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ScanSnap - Changing global shortcut key

ScanSnap - Changing global shortcut key
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My office mates and I each run Windows 7, and are using Fujitsu's ScanSnap desktop scanners. We have recently discovered that the ScanSnap software has appropriated the use of the Ctrl-Shift-Space key combination.

Using that combination brings up the ScanSnap software. The trouble is that the same key combination is used to insert a non-breaking space character in Microsoft Word. That's something that we all use a lot in Word.

Since we've all used Word for years and are familiar with its default key combinations, we'd like to change the ScanSnap hotkeys, rather than changing the Word shortcut key. Right-clickingon the ScanSnap files in the Windows Start menu does not reveal any assigned shortcut keys.

My first inclination was just to scrap the ScanSnap software and use a TWAIN driver for all the scanning. Sadly, Fujitsu has decided that it will never issue a TWAIN driver for the ScanSnap. They want you to use their software.
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