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USB001 not present in 'Add Printer' port list?

USB001 not present in 'Add Printer' port list?
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Just upgraded from XP to Win 7 Home Premium (32 bit).
When I try to install my Epson DX4400 multi function printer on USB, Windows plays a sound but does not attempt to load any drivers. When I try to add the printer manually, there are no USB ports available in the available ports list.
I have other USB devices (mouse/keyboard) working fine but cannot install the printer.
I have downloaded the latest driver from Epson but the install routine always hangs when it tries to auto detect the usb printer (there is a note about this on the Epson website but it only suggests cancelling the installation and adding the printer manually so I'm back to square one!).
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Setting up Epson LQ-570+ printer using parallel to USB adapter

I am running Windows 7 32-bit Home Premium. The computer has no LPT ports, so I bought a parallel to USB adapter in order to get this Epson LQ-570+ dot matrix printer working. Plugged in the adapter, powered up the printer, Windows auto-installs drivers for the adapter but says no printer is present. I downloaded and installed drivers for this printer (they do have a Windows 7 driver). Now, the computer seems to know that the printer is present, but it will not print. I have selected the USB virtual port as the port for the printer. I also tried selecting, one by one, all other ports (i.e. COM1, LPT1, etc.) but it would not print anything on those either. I tried plugging it into a different USB port, that didn't work either.
Interestingly, when I have the devices & printers open, and I unplug the USB cable that is coming from the printer, the printer is then greyed out. So, it is as if the computer knows that's where the printer is, and is aware that it is not currently connected. Once i reconnect the USB cord to the computer, the printer shows up normally (as in, not greyed out). But still not able to print anything.

Making fake LPT1 port for a USB printer

I use FedEx's online shipping web site via Internet Explorer to print FedEx shipping labels. But, the FedEx site only allows printing to a LTP1 or COM port, and I have a USB printer. I canuse their shipping software to print the the USB port, but the online version is much easier to use.

Is there a way to create a pseudo printer port so that I can "fool" Windows into sending the print command to the LPT1 port, and instead it gets redirected to a USB port?

(I want to do this as I don't want to have to purchase a print server)

Windows 7 can't detect Samba printer

I've been trying to deal with this problem for weeks, My problem is my computer can't detect my network printers shared via Samba.

My computer:

-PC with newly installed Windows 7 Professional operating system
-connected to the network through ethernet cable

What I've tried:

-made sure I had the correct drivers
-made sure the network was in home group
-turned off firewall
-changed local security options to LM and NTLM-use NTLMV2 session if negotiated
-increased the limit of detected printers from 20 to 50
-connect to the printer through the "local printer" option and used port 631 (I could connect to the port, but not the printer)
-connect to the printer through the "network printers." option and provided a path "\\server\printer" (printer not detected)

What I can't do:

-connect to the printer with a cable or any printer CDs because there is restricted access to the resources

What happens when I try to connect to my printer using multiple methods:

I get various types of "Printer not detected" errors.

Win 7 Driver for Epson POS Receipt Printer

Trying to run a small business and make a Epson TM-U235D receipt printer run from a new laptop with no serial port is like trying to run a steam locomotive with a TV remote. First, I have a 25-pin to 9-pin serial from the device out. Had to use a U-2303 compliant serial to USB patch cable and driver. The printer is on com port 5 and I can send test print signals to it. The Epson driver is loaded and the computer has a default printer (properly identified as a TM-U235) but I am still not clear if this driver is an XP, Vista, what kinda driver, I don't know. Has anyone tackled this one before? I need to have a 7 driver to run this printer and I can't find one anywhere (except for the scam driver monitor software ploys).

Adding shared printer to windows 7 PC

I have an HP Deskjet 5850 Printer sitting on an XP system which I share through other windows 7 PCs in the house. Yesterday my daughter wanted to share it with her new HP 64bit windows 7 laptop.

I went to add the printer it went off to add the printer via windows update came back and said it couldn't find the drivers so could I point the file at the drivers. Well no as I couldn't find them on the web.

I found that HP suggest adding it as a 5600 Deskjet but only seem to have an exe that add the whole thing as a usb printer so I did that printed fine directly attached. (Note I did tryadding \\computername\printername but it couldn't find the printer!)

So now to add the printer thinking the drivers would be added and so I could add the printer but it wouldn't let me past the add the drivers.

Printer Alias (Basis Pro 5 Config)

I am attempting to configure a new printer in a config file for Basis Pro 5. The existing printer is connected to the parallel port and is listed as such:


is actually the same printer, but is now connected via USB, so my question is how to I reference the USB port? Something like:


Windows Server 2003 printer driver error

I am using windows server 2003 sp1. I am connecting a printer called BIRCH prp080 to my pc using the serial port.

the printer is working well when I install the driver but the problem is when I restart the computer the printer won't work.

Right click properties in my printer driver will show me the message below

The prp-080 printer driver is not installed on this computer. Some properties will not be accessible unless you install the printer driver. Do you want to install the driver now

for each time I restart my computer, I have to stop the spooler from control panel delete driver from windows\system32\spool\driver and file server properties remove printer driver and thenreinstall the printer driver for the another time

What is the problem about ? Is it from my OS or It is related to the printer driver ?

Having difficulty installing network printer (Between Windows 7 and XP)

Downstairs I have a desktop computer with XP Home. There is an old (but works GREAT) Epson Color Stylus printer connected to the parallel port. I also have a Canon Pixma ip4000 connected to the USB port.

Upstairs I have 2 XP Home laptops. They connect fine to my network and access share files and the shared printers. All is fine.

I used to have a W7 laptop and I remember going through some stuff but eventually it worked just fine, acessing my shared files and printers.

Unfortunately, that laptop bit the dust. I bought a Toshiba Satellite laptop and so far all works perfectly EXCEPT I cannot get it to work with the printers. It accesses my network and shared files fine. I know it can be done because I did it before.

Here’s what I’ve tried. I went to networking and chose Add A Printer. I specified network printer. It found both printers. But when I try to add the selected printer, it says that it can’t find the driver.

Frankly, I looked on my desktop computer and I can’t find it either. I can also look on my two XP laptops but I am not sure what to look for. I went to the manufacturerssites and was unable to locate a driver, but it should be on my computers, I would think.

I wish I could remember what I did about 3 years ago to get my W7 to work with both computers.

Install a Network Printer from Windows XP Using the Add Printer Wizard

Recently I've shown How to Share a Printer with Your Network and how to install a network printer from Windows XP using the driver setup. However, there are printer drivers which do not have an installation wizard and a setup.exe file which does the work for you. If you find yourself in such a situation, you need to use the 'Add a printer' wizard. To learn how to do this, click on read more.

Why can't I print?

Here are solutions to some common problems with printing. My printer doesn't print. I see an error message about "spooler" problems. I want to add a network printer, but it's not offered in the Add Printer wizard. I can't find a printer that I want to add in the Network folder.