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What is UpdatusUser in C:\Users folder

What is UpdatusUser in C:\Users folder
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I have just discovered that a new folder has been created in my C:\Users folder, named UpdatusUser. The subfolders of that new folder do not appear to contain anything that is not in my C:\Users\Roy folder.The folder was created 2 days ago.
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Users folder named DefaultAppPool

My OS is Win 7 32 bit with SP1 and all updates installed.

There is a "User" folder in my Users folder named DefaultAppPool. As far as I know it was not there when I installed Windows, and I don't know why or when it appeared.

My local computer technician thinks the folder may act as a template in Win 7 in connection with the creation of new User Accounts, but he's not sure about this.

What is EurekaLog folder

My friend and I both use Win 7 Pro with SP1 and we both have a folder named EurekaLog in our Users\AppData\Roaming folders.Does anyone know what the Eureka folder relates to?

windows explorer always shows a folder when logging in

Here's my issue:

* Running Windows 7 Pro
* When I log in to the admin account on my PC, Windows Explorer always shows the following folder
* C:\Users\Dad\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Sta rt Menu\Programs\Startup\Plugins

Dad is the account designated as Admin on the PC.

If I close the folder, log off, and log back in, the folder still shows up. (I do not have the Folder Options View option "Restore previous folder windows at logon checked.)

Moving Data Files in WIN 7

I'm having a difficult time putting the finishing touches on my new Dell Latitude laptop with WIN 7 pro. I repartitioned the hard drive and have moved all of the standard library content: documents, pictures, etc.

to what now is the e-drive. I would also like to move the roaming folder from C:\users\me\AppData to the E drive as well. I am able to move the contents, but when I go back and check the marker, it still points to C:\Users\.

etc., and weird things happen like Windows Explorer not opening. but there's a gazillion iterations for the roaming folder.

The library documents are so simple to move, but the roaming folder has me stymied. Permissions for the roaming folder seem ok.

WIN2K3 users files disappearing

We are having a problem with files in users home folder disappearing. None of the folders or files in the folder disappear. Only files directly under their user folders disappear. We are able to recover them by restoring a previous version.

I have corrected it from my folder by placing all my files in folders. The files are not hidden, rebooting the server does not fix it. And it is random.

It happens to one user, maybe a month later another. Now it has happened to the CIO and he wants a fix not a work around.

Problem with Adobe Digital Editions and Windows Fax and Scan

I moved the C:\Users\Roy\My Documents folder to my G drive, but decided I preferred things as they were and moved it back. However, when I open Adobe Digital Editions, which contained 15 items, the library is empty.

I click "Add item to Library" and the program opens a window named Digital Editions which contains the 15 items and which I assumed to be the My Digital Editions Folder which is a subfolder of C:\Users\Roy\My Documents.

I opened the items one by one and they were added to the Adobe Library.However, I then found that a new My Documents folder had appeared in my G drive, and this folder contained a My Digital Editions folder identical to the one in C:\Users\Roy\My Documents.

I deleted the G drive folder but then found that when I opened Adobe Digital Editions the library was empty again.

If I go through the Add item to Library routine again the My Documents folder reappears in my G drive.

The same sot of thing happens with Windows Fax and Scan.

How to protect files on server to being deleted by users

I was wondering if anyone knew of a way or something to help me out with an issue I been dealing with lately, I have several sites in an Active Directory environment across a WAN. my servers are in one Domain trust and communicate with one another for replication as our users tend to move from site to site depending on their roll.

The issue at hand is I currently have a "Users" folder located on the servers at each site, and then have the "Home Folder" directory VIA Active Directory settings in "Users &Computers* set to map the "U: Drive" to their Users folder so it looks something like this
"USERS\%user%" within the main directory of course is the users at that site such as


And so on. Now this is working just fine and exactly how I want it too in order for me to run my weekly backups on the servers to ensure my users documents are being backed up. However let's say my user is working from their PC and they go into their "My Documents" it pull it from the server path VIA the mapped network drive "U:" and allows them to work fromthere, in the case that a user deletes a file or even a folder in their network folder being accessed from the server, it does not go to a recycling bin on the user's PC or even theservers recycling bin.

It just gets deleted and disappears completely from the server, finally my question has anyone ever configured some sort of setting in either GPO's or the registry stating "If file getsdeleted from network paths place any deleted items in this folder"

Is there some place to do such a thing? The issue I have is a user calls me saying "I just deleted the contents of my user folder on accident" Well knowing what I know I have to load up my weekly backups and restore the files.

However in a case like this it would be so much easier if when they delete stuff from their folder it goes to a file located on the server where I can monitor.

I understand this would add more work for me to have to clean it out and what not, but this seems to keep happening to my users and I try to explain it to them but hey.learning how to not hit delete on "accident" seems to be an issue for my users.

Folders Disappear but they are Still There

When I got this computer (new with Windows 7 installed) I set up a folder for music files C:\Users\Bill\Music. I use a PC - Stereo Interface "Sonos" to play music through my home stereo system. Sonos was happy looking there and finding music.

After a run of MicroSoft patches and a Sonos update, the folder and its contents can't been seen by Sonos. I try all the refresh and update tools in Sonos, no joy.

If I open "computer" then "Local Disk (C and drill down to Users\Bill the folder "Music" isn't to be seen.

If I open a utility called "Total Commander" a file management tool, there sits C:\Users\Bill\Music with its contents.

How do I make the folder "music" visible again to Windows and the other applications.

Folder refresh problem Windows 7 RTM

Case of the vanishing folder easter egg Windows 7 RTM
Steps to recreate
1. Create a folder, any folder
2. rename the folder, by adding a dot "." at the end of the folder
3. you will notice the folder is missing
4. hit refresh and the folder will appear again
5. note the dot "." does not get added, and by the rulz of file naming it shouldn't

Strange problem with two downloads folders

My OS is Win 7 32 bit with SP1 and all updates installed.

I recently downloaded a .exe file and mistakenly just clicked Save, instead of Save As. as it will be in my downloads folder. However I couldn't find it. I searched for Downloads and then discovered there were 2 folders, one labelled C:\Users\Roy\Desktop\Downloads and the other C:\Users\Roy\Downloads.

The file I was looking for was in the latter folder. I tried cutting and pasting everything in the first folder into the second, and although the pasting procedure seemed to proceed normally at the end of it nothing had moved.

I tried cutting and pasting from the second folder into the first but the same thing happened. With the 2 folders side by side dragging files from one to the other didn't work either. Both folders have a .ini file in them, but I assume that makes no difference. Both folders are on my C drive.