There is a problem with your battery

I have been receiving an error message saying "Consider replacing your battery" "There is a problem with your battery, so your computer might shut down suddenly".
Laptop is only couple of weeks old.
[PC Information]
Toshiba, Qosmio F60, Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 430 @ 2.27GHz, Video: NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M version=
Battery: MS AC Adapter Driver version: 6.1.7600.16385
MS ACPI Compliant Control Method Driver version: 6.1.7600.16385
MS Composet Battery Driver version: 6.1.7600.16385
Is there a solution for this problem?

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xp and 7 battery problem
i have 2 OS on my system xp and 7. i was using xp for old games. there is no problem with my battery when i use xp. but recently 7 showed this problem of "replace ur battery". it keeps shutting down sometims at 30% and sometimes the charge remainig in the battery increases from some value to fully charged battery.i wonder how can the charge increase on its own. I updated the BIOS ,drivers everything like reinstalling the drivers etc.But the problem remains as such in 7. the life of the battery was around 2.5 hrs earlier which got reduced to 40 min. XP shows no problem at all.

New Battery Problem
Recently the battery in laptop died (full charge would last about 15-30 min at best), so we replaced it. The problem is that Windows 7 still thinks the battery is dead, and immediately pops up a warning when the computer boots saying basically "warning, your battery has 4 hours and 30 minutes of charge left, you should change it or plug it in." Now, in and of itself, this wouldn't be a problem, but along with this, the OS will randomly hibernate the computer as it would to prevent data from being lost from a dead battery, only it never does it at 10%-15% battery, but rather 50%-90% battery.

Sudden battery problem
I have the problem about my battery. The battery icon show the message "consider replace your battery" but before today i have no problem with my battery...

Battery read out problem
When I plug my charger into my computer the battery icon in the bottom right reads the message "Consider replacing your battery" then below it "There is a problem with your battery so your computer might shut down suddenly".
This message only appears when the laptop battery is charging can anyone help is this the battery or windows 7.

New battery not detected
I own a gateway nv5814u and bought a replacement battery for it.
I installed the battery, and now the indicator is blinking and windows 7 does not recognize the battery.
The battery works, even unplugged from ac...

Microsoft investigating Windows 7 battery warning issue
Microsoft has confirmed it is investigating a problem causing some Windows 7 users to receive incorrect battery warnings on their laptops.
The warning is triggered when a laptops BIOS detects a battery replacement is required. Windows 7 provides the following alert: "Consider replacing your battery. There is a problem with your battery, so your computer might shut down suddenly." One user who spoke to The Register claimed their laptop battery life had decreased from two hours to half hour and others posted their experiences in a

Windows 7 battery problem 'Considor replacing your battery'
I was actually having a USB problem,my mouse can't work.Yesterday is working perfectly then suddenly it stop working and the USB port in the system tray show me this USB Device Not Recognized.I tried everything i tried using the Device Manager delete all the unknown device,i tried plugging off the battery for 15 minutes and plug it in but is still not working.
When i plug in the battery and turn on my computer i only realized that the battery having a blinking "X" on i press on the battery icon and i saw "Consider replacing your battery".

"consider replacing your battery"
Since upgrading from Vista HP, I'm getting "consider replacing your battery" and "There is a problem with your battery, so your computer might shut down suddenly" messages while plugged in and erroneous power readings and early shut down when running off battery. My battery is fine; I never had any trouble before the upgrade.
I've found several threads elsewhere discussing the problem, but the proposed solutions (such as driver and BIOS updates) don't seem to be working for anyone.

Is the battery notification still buggy?
Am using a Dell 1525, nearly 8 months old. Everything was running fine since i installed Windows 7 a week ago. An hour back i started get the "Consider replacing your battery" notification. Is it really my battery dying or software related issue? Cuz i found a lot of threads here which said it was the battery indicators problem.

System notification: battery problem
On battery symbol shows the message like this" consider replacing your battery"...

Fujitsu Battery Issue
The battery meter works FINE when both batteries (the main and the secondary CD drive battery) are inserted. However, the instant I remove the bay battery, the icon turns to a battery with a red x. Clicking on the icon, battery 2 shows up as "Not present" and the main battery goes from being "Fully Charged" to "Fully Charged - Consider replacing your battery." So I think it's not correctly resetting its percentages or something when the bay battery is removed.
Also, why is the standard "Low Battery Warning" set to 80%?! Is that also a bug?
Other than that, Windows 7 has been flawless for me. Hard to believe this is Microsoft software!!!
My computer is a Fujitsu T4220 Tablet Computer - about two years old.

New laptop battery messes up date/time, etc...
It's been over a year, and my 6cell battery is beginning to die out. I bought a 9cell battery for my XPS. So here's what happens when I plug in the new battery:
AC Charger with NO battery: Computer runs perfectly fine
AC Charger with battery: Computer runs perfectly fine
Battery with NO AC charger: Problems...
When I plugged in just the battery alone, I went into BIOS and saw that the system's date and time were screwed up; it was showing some weird date in the year 1901. With this new battery, sometimes the hard drive wouldn't load. For example, when I turn my computer on, I can hear the hard drive spinning, but after a couple of seconds, the whole system just...freezes.
I initially thought it was a problem with my hard drive, since a screen kept coming up saying that some of the Windows files were corrupt. I did a clean install of Windows 7, and even tried Vista, but still nothing. With Vista, the date and time would still mess up, and sometimes nothing would load. I even tried system restoring after booting from the CD drive, but I received an error message that I had no shadow copies to restore from. I tried starting up with another hard drive, but still had the same issues.
Right now I'm using my old battery, and I get the message "Consider Replacing Your Battery." Can anyone help shed some light on this issue? Does the problem seem to be with the new battery?

Consider Replacing the battery solution
I m glad to tell you that i finally resolved the issue of "Consider Replacing your battery" without opening the battery or replacing the battery cells. My battery's last full charge remained on 9750 i.e 16% of the total capacity {44400} but after applying this situation, now it is showing the last full charge 20083 i.e. 45 percent of the capacity which removed the red cross blinking on battery icon as the battery is giving me a backup of 2 hours Still it haven't reached 100% and giving a great backup

Windows 7 install battery life indicator
I just installed windows 7 on a laptop (around a year and a half old) which with windows vista got around an hour and a half, which was perfect for me (about a lecture's worth of battery), the battery life dropped to about half an hour and the indicator was telling me that there was something wrong with the battery, giving a 'consider replacing the battery' message.
I wonder if it is a genuine problem, or just a software issue (MS deny any problems, but tbh I'm not so sure). I haven't tried anything else, like a linux distro or something, but I wondered if something like that would show up any problems if they existed?

Battery Meter icon incorrect
The battery meter shows up in the taskbar but it shows the battery as being empty but when I hover over it the battery reports as full. If you could please help me it would be great because little things like that bug me.

Question about UPS
Wanted to know if UPS considered as battery? Cause from some reason from today I have the battery icon and it says that the battery fully charged.
Also when I left the pc on it went to sleep and then resume windows and told me bla bla.... because battery level is 100%.
Is that normal?

Battery Drain
I have an HP HDX18t with Vista 64-bit and Windows 7 64-Bit as dual boot. Starting yesterday, when I boot into Windows 7, I get a message from my battery indicator reading, "Fullu Charged" Consider replacing battery. The icon has a red xo where the batter is. When I unplug the laptop, the battery drains to empty within 5 minutes. This doesnt happen when I boot into Vista. I've had Windows 7 Buld 7100 since the release date and have had no problem. Can anyone offer any advice, as most of my programs are under the Windows 7 OS.

Receiving message "Consider replacing your Battery"
I recently upgraded to Windows 7 my Laptop HP DV 6700 and my battery indicator once plugged continues to charge yet displays the message "consider replacing your battery" Surely if the battery charges up it cannot be defective. I have therefore decided to let sleeping dogs lie. Surely the OS needs an appropriate update to correct this uncomprehensive message and the awkward flashing on the battery status

motherboard battery???
I have an asus crosshair iv formula mobo and if I switch pc on, do what Im gonna do and switch off...then come back to it that night, its fine.
However, if I leave it overnight and all next day, I come back to it and it comes up with the bad checksum error.
Reading up on this, I have worked my way through any possabilities it could be (bad windows shutdown, battery, etc) and nothing has worked.
The only thing I can think of:- is there a "recharging" circuit on the mobo to recharge the battery that could be not working properly and therefore the battery is just going flat?
I have changed the battery for a new one, but same goes.

Conserving battery power
Ever run out of battery power in the middle of an important meeting or a long flight? Even with advances in technology, your laptop battery can last only so long on a single charge. The trick is to squeeze the most out of the power that's available.