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Slow booting - took 30 minutes to start normally

Slow booting - took 30 minutes to start normally
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One day my machine started acting strangely after booting. It would take 30 minutes to start running normally.

I tried Task Manager (TM) to see what was running. It would only show me my and Local processes. not all the others. When I clicked on Show All Processes, it froze the TM screen. I started another TM and End Processed the first.

TM showed almost no CPU usage, but the CPU gadget on the desktop showed 5-25% usage.
Something was going on I couldn't see.

I checked for virus/malware. I disabled MS Essentials and SuperAnti Spyware with no change.

When Win 7 finally started working correctly, all the processes then showed in TM. I looked for the highest CPU time and that was for SERVICES. I looked that up and found it was for sharing devices/printers.

I had previously installed a shared printer to one of my routers and subsequently gave that printer to my son for college. I checked my win7 printers and it was still there. I deleted it and rebooted.
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Advent laptop running windows 7 won't boot up

I have been experiencing trouble booting up my laptop.

So the issue is I was running a game and Firefox and the computer was running quite slow. I tried to exit the game and Firefox but both were not responding. I just held the power button to shut in off. Now when turning back on it gets stuck on the windows 7 symbol screen?

I have tried to use the options in the f8/f11 and delete menus. Try to solve start up problems says could not fix the start up fault.

System restore wont work as it says there is no restore point. Checking hard drive in boot up solutions gets stuck at 5% checked. Booting from last know good point gets stuck at windows 7 screen.

PC is very slow in normal mode

Its very slow. The only time I can run it is in SafeMode. Otherwise its not usable after 2 minutes of loging in. I have an HP G60 series laptop.

Acer Aspire is slow to start, flashes on and off

My Acer Aspire is slow to start, flashes on and off. What can I do? Will disabling some startup programmes help and if so, which ones (I'm a basic user/understander)?

How to delete or uninstall start up items

When I start up, it is slow. Want to get rid of some of the start up items. but nothing seems to work for me.

windows 7 wont load just blank screen

I have an emachines (E525) with windows 7. When I try to start up my computer I get directed to a windows error recover screen. At that point I am given 2 options.

1. Launch start up repair
2. Start windows normally.

If I pick option 2 I get stuck in a continuous re-booting loop that brings me right back to these options. If I pick option one. I just get a blank black screen. I do not have any kind of recovery disk. what can I do?

Not booting up after shrink volume

Few days ago I create a partition in my Hard disk through Shrink Volume. But after restarting it not booting up, after company logo one white line blink. Now I sanitize my hard disk, or what I should do.

Recent Win7 update; now slow shutdown & boot

The Windows 7 update last week doesn't seem to have taken on my computer. Every time I shut down now, Windows tells me it's installing updates, and every time I start up, it tells me that it's configuring Windows, which takes about 10 minutes (no exaggeration).

I've read about problems with various Windows updates, but until now I've sailed through them all without a problem. but I'm posting this message at least as some sort of alert for other users.

Keyboard won't work after booting from Linux Mint

I have windows 7 home premium dual booting with Linux Mint 8, on a Dell XPS M1530.
When I shut down linux mint and go back into windows I have the following problem.
Upon the windows 7 desktop appearing, I am able to type or use the keyboard as usual-until I touch the touchpad on my laptop. After I touch the touchpad, (even for just the slightest second!) I am unable to type anything. For example, if I launch the start menu and then try to type to find a file nothing will happen. The only way for me to get by this is to reboot the computer again. So essentially I have to reboot twice in order to get a working keyboard with Windows after being in linux.
This problem does not happen if I stay in Windows and reboot windows repeatedly. (I tested it by reinstalling windows and having it as the only OS for about a week.)

Not responding issue: application stop responding after 10 to 30 minutes

My computer has been working fine for the year I've had it until a few days ago.
I was using Mozilla Firefox for about a month, and suddenly it would stop responding after about 30 minutes. And then it became about 10 minutes. I thought it was just Mozilla or Flash, so I tried uninstalling them, reinstalling.

I also tried using older versions. None of that worked. Then I was using iTunes, and THAT had the same issue. After about 10-20 minutes the musicwould stop and iTunes would stop responding.
These items would not respond for a few minutes, then begin to respond for about five seconds before "not responding" again.

I switched back to Google Chrome, and that doesn't have the "not responding" issue, but instead after about 10 minutes it will act as though it is not connected to the internet (even though it clearly is).

Nothing will load, and it will tell me I'm not connected to things such as Facebook messenger.

When these issues happen, I can't properly restart my computer as the Windows start menu will stop responding once opened.

What could the issue be?

I have Trend Micro, and when it scans nothing comes up as a threat or anything like that.

But I'm running Windows 7 and a few other differences. I don't know how to get that long list he posted in the original post. How canI do that to help out whoever can help me?

Is my PC constantly too hot?

My CPU fan inside my desktop computer is ALWAYS very loud, except for about a second or so when it shows the configuration table before booting Windows. This can be very annoying, as it is really quite loud.
I think this is because my CPU gets too hot. I have CoreTemp running at all times in my taskbar, and an average CPU temperature for me when not doing too much is around 45-55 degrees Celsius. It reaches around 60 degrees Celsius when I'm doing something intense like video rendering, when the CPU runs near 100% for a while.
I think that my fan might slow down if the CPU was cooler, but I can't be sure. I can post any necessary details/information if needed.