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What's the difference between a touchpad and touch input?

What's the difference between a touchpad and touch input?
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A touchpad is a hardware device that you use with your finger to move the pointer on the screen. Some laptops have a touchpad near the keyboard.
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Keyboard won't work in Windows 7 if I touch the touchpad after being in Ubuntu

Problem: After being in ubuntu and rebooting into windows 7 all is fine in windows until I touch the touchpad.
If I touch the touchpad at all, I am not able to type anything at all in windows. If I boot in, and just use the usb mouse, that's ok it always works fine, and the typing is fine...until I touch the touchpad!
If I reboot a 2nd time then everything is normal. This is a fresh install on windows 7 with ubuntu 9.04

Disable tap on touch pad as a click

I am much too clumsy to deal with the fancy feature of tapping on the touchpad to cause a click. I talked to Dell support and they assured me that if I removed their Dell touchpad utility that would also disable the tapping on the touch pad feature. Well I removed their touchpad software and now just using straight Windows control of the touchpad and I am still getting random touch clicks when I don't intend them. How can I disable this annoying feature. I just want to secure the cursor with the touchpad and do with the left and right buttons. I don't want any of the fancy stuff.

How to adjust the sensitivity of touch on the TouchPad?

(Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3 : Netbook : Windows 7 Starter) Just got it & salesman at Fry's Electronics showed me how to eliminate the action on the Touchpad where touching the pad is like clicking the left button. I'm sure it was under the Control Panel, but now I'm home, I can't find any function to control the Touchpad except for just simply turning it off/on totally. That's nice if I want to use a mouse, but for a lot of time I intend to use the Touchpad, but I don't like touching being the same as clicking & I don't like the high level of sensitivity of the touchpad. That almost seems like if you're CLOSE to the pad it detects your finger and does what ever.

Adjusting Touchpad sensitivity on Dell 11z running w7 ultimate (x64)

Did a clean install of W7 ultimate on a Dell 11z (x64) with all the updates. The touchpad cannot be adjusted. There is no property for any adjustment. Problem is when typing, the slightest brush of the touchpad causes the cursor to jump. And I mean the *slightest* touch! A mere brush of atoms on the touchpad causes the cursor jump.
The Dell site offers both Elan and Synaptics drivers. I am an experienced Synaptics user and want only the simgple single finger "right edge scroll" capabilities offered with the PS2 Compatible Mouse drivers - with touchpad adjustment capability because of the cursor jumping. But I will take any touchpad adjustment - anywhere - that will allow me to de-sensitize the touchpad. Elan drivers allow for touchpad adjustment but not the single finger scroll, instead forcing their multi-finger "gesture" control - which I think is junk. Arrrrgh!
I have read and tried many of the suggestions form Dell and Windows communities, and nothing works.

Touchpad not working.

Touchpad works until I enter log in pass and fully boot. Then can only use Blue Tooth mouse. Updated touchpad drivers but no luck turning on touchpad. With Vista it was as simple as turning Blue Tooth off. Computer is Alienware m15X. Any ideas?
Forgot to mention the Fn + F12 Key turns the lights on and off the touchpad but do not allow it to work.

Touchpad automatically clicks when typing

Whenever I try to type an email, during a chat, and even in this post, the touchpad clicks by itself leading me to send an email before i want to, closing the window, or just moving the cursor to a location in the middle of an email where a lot of jumbled text begins to form. How do I fix this problem of the touchpad clicking automatically.
I have visited the HP website and they do not have a driver for the touchpad for vista. I have an HP dv4335nr laptop
The touchpad is an Alps Touchpad Pointing Device as listed under XP. I've already re-installed windows 7 twice on this laptop and have the same problem every time.

Touchpad not working after installing a usb mouse

My touchpad stopped working after I had installed a usb mouse (and an IR remote). I searched numerous forums and tried everything out there with no success, including the following:
Tried the function key to turn touchpad on/off (the most obvious source of the problem)
tried reinstalling driver for touchpad from the manufacturer web site
removed the usb mouse and rebooted
went to Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Mouse to enable touchpad - touchpad was no longer even listed
There were no problems showing up in the Device Manager
This all became a bit frustrating because I would have to reconnect the usb mouse to do any maneuvering around the system (since the touchpad was not working) to try something else.
The solution is ...

Latitude D820 Touchpad Help?

I updated my iTunes software and had some significant issues with my laptop. The screen went crazy, eventually resulting in a BSOD, and was reluctant to turn back on. After waiting some time, it finally turned on, but does not respond in any way to touchpad, touchstick, or built-in mouse button input. From the symptoms, I am led to believe that it is not a hardware issue, but a driver issue. I have tried in vain for some time to locate the correct driver to get the touchpad etc. to work on my Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.
I believe I have the D820 'EP' edition, with the NVidia Quadro NVS 120M 512MB video card, 2GB RAM, and the 2.33GHz T7600 dual-core processor, if that matters. When the touchpad and such did work, it appeared as "Alps Touchpad Device" or something similar.
iTunes, however, works wonderfully.

VGN-SZ770N 64Bit Alps Drivers

I have searched everywhere and tried everything to get the alps driver on my hardware working but every install file I find comes back and says I need a 64 bit version of dpinst.exe
The ONLY reason I need this is because I want to switch off touch to tap on the touchpad as it is very annoying if you accidentally touch it when typing.

How do you permanently disable the touchpad on a laptop

A touchpad can be extremely useful for most people, but there are times when it is little more than an irritation, so how do you permanently disable a touchpad if you do not want or need it? The touchpad can often be disabled in BIOS...