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USB001 not present in 'Add Printer' port list?

USB001 not present in 'Add Printer' port list?
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Just upgraded from XP to Win 7 Home Premium (32 bit).
When I try to install my Epson DX4400 multi function printer on USB, Windows plays a sound but does not attempt to load any drivers. When I try to add the printer manually, there are no USB ports available in the available ports list.
I have other USB devices (mouse/keyboard) working fine but cannot install the printer.
I have downloaded the latest driver from Epson but the install routine always hangs when it tries to auto detect the usb printer (there is a note about this on the Epson website but it only suggests cancelling the installation and adding the printer manually so I'm back to square one!).
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I am having some problems installing my HP Laserjet 4 onto my new desktop running Windows 7 x64. I have had it up and running fine once, but once I rebooted the computer it stopped working again. All of my drivers are up to date and there is one that shows up on the Windows 7 list for an HP Laserjet 4.

Unfortunately, I think I am having trouble choosing the correct port for installation and now have several "copies" listed under LPT1 (Printer Port) & USB001 (Virtual Printer port for USB):

(same copies under USB001 also).

Whenever I plug the printer into the computer trying to do a fresh install it either shows up as "USB Printing Support" (if I do a Cold Refresh on the HP Laserjet printer before plugging into into the desktop) or "COM340".

And also how I can delete the redudent copies of the printer once I get it sorted out?


Virtual USB001 port shows unknown device

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My HP Officejet Pro 8500 is connected to USB001 port, shows unknown device, I re-apply, reboot my Dell computer (Windows 7) and it prints. then overnight when I go to use my printer it show Unknown device connected to USB port again. It changes back to unkown device every night.


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I am running Windows 7 32-bit Home Premium. The computer has no LPT ports, so I bought a parallel to USB adapter in order to get this Epson LQ-570+ dot matrix printer working. Plugged in the adapter, powered up the printer, Windows auto-installs drivers for the adapter but says no printer is present. I downloaded and installed drivers for this printer (they do have a Windows 7 driver). Now, the computer seems to know that the printer is present, but it will not print. I have selected the USB virtual port as the port for the printer. I also tried selecting, one by one, all other ports (i.e. COM1, LPT1, etc.) but it would not print anything on those either. I tried plugging it into a different USB port, that didn't work either.
Interestingly, when I have the devices & printers open, and I unplug the USB cable that is coming from the printer, the printer is then greyed out. So, it is as if the computer knows that's where the printer is, and is aware that it is not currently connected. Once i reconnect the USB cord to the computer, the printer shows up normally (as in, not greyed out). But still not able to print anything.

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After my computer stopped being able to print to my printer wirelessly (the printer isn't a wireless printer, but is wired to a wireless print server), I deleted the printer and tried to reinstall via the Add Printer Wizard.

The printer wizard sees the printer on the network, but when I select it to install, it can't find the TCP/IP port and installation fails. How can this be?

I *can* print from this computer to the printer when connected directly via USB, and other computers can print to that printer wirelessly.


USB printer connection with router's usb port

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At home I'm having trouble connecting computers to the network printer which runs through the router (Brother MFC-7340 via USB on BigPond Elite Wireless).

We have 2x Windows 7 laptops (32 & 64bit), 2x Windows 7 desktops(32 & 64bit), 1x XP Laptop (32bit) & 1x XP Desktop (32bit) all computers are wireless except the XP desktop which is connected via cable to the router.

As mentioned above the printer is connected to a USB port in the router & the only computer that is able to print is the XP desktop. No matter what I try I can't get any windows 7 computers to recognize the printer properly and print to it.

When you click add printer > add network,bluetooth. printer no printers appear when I tried to add it manually (//<routers ipaddress>/printers/<printer name>) it seems to work and it says the printer is online but will not print and the settings for the printer seem to be generic (not like on the XP desktop).


Brother HL-1030 printer setup in Windows 7

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I have a Brother HL-1030 laser printer that has been a fabulous work-horse printer for me. The printer only has a parallel port (no USB).

I recently purchased a new computer (Dell) with Windows 7 on it. The new computer does not have a parallel printer port.

I purchased a parallel port to USB printer cable, plugged the printer in but Windows 7 only recognized it as an "unknown device" in control panel's "devices and printers" and the printer will not print.

It seems that through windows updates there is only supported drivers for HL-1040 and not HL-1030.


Making fake LPT1 port for a USB printer

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I use FedEx's online shipping web site via Internet Explorer to print FedEx shipping labels. But, the FedEx site only allows printing to a LTP1 or COM port, and I have a USB printer. I canuse their shipping software to print the the USB port, but the online version is much easier to use.

Is there a way to create a pseudo printer port so that I can "fool" Windows into sending the print command to the LPT1 port, and instead it gets redirected to a USB port?

(I want to do this as I don't want to have to purchase a print server)

Not able to print to HP2050

Not able to print to HP2050 Icon

I had recently purchased a HP Deskjet 2050 to be used with my Acer AspireOne - Windows 7 starter. I had followed the installation instructions and it was working all right till last week. Now it does not work. I.e, if I try to print from PDF/MS-Word/Notebook/MS-Excel etc etc, it just does not print. Following are the messages I get when I try to print.

- From the Printer properties, if I try to do a "Print Test Page", it says "Test Page failed to print".
- If I try to issue a print command from MS-Word, the message is "Word cannot print. There is no printer installed".
- If I try to print from notepad, message is "The handle is invalid"
- If I do a "Print <file>" from the MS-DOS window, message is "Unable to initialize device PRN".
1. Tried the "troubleshooter" tool to fix it. It reports everythig is fine.
2. Uninstalled and re-installed the printer several times (from the disk came along with the printer).
3. Tried HP-update and Windows-update to check whether any latest drivers are available. Both reported that my system is up-to-date.
4. Removed some of the softwares I had installed during last week (Sony PMB, Samsung Kies), rebooted the system, installed the printer again etc.

Nothing works. This printer connects through a USB. If I check the port attached to this printer, it is labeled as "USB001 - Virtual printer port for USB". The interesting part is, if I try to print a print diagnostic" report from the tool (the UI supplied along with this printer), IT PRINTS.

But If I try to print a document, nothing happens except for the messages listed before. When I hit the print button from Word/PDF etc, nothing appear in the "printer queue" either.

Print spool service is running. I tried restarting it. Just the printing is not happening. The scanner part of the printer functionality too works ok.

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