Taskbar covering bottom of all pages.

With Windows 7 Ultimate 64 the pages go down below and behind the back of the taskbar. Before they would stop at the bottom of the taskbar so I could adjust the text size etc. This is trouble for me because many of the things I do fall behind the bottom of the taskbar. It isn't just in IE8 it is with any program the bottom of the page falls behind the taskbar not to it.

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taskbar always on top
Probably I am one of a few people who permanently uses the taskbar vertically on the left hand side of the screen. A useful setting in this situation is not to have the taskbar always on top. Having the taskbar always on top is not convenient because when you want to go to the File menu of some application if you move your mouse faster you risk activating the taskbar and covering the menu. Then you must move your mouse outside the taskbar and retry carefully to activate the menu.
Is there any setting/tweak that allows me to set the taskbar as an always bottom window (like the windows xp taskbar)?

Get Desktop Icons to Bottom Taskbar!
I can only move 2 icons to the bottom left taskbar. They are (Windows Explorer) and (Windows Live Mail). I have had in the past 2 separate icons next to these that are my bank icons (2 different Banks). When I try and move them to the bottom taskbar it just goes back to the Desktop. I have the lock task bar unchecked. One thing I noticed is when I unchecked the taskbar before there would be vertical lines I could move sideways all along the taskbar. I don't see any line when I uncheck "Lock The Taskbar" Is there a setting or way to help me get them on the bottom taskbar?

autohide taskbar w/google chrome problem
When I use the autohide taskbar with google chrome maximized, it 'covers' the taskbar (or the very thin line at the bottom of the screen that's there when the taskbar is minimized), so that when i bring the mouse to the bottom of the screen to access the taskbar, it doesn't pop up.

Show or hide the taskbar
The taskbar is usually located at the bottom of the desktop. You can hide the taskbar to create more space. If you don't see the taskbar anywhere on the screen, it might be hidden. Watch this video to learn how to show or hide the taskbar.

Find the taskbar
By default, the taskbar is located at the bottom of the desktop. If the taskbar isn't visible, there are several possible reasons why:

Disabling the taskbar
How do you diable the taskbar including the start menu and everything else? Right now it is on auto-hide but whenever I accidently put my mouse on the bottom of the screen it pops up. I don't want to use it because I use RocketDock. The start Menu and taskbar just get in the way. Does anyone know how to permanently disable the taskbar?

How Can I see under the Aero taskbar?
I like the aero taskbar and want to keep it but when websites or documents extend under the taskbar, I can't see what is displayed on the document. I can select stuff from the website etc., but I can't see it. If I want to see the bottom of the page, I can change the location of the taskbar to the right side but I don't like it there so I move it back but that is a pain.

The taskbar overview
The taskbar is the long horizontal bar at the bottom of your screen. Unlike the desktop, which can get obscured by open windows, the taskbar is almost always visible. It has three main sections:
The Start button; The middle section; The notification area.

The Windows 7 Taskbar
The taskbar is the thin strip that runs across the bottom of your screen. It is split into a number of different areas: a round Start button, Quick Launch icons, a notification area, and a clock. All other areas are the Taskbar itself.

Taskbar Orb
Everytime I hover over the orb it seems to fold into itself. Half of it seems to go under the top half of it. My taskbar is on the top of my screen (I like it like that, since in class I'm usually looking up at the teacher and if I need to open something or go to a program I can do it faster), maybe that is the issue? However when I expand the taskbar (make it heigher) the problem desists. I just switched the taskbar to the bottom of the screen and the problem goes away, at the normal hieght I have it at. So this is only an issue when the taskbar is put on the top of the screen

Why do Pinned task-bar items "float" to other locations on the task-bar?
I have 6 items "pinned" to my start bar. But after a while those pinned icons float to other areas on the taskbar. I have the following settings:
-Lock the taskbar set
-Auto-hide the taskbar (unset)
-Use small icons (set)
-Taskbar location on screen: bottom
-Taskbar buttons: Combine when taskbar is full
-Use Aero Peek to preview the desktop
How can I prevent pinned icons from floating to other areas on the taskbar?

Hiding Taskbar Doesn't
Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with all updates.
I recently did a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Unfortunately, I cannot get the taskbar to stay hidden.
Here is what happens when I try...
1. Right click and select properties.
2. Uncheck Auto-hide the taskbar.
3. Press Apply
4. Check Auto-hide the taskbar.
5. Press Apply.
At this point the taskbar slides down while the swirling busy icon shows. As soon as the swirl disappears and the Apply button grays out the task bar slides up. No matter what is running and visible on the desktop the taskbar is still there. If a window reaches the bottom of the screen the taskbar is on top of it.
I have shutdown and rebooted -- the taskbar remains.
What is really annoying is that before I did the latest clean install the taskbar would hide. If I brought it up for something it would go away if I just clicked on the desktop.
Additional information:
I have changed all taskbar icons to notify only and removed all toolbars and the problem persists.

Desktop Toolbars / Deskbands ?
How to bring back deskbands in Win7? I've tried dragging a folder to the edge of the screen to make it, but it doesn't do anything.
I relied on this feature heavily; i would have my taskbar at the top of the screen, and then have the address bar docked to the bottom of the screen and always-on-top, so i could rapidly type in and go to ANY website/folder/protocol (eg: mailto:).
I would REALLY like to get this back, but can't figure out how to turn it on in 7. I could put the address bar in the taskbar, but
a) it looks bad on the double-height taskbar, and
b) i still regularly have my taskbar nearly full, and can't afford the space on the taskbar

Windows 7 TASKBAR missing.
After running Windows 7 for 6 months, decided I wanted my taskbar on the right instead of the left, but when I dragged the TASKBAR from the left side to the right side of the display, the taskbar vanished. I've tried re-booting (by pressing the power button on the PC). And the taskbar is still missing.
I tried a right mouse > Personalize > and selected TASKBAR and START MENU to move the taskbar to the left side, but the taskbar is missing. Also now when I do a right mouse on the desktop > then select Personalize > then select TASKBAR and START MENU > the task bar dialog does not appear.
To summarize, all I did to get into this mess was drag the TASKBAR from the left to the right side of the screen and the TASKBAR vanished.

IE icon not on taskbar
My IE taskbar button is all of the sudden missing. I tried to pin it to the taskbar again but it will still not show. Right-clicking on IE only offers to unpin IE from the taskbar. System restore did not solve the problem and neither did applying aero. Restarting didn't help either.

Taskbar not working "pin to taskbar" option gone
I was rearranging my taskbar icon and deleted windows explorer from the taskbar. when i tried to pin it to the taskbar again (drag and drop) it wouldn't pin. then i tried right clicking the icon to pin and the the "pin to taskbar" dialogue box was gone. now i can't pin anything to the taskbar using any method at all.
i've done the "quick launch" method to compensate for the lack of a working taskbar, but i want my taskbar back.

How to Enable or Disable Moving the Taskbar in Windows 7
This will show you how to enable or disable the ability of all users to move the taskbar location to be displayed at the bottom, left, right, or top border of the desktop in Windows 7.

Help with taskbar; program stuck in taskbar
I love the way the taskbar works and its been great with no problems thus far..except one!
I have a program that is literally stuck in the taskbar and I have no idea how to get it out. first off, I never put it there it just showed up on its own. It is Steam: Counter-Strike. I have no idea how that ended up in the taskbar. It appears the way programs do in the taskbar as if there is an instance of the program running. if i click on it, nothing happens. If i highlight over it, there is an empty box. it can however move and be drug down the taskbar like the other programs can. There is also absolutely no instance of this program running (at least that shows in task manager).

Sometimes the width of the taskbar changes even though it is locked
I use the Windows 7 taskbar at the right edge of my screen. I also enable the "Desktop" toolbar, and set the width of the taskbar to let me see three columns of Desktop icons (on the taskbar).
Sometimes Windows 7 resizes the taskbar (makes it narrower) even though I have locked the taskbar.
I think one of the times Windows 7 does this is when I change window settings under "Personalize". I do not want Windows 7 to reset the width of my taskbar. I am getting sick of resetting it.

Customizing taskbar jump lists
It's time to explore the new Windows 7 Taskbar further. We'll look at jump lists on the Taskbar and take a look at some customization options. Want to go back to the old style Taskbar with labels as well as icons? Want to add toolbars to your Taskbar? We'll show you how to do all that and more in this video.