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Select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device

Select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device
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My laptop shows a MSG reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press any key.when I press any key the same MSG is displayed.
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Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key.

I'm running windows 7 which froze on me earlier ( I was just browsing the internet, and trying to open a program) when it froze, so I tried ctrl-alt-delete and selecting task manager, but after it didn't work I just rebooted.

Now, after attempting to reboot I am greeted by an error message. I see the Asus logo, which isthen followed by a flashing underscore (_) then the error message appears.
The message reads:

"reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key."

I have checked my boot priority in BIOS and 1st is my HDD and 2nd is ATAPI CDROM.

Create a boot-able device

So I have a netbook that came with windows 7 starter. Yesterday it died and now it says it has "no bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key" so I stayed up all last night trying to turn my flash drive into a bootable device,

I installed multiple programs on my flash drive but nothing worked.

The closest I got to anything working was when I (illegally) downloaded a windows 7 iso image thingy onto my flash drive but it seems you need an OS system to install an OS system or something anyway that didn't work.

I'm going on vacation soon and I need my netbook!

ASUS Laptop wont boot to Win7 (C:) partition

I accidentally booted into my asus recovery partition (by pressing F9) when trying to boot to the BIOS, and now every time I try and boot the computer, it boots right to the recovery partition and I can't get it to boot into my Windows drive.

not booting all the time

I have a 7 year old laptop (hp) with windows 7 fully updated(windows updates) I have run memtest, and drive inspector and cleaned with ccleaner, I only have avast and 3 or 4 programs starting on boot up.

my problem is the laptop will not boot evey time, it makes the usual noises but nothing happens, the on third or fourth try it will boot and run perfectly all day. it I switch off it might or might not boot up first time...

No boot device detected on computer startup

Recently I got a new hard drive and installed it with the intention to install windows 7 onto it from a disc. First, I decided I would copy a couple files onto it to make sure that I didn't lose a few of my documents during the change.

Now, whenever it starts, it gives the error "No boot device detected, insert system disk and press f1 to continue." So, I putin my windows 7 disk and rebooted the computer.

Windows installed just fine, and it functioned properly. However, when I turned off my computer, once I turned it on again it gave the same error. I found out that I could install windows 7and get it running, but when it turns off it seems like it no longer functions.

I have tried some other solutions and they have not worked. I am fairly certain that the hard drive is set up correctly.

Win 7 Dual boot

Can I make my system to have a dual boot both in win7 but one in 64 bit and the other 32 bit?
I think it is possible in XP to have dual boot or n-boot

Using Easy BCD - how do i get to the original boot up configuration?

I am just using one boot- Win7, SP1. so when I turn on the computer, it does the usual Win 7 normal startup sequences.

without elaborating, things happen, now the sequencing shows two possible booting options.

but when I boot up- a screen appears for a few seconds- acting as if I can make a choice. how do I make that screen disappear. so when I boot up again- it performs the usual normal Win 7startup procedures? smooth as silk, like before.

Boot issue: Press any key to boot from CD

One of the computers I maintain at work will not boot past the "Welcome" screen. It had a wireless keyboard and mouse. Oh, Compaq Pentium 4 1GB RAM 300GB HDD. (it is the oldest machine here) So the wireless keyboard did not make the setup or boot menu respond so I plugged in a USB keyboard.

I was able to get to Setup where the keyboard worked okay, set the boot order to CD/DVD in all four places, and hit F10 to save and exit.

PC went to the "Press any key to boot from CD" keyboard not recognized, boot from HDD. Shut down restarted, hit ESC for Boot menu.

Got the menu, keyboard would not respond had to shut down and restart again, I could not get to Safe Mode because again, the keyboard will not respond. I tried different USB keyboards, different USB ports, all the same.

I'm at my wit's end. I'm about ready to call it dead and replace it but I thought I would just post this here to see ifanyone had an idea that I didn't already have.

Alternative Boot Mgr. Win 7

I would like to know if an alternative Boot Mgr. is available to boot from Win 7 Home Premium to XP. The windows boot manager is not available for Home Premium. The upgrade to Win 7 Pro is $145.00 taxes in.

Restore Vista Dual Boot Options After Repair Install Of XP

I recently had to perform a repair install on WinXP Pro SP2 on a system which is dual boot with Vista Business 32-bit.

Since the repair install, the dual boot option menu no longer appears. I assume the repair install overwrote the relevant boot files on the C:\ drive.

How can I restore these options?