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How to Create a Screensaver with Irfanview

How to Create a Screensaver with Irfanview
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You can create a screensaver with the free image viewer application called Irfanview. But, to add to the fun, you can also save the slideshow as a standalone screensaver that can be shared with friends and family and run on other computers.
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Screensaver not working Windows 7. New video card required?

I am not able to use a screensaver, but it is related to the video card. The error message says "This screensaver requires a new video card or one that is compatible with Direct3D."
Someone else has already asked this question but was not answered in the forum that I could see ie: addressing the video card issue.

Enable screen saver in Win7

I'm on a Win7 Enterprise x64 machine and have been trying to enable the screensaver on the system for a few days now. This helped at least get the Screen Saver Settings dialog to display: [LINK]

But now the screensaver is set to "Blank" in the dropdown and all its options are greyed out. Is there a registry setting that controls this? I have a ton of pictures that I've used as my screensaver in the past and would like to have on this machine as well,

No screensaver or auto power saving - Win7 laptop

This used to work, but now the automatic standby will not kick in (it's set to 30 minutes). Also, the screensaver will not kick in either.

Toshiba laptop, about 8 months old, Win 7 genuine.

I also installed NirSoft's NirCmd command line program. One of its many features is a "monitor off" command. Works fine on my XP desktop. On the laptop, the screen turns off, but 5 seconds later it comes back on again.

Seems likely that the waking up of the screen, and the non-functioning screensaver and powersaving are related.

After 15 minutes all opened programs disappear

Windows 7 system. After about 15 minutes of inactivity, the documents/programs all disappear that are opened, showing only the desktop. Just moving the mouse puts everything back as it should be, but it's annoying him: he wants it "fixed".

Trouble is, it doesn't happen all the time, so it's kind of hard to troubleshoot.

Let's not confuse this with a screensaver - there is a Windows screensaver configured and it works properly, providing the above doesn't happen first.

How to Customize Themes

You can easily customize lots of aspects such as: the desktop backgrounds used by a theme, the sound scheme, window color, transparency, screensaver, etc. Also, you can easily create your own themes, install new ones, without any technical knowledge of files that need to be hacked, etc.

No Taskbar after enabling Screensaver

I have one question. After turning on screen saver, when I move mouse I see my desktop BUT THERE IS NO TASKBAR. So I need to log out and log in and taskbar is up again. Does anyone know why is that happening?

Mysterious hidden desktop

Since a few days ago, without having installed any new software or Windows updates (except an Adobe Acrobat 9 update), my desktop seems to go into hiding after a return from the screen saver, which is a blank screen.

When I click the mouse or the keyboard to restore the desktop from the screen saver, there's nothing there but the mouse cursor. But if I move the mouse, the areas where it has moved seems to 'paint' back the desktop in that part.

If I move the mouse all over the screen, the entire desktop image is restored.

I checked the power settings (they remain default), the desktop image and the screen saver. All are the same as before this problem started.

I've used the same desktop image and screensaver way back since Windows 95 - and for a year in 7 Ultimate.

Dying Hard Drive & Damaged Image Files

I have been attempting move image files (TIF, CR2, JPG, BMP, PDF, PSD) off a hard drive and onto another drive on the same computer. The files will not COPY nor will they MOVE. I cannot get them to CS5, PSE8, nor PAINT.

When I try to open them in IRFANVIEW the app locks up and has to be closed by the OS. Most of the misbehaving images do display in all the thumbnail sizes of WIN 7. And the thumbnails display a black horizontal line through them at different heights and of different thicknesses. Some images have several lines.

The COPY and MOVE commands stop when they hit one of these files but, using MOVE and telling it to disregard the bad files, I have gotten much of the data off the hard drive. By the way,this process took almost two days as the system settled on a transfer speed between 750 KB/s to a blistering 220 KB/s for 130 GB.

Perhaps related, the hard drive at POST was detected as having corrupted files etc. I always opted to let the system repair which it did. I also downloaded and ran the WD disk check app and it found no problems.

After several of these incidents I figured time was to buy a new hard drive and get data off the ailing one.
Is there a way of retrieving the damaged files? What happened.

Create or change a password hint

When you create a password to log on to Windows, you can create a hint to help you remember it. If you've already created a password, you'll need to change it in order to create a password hint. Watch this video to learn how to create or change a password hint.

How to Create a "Create a System Image" Shortcut

This will show you how to create or download a Create a System Image shortcut. You can also Pin to Taskbar or Pin to Start Menu this shortcut, or move where you like for easy use in Windows 7.