USB mouse and keyboard stop working

I just purchased a new PC with 16 GB of Ram and installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. My USB mouse and keyboard stop working randomly and when the PC goes to sleep causing me to have to do a hard reset.

I have researched this on the web and updated the USB hubs the devices to wake the computer but this has had no effect. My computer shop thinks that the problem is the 16 GB of RAM with Windows.

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keyboard and mouse not working, locked out
I know it is a combination of keys pressed that locks out keyboard and mouse from Acer Aspire Z5600 All-in-One desktop, but forgot which combination it was and now I am totally locked out. I can access computer remotely and everything is fine; changed batteries in the wireless keyboard and mouse and plugged in USB keyboard and mouse.

now I need help with that keys combination. It happened before and I found a solution for it online, now I need it again.

Mouse And keyboard not working on boot
I recently upgraded the motherboard, CPU and RAM of my PC. During boot the keyboard and mouse (ordinary USB) will work fine, as soon as the windows load screen starts they both lose all power.

Touchpad not working after installing a usb mouse
My touchpad stopped working after I had installed a usb mouse (and an IR remote). I searched numerous forums and tried everything out there with no success, including the following:
Tried the function key to turn touchpad on/off (the most obvious source of the problem)
tried reinstalling driver for touchpad from the manufacturer web site
removed the usb mouse and rebooted
went to Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Mouse to enable touchpad - touchpad was no longer even listed
There were no problems showing up in the Device Manager
This all became a bit frustrating because I would have to reconnect the usb mouse to do any maneuvering around the system (since the touchpad was not working) to try something else.
The solution is ...

General Fix for USB Driver Problems
I recommend using a wired mouse and keyboard, removing all USB devices and in the section where it says Uninstall all the faded entries. take that as reading uninstall everything USB, if you cannot get hold of a wired mouse then you will have to follow the tutorial as written. After going through this tutorial You may need to reinstall some USB device drivers!

My HCL Laptop Keyboard is not Working Anymore.
My HCL ME Laptop keyboard stops working suddenly, it was working perfectly till evening today. My laptop keyboard is not working in Windows 7 though it is working in BIOS Configuration. I think some spyware have changed my setting or may be any spyware may had deleted some important files needed for keyboard & also my touch panel is not working along with keyboard.I mcurrently using wireless keyboard & mouse.

keyboard and mouse disabled on laptop!
Whilst being shown the music package vinyl scratch on his laptop, a problem occurred which crashed the laptop. When rebooted the keyboard and mouse had been disabled, use the emergency disk or anything else.

my suggestion is to use a usb keyboard to access windows and when inside solve the problem.

Boot issue: Press any key to boot from CD
One of the computers I maintain at work will not boot past the "Welcome" screen. It had a wireless keyboard and mouse. Oh, Compaq Pentium 4 1GB RAM 300GB HDD. (it is the oldest machine here) So the wireless keyboard did not make the setup or boot menu respond so I plugged in a USB keyboard.

I was able to get to Setup where the keyboard worked okay, set the boot order to CD/DVD in all four places, and hit F10 to save and exit.

PC went to the "Press any key to boot from CD" keyboard not recognized, boot from HDD. Shut down restarted, hit ESC for Boot menu.

Got the menu, keyboard would not respond had to shut down and restart again, I could not get to Safe Mode because again, the keyboard will not respond. I tried different USB keyboards, different USB ports, all the same.

I'm at my wit's end. I'm about ready to call it dead and replace it but I thought I would just post this here to see ifanyone had an idea that I didn't already have.

Windows 7 battery problem 'Considor replacing your battery'
I was actually having a USB problem,my mouse can't work.Yesterday is working perfectly then suddenly it stop working and the USB port in the system tray show me this USB Device Not Recognized.I tried everything i tried using the Device Manager delete all the unknown device,i tried plugging off the battery for 15 minutes and plug it in but is still not working.
When i plug in the battery and turn on my computer i only realized that the battery having a blinking "X" on i press on the battery icon and i saw "Consider replacing your battery".

Can an unused PS/2 to USB adaptor port cause blue screens?
My PowerSpec G160 computer -- Intel I5 processor, ATI Radeon 5450 video card -- had started throwing blue screens, The computer was restored last Friday by a tech at Micro Center, where I bought it -- he started by reformatting the C:\ drive, which had been corrupted in the previous crash, then reinstalled Windows.

The computer has run only one update since, retrieved automatically online, to Windows.

I haven't gone looking for more updates. I'm wary of changing anything and making myself responsible for a problem.

Two thoughts about what may have happened:

* An updated driver may be the problem. The ATI Radeon 5450 video card asks for updates frequently, though actually I think that most of them are only pushing game and entertainment content.

* Because one of the original problems I took the computer in for was a worn-out keyboard, I had been using a PS/2 keyboard connected to a USB port through an adapter which also had a socket for a mouse.

That socket was empty because I was using a USB mouse. Checking yesterday after writing to this forum, I saw that the Device Manager reported two mice.

The latest crash occurred after the system was set up the latest time, and with the open mouse port which the Device Manager reported as a mouse.

I have now plugged in a PS/2 mouse and removed the USB mouse. The Device Manager now reports one mouse and the computer has been stable for 24 hours. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

It is a bit surprising that anything as seemingly trivial and peripheral as a PS/2-to-USB adapter with an open port could crash the computer and corrupt the hard drive, but that may be what happened.

When you have two mice, you will soon have many more, but in this case with one mouse and one non-mouse, it may be that I got bugs instead

USB001 not present in 'Add Printer' port list?
Just upgraded from XP to Win 7 Home Premium (32 bit).
When I try to install my Epson DX4400 multi function printer on USB, Windows plays a sound but does not attempt to load any drivers. When I try to add the printer manually, there are no USB ports available in the available ports list.
I have other USB devices (mouse/keyboard) working fine but cannot install the printer.
I have downloaded the latest driver from Epson but the install routine always hangs when it tries to auto detect the usb printer (there is a note about this on the Epson website but it only suggests cancelling the installation and adding the printer manually so I'm back to square one!).

Hanging mouse pointer etc: Java problem?
An Intel driver update web page in Mozilla Firefox requested that I install Java to display everything on the page. I did, and it came with Java FX as indicated later when I went to do a system restore.

After the installation, I had problems with the mouse pointer "hanging" in the same place though I was moving the mouse, repeatedly and frequently, or disappearing, and with flashing menus in Firefox (Now you see it, momentarily -- now you don't!).

A few times, the keyboard and mouse both became disabled (num lock key on the keyboard went out, mouse laser sometimes went out) and I was able to make them work again only by unplugging them and plugging them into other USB ports or restarting the computer.

And also, the computer was repeatedly indicating with a Windows sound (the downward pizzicato musical fifth, "da-dum") that devices were being disconnected, several, one after another, but neither the Windows Explorer, theStorage dialog box nor the Device Manager showed any as missing. These problems occurred even when I had no applications open...

How to make the keyboard and mouse NOT wake the computer up?
I've found lots of advice for people who can't make the keyboard and mouse wake up Windows 7 from sleep, but none for the opposite problem.

How can I make it ignore the keyboard and mouse.

.and why is it so hard to find out? I can't be the only Windows 7 user who has cats.

Touchpad needs to turn off.
I want to turn OFF the touchpad on my laptop. I can't find where to do that. Ther are 3 drivers in devices and disabling one at at time, one of them can get the USB wireless mouse to stop but not the touchpad.
Where is that done? Used to be with the control panel mouse but I don't see it.

Use the computer without the mouse or keyboard
Windows has two features to help you use the computer without using a mouse or keyboard: Speech Recognition (you can use voice commands to work with Windows) and On-Screen Keyboard (you can enter text by selecting characters on the screen).

Type without using the keyboard (On-Screen Keyboard)
Instead of relying on the physical keyboard to type and enter data, you can use On-Screen Keyboard. On-Screen Keyboard displays a visual keyboard with all the standard keys. You can select keys using the mouse or another pointing device, or you can use a single key or group of keys to cycle through the keys on the screen. Watch this video to learn how to type without using the keyboard.

PC Shuts Down if Mouse is not moved
This is one of the strangest problems I have encountered with my PC. I am running Win7 64-bit with an AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.20GHz with 4 GB of ram.

All the latest updates. I have replaced the video card as it was an older one and I thought it was causing he problem. I also replace my keyboard and mouse.

If I don't move my mouse for about 5 minutes, the PC just shuts itself off with no warning at all. If I keep my mouse moving, I can stay on it indefinitely. Even if I am playing a game with just my keyboard and don't move my mouse, it happens.

I have checked all the power setting I can think of and the one's I found, I set to never. Also, if I try to run the Windows Experience refresher, it shuts down even if I keep moving the mouse.

USB Storage devices giving error messages
I have a problem with my USB ports not recognising various hard drives, an iphone and a card reader which all worked perfectly up until yesterday. When I connect any of these items I get a pop-up saying "One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognise it." This happens with any USB port and any cable and with all myUSB devices with storage. My keyboard, mouse and printer work without problem in any of the ports.

Sometimes, with a few reboots I can get a device working for a while, but then it disappears and I get the above message.

In device manager, the offending port shows up with a yellow exclamation mark and the properties state "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) I've tried uninstalling and letting Windows reinstall for only temporary cure.

I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit and have made no hardware or software changes recently apart from installing the latest version of itunes. I have run a virus and malware scan which found nothing.
as I had installed some windows updates but the problem persists.

mouse/keyboard freezing
When my computer is starting up everything starts to be loaded then both the mouse and keyboard freeze stoping the loading of the rest of the programs I then have to do a manual disconnect and re load but the same thing happens.

I have done both a destructive and non destructive restore but none seem to work.

keyboard and mouse stuck at startup
Today in the evening when I started my computer I found out that my keyboard and mouse were stuck at startup. the desktop wallpaper and icons appear completely. I restarted but the problem is still there.

my computer was working flawlessly in the afternoon. I did not install anything neither uninstalled. also no windows 7 updates were accepted. neither any attachment was downloaded.

I regularly update my avast antivirus. what could b the problem? I am running 64 bit version of windows 7. this message I'm typing from my mobile.

Windows 7 wont boot with keyboard plugged in
My computer wont start up if my USB keyboard is plugged in. If the keyboard is plugged in it freezes at a black screen with a underscore in the top left corner and "92" in the bottom right corner.
Keyboard: Logitech K120
Motherboard: MSI