluded with the Livebox!)
Everything slowed down immediately. In fact, upon starting either of the computers, nothing happened, although the pc's are doing something. The task manager told me nothing. De-installing the Firewall changed nothing.

To get either of the pc's to work, I have to crash them, and re-start. Even then they are both slow. he said that the Firewall had probably damaged some of the start-up rootkits, whatever that means. Uninstalling the Firewall won't change this.

Browser Works Fine, Other Programs Can't Connect

Both Google Chrome, and FireFox connect fine, but nearly everything won't connect.

Skype can't connect.
Steam can't connect.
League of Legends can't connect.
Join.Me can't connect.

But my browser works fine? (Just noticed, apparently my VPN can connect.) . My immediate reaction was to scan for viruses, scan'd with TDSSKiller- Nothing.

So I ran MSCONFIG, and disabled all start up programs, and restarted. Still won't connect.

Then I noticed their was a update on my windows update (which still connects to the internet), and there was a new service pack available, I installed it,restarted my computer, etc., and still won't connect.

MalwareBytes didn't find anything serious.
Firewalls are disabled.
Between, I don't have System Restore enabled.
I am on Windows 7.

Autoplay options : How to customize or disable

I plugged a thumb drive into my computer with its new Windows 7 installation and got an autoplay dialog with the options: Import pictures and videos, Open Folder, Use this drive for backup, and Speed up my system.

My first reaction was: that's a bizarre combination. Import pictures? What pictures? I don't know if there are pictures on the drive or not; if there are, they're buried in some directory.Speed up my system? What does that have to do with opening a thumb drive? Why weren't "Take out the trash" and "Walk the dog" on the list, too?

Back to reality. I wanted to check "always do this," then double click "Do nothing," but in Windows 7 there's no "Always do this" checkbox, only "Always do this for pictures"; and there's no "Do nothing" option.

There is a View more AutoPlay options in Control Panel link, so I clicked that. I got a dialog box that was so big it had a scroll bar. It let me choose a default action for every imaginable type of media: audio CD, enhanced audio CD. pictures, video files, audio files.

The list make it appear that Microsoft was confused about whether "media" means types of content (pictures) or types of storage (audio CD). Also, the "types of content" entries were meaningless.

What would Windows 7 do if my thumb drive contained half pictures and half video files? Would that be the "Mixed content" type of media (grouped for somereason with "Blank CD," DVD, and BD, instead of with the types of content)? What if it contained a bunch of video files and one picture?

I scrolled the dialog down and found that it had two sections. I'd been looking at the "Media" section; scrolling revealed a "Devices" section.

except that the "Devices" section was empty, even though a thumb drive was attached to the computer.

This sequence of interactions was not merely frustrating; it was so nonsensical that I can't understand how anyone could have designed it in the first place, much less how anyone could have allowed it to escape into released code.

What was Microsoft thinking, and how can I make autoplay do something useful?

Laptop won't boot windows

Hopefully this is in the right area. I am having an issue with my Windows 7 64 bit laptop. I did an update and pressed the"restart now" to let the changes take effect, when it restarted it got to the"starting windows" screen but it stopped there for a while then flashed a blue screen quickly.

Then it restarted itself and goes to a menu that says"windows failed to start.

A recent hardware or software change might be the cause..." I have two options" Launch Startup repair (recommended)" or"start windows normally".

When I choose the Launch startup repair it says"windows is loading files" and then it shows a black screen with a mouse cursor, I can move the cursor but nothing loads.

Snipping Tool won't 'save as' now

A few days ago, I found that the Snipping Tool in Windows 7 Pro won't 'save as' and doesn't open a window to do so. I can still copy and paste with it.

As far as I know I've changed nothing on the computer settings - just upgraded Flash from 10.2 to 10.3 & did a couple of Windows updates on June 3rd:KB2506928, & KB917797 (Defender).

Any ideas as to why it won't 'save as' ?