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Search file contents in Windows 7

Search file contents in Windows 7
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I have a new laptop that came with Windows 7 installed. My old laptop came with Vista and I had upgraded it to Windows 7. On my old laptop I can search the content of files (for example, a table name in sql files) and it will return every file that contains that text. The new laptop will not. I have indexed my entire C drive, checked all search settings to make sure they agree with my old laptop's settings, and still I get no results. I've spent 2 days reading other threads full of complaints about the problem with Windows 7 search. I've tried searching 'content: "my text"' with no success. I've tried Windows button + F to search but still get no results. I just don't understand why it works fine on my Vista > Windows 7 laptop but will not work on my out-of-the-box Windows 7 laptop. Is there a step or setting I'm missing? Here's what I've tried:
1) Indexed my C drive
2) Folder options - Always search file names and contents, Include subfolders, Find partial matches, Include system directories
3) Advanced indexing options - Index Properties and File Contents (even though I don't have this option selected on my old laptop)
4) C: properties - Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties
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question about searching in Windows Explorer

I am switching from Windows XP to Windows 7, and I have a question about searching in Windows Explorer.
In XP, in Windows Explorer, I click the search shortcut, then search companion. There there is a box to say "A word or phrase in the file". It will look in the folder for a file with the search string in the contents.
In Win 7, there is the search box in the upper right hand corner. You can search for a file name. After doing that, there may or may not be a way to search file contents.

Windows Search is not working.

The content search in Windows Explorer does not work.
Under “More options” I have selected “Content”.
In Indexing Options I have selected the correct folder and file type.
I have selected “Index Properties and File Contents”.
I have rebuilt the index.
I have tried restarting my laptop.
In Folder Options – Search I have tried “Always search file names and contents”
I have also tried “Don’t use the index when searching in file folders for system files”
The only results I get is the result of a search of the file name but not the contents.

Search fails to include file content when index is rebuilt

W7 search does not include the file contents in search results after index rebuild.
I have selected "include file contents", I have privileges for the folders/files being indexed, the folder/file properties "include file contents ..." is checked, the file types searched either have files filters for the (i.e. pdf's) or are intrinsic to W7 (i.e. Word, Excel, etc formats).
The only way I can get the file contents to be added to index rebuilds is by modifying a file in any way, for example if I change a number in an Excel doc and then that and only that file will be properly displayed in search results. As there are thousa nds of files this is not a practical work-around. Or if I add a new file the contents are indexed just fine. It is almost as if the search engine is not "re-crawling" the contents of the files that had previously been indexed when it is rebuilding the index. Is there any way to tell it (other than to rebuild, which does not cure the issue) to "re-crawl" all the files as if they never were crawled previously?

Windows 7 Search won't find file contents

Windows 7 Search does not seem to find file contents consistently. Based on other posts I have read this seems to be a problem. As a test I created a Word 2003 file with one word in the file (police) and saved it under the name test in the folder Documents. I waited for a few minutes for the indexing to complete and then searched for Police. The file Test did not show up in the file list. I repeated the same steps but used Excel, then Powerpoint to store the file. Search found the ppt file but not the XLS file. I tired other one word files and these didn't work either. Seems hard to believe such a simple problem would have escaped Microsoft's software verification process so I assume there is something corrupt in my machine.

Search doesn't seem to search file contents

I have a folder of word documents and when I copy and past some text from within a file and search for it, nothing comes up. For "What to Search" I have Index locations, search file names and contents selected. Yet, it doesn't seem to do anything.
Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Search For File Size, Date & Contents

It was SO easy to do the above in Windows XP and Vista. Will someone please explain step-by-step in detail how to do all the above at the same time? For example, search my entire PC (indexed and non-indexed files) for a file larger than 1MB, created and/or modified after March 10, 2010 and containing the word "blackie" in the file contents, not the name.

Searching content of documents in a folder search

I need to search for specific words within documents in a specific folder. I open the specific folder and type the word into the search box and it returns the message "no search results found". If I click on the File Content link, it will locate the document containing the search word. I don't want to have to click File Contents (I perform these types of searches all the time). So, I added the folder to the Indexed locations but it still does not return a list of documents containing my search word. And what's worse is when the folder is added to indexed locations, the link to search File Contents no longer appears. So, adding to indexed locations takes me backwards--there's no way to find what I'm looking for because the option to search contents disappears.
I've also tried adding the folder to a library so the library will be included in the search index. Still no luck.
Also, is there a way to use the keyboard to go from the search box to the link to search "File Contents"? I have tried using Tab and F6 to move about the Search window but none of these keys will land on the pane that says "File Contents". If I was visually impaired, how would I perform a search and then choose File Contents?

Windows 7 search - not returning file contents

I am using Windows 7 RTM 64 bit on a Dell XPS1340 laptop 4GB ram. I have had variable search results (incomplete, inconsistent) when performing searches. The first symptom was that I started to not receive results of file contents of pdf's and then other formats, which I knew to be there. I installed the Foxit PDF ifilter (64 bit), removed same, installed the adobe ifilter (64 bit), no luck. The file content search is checked on the indexer and the folder/file. I rebuilt the index several times to no avail. Yesterday I noticed that if I created a NEW file (.pdf, .doc, .xls, whatever), using search it returned the requested results from the file content on this NEW file. In other words search worked properly. Interestingly search DOES give the file content results of attachment properly for all Outlook 2007 emails. I THINK I need to not rebuild the index but reset the index to default (or reset search to default), though unlike W7 beta, W7 RTM has no such choice. I have looked everywhere, found ways to "reset" Vista's in the registry but nothing for W7. All help would be appreciated as I am in the midst of a large project and my hands are tied without proper search (to include file contents) functionality. Maybe the search index needs to be reset (not rebuilt) so it "re-crawls" all selected folders again?

Can't get Win7 to search contents of Excel Spreadsheet files

I have an Excel spreadsheet file. One of the cells has some text with the word Swordfish in it. Windows 7 search will not find the file if I enter either Swordfish or content:Swordfish in the search box in File Explorer.
It will not do this if I am currently in the directory where the file is located.
It will not do this if under Tools, Folder Options, Search I also have the Always search filenames and contents checked under What to Search, and also have Include subfolders and include partial matches.
It does file words in text files (.txt, .html, etc.)
I've been less critical of Microsoft application design than others in the past, but this just blows me away as far as the designers taking a HUGE step backwards in desktop search usability. If you search the Internet you will find all sort of posts of people having problems using the search. It is a great example of poor software design. Specifically:
Why are the options to search content buried in the Folder Options? Who the heck is going to easily find that?
Can't you specify (as you could on XP) if you want to search content on a PER SEARCH basis instead of having to keep toggling the Folder Options?

Windows 7 search - does not return file contents

I was following this really interesting discussion on why Windows 7 search does not return file contents, but for some strange reason the discussion is locked???
Anyway I'm having the same problem so I'd like to continue the discussion here. After reading the previous discussion I went to the control panel and selected "Change How Windows Searches" and clicked the "Advanced" button. Strangely I discovered that under "File Types" the panel "How should this file be indexed" was set to "Index Properties Only." I switched it to "Index Properties and File Contents", clicked "OK" and waited for reindexing to complete. After it was done Search still did not find the files specified in my search, even though I knew for certain the search string is in those file.
So I went back to the control panel and this time I clicked the "Modify" button. Much to my surprise my C: drive was not selected, so I selected it, hit "OK" and waited for Windows 7 to reindex everything again. It certainly indexed more files than before, but my search still does not return all files for which I know the string is in.
Two things I've noticed:
On OS X, searching just works correctly. Everything is indexed from the get-go and searching from the Finder always returns what you would expect. There is nothing special to configure.
On every Windows third-party search product (i.e. Google search), everything is indexed from the get-go and searching from the toolbar always returns what you would expect. There is nothing special to configure.
So my question is: Why can't Microsoft figure out how to make searching "just work?"