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Save a file

Save a file
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While you're working with a file in a program, you should save it frequently to avoid losing data unexpectedly due to a power failure or other problems.
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Can't save a jpg file from the Internet

System ask me if I want to save the file in pictures, where I just tried to save it. If I click yes it will save the file to the pictures folder. I am not given the choice of saying I am the administarator.
If I try to look at the file with windows explorer, it is NOT there. If I try to save it again I can see that the file HAS been saved in the pictures folder.
I have no hidden files on my computer. The option to hide system files is unchecked.
A search of the drive cannot find and does not show the files.

Unable to save a pdf file

I am unable to save PDF files from one site only. I have verified that Pop ups for that are allowed but when I get to the site where the file I want to save opens and I click on the save nothing happens. I have tried other sites and they work fine. The only way I can save the file from the site in questions is by using the email option.

batch file to save a file

I am new to writing batch files. I just know few commands.My problem is I have to open a text file and then save it with a different name ie; open a text file, 1.txt and then save as 2.txt.

I could write commands to open the file and close the file but could not save it as a new file. I do not want to rename the file as it would not serve my purpose.

Set A Default Size For The Save As Window

The Save As window that pops up when you save a file in any program has a mind of its own or more precisely, it just doesn’t listen to you much. If a program remembers the last place it saved a file to, it’s something a lot of us are grateful for. The programs that allow us to set a default save location of our choice are less rare but these choices have to do with the save location and not the Save As window itself. If you’re unsatisfied with the size the Save As window opens in, here’s a simple way to resize it and have a program remember your preferred size for all future save actions. This works for Windows 7 and up.

Win 7 - Windows Explorer - Adobe Acrobat issue

I have Adobe Acrobat 10x deployed on both my Win7 desktop and WinXP laptop. When I open a PDF in the Win7 desktop, I cannot make changes and save the file. I get a File In Use error message. When I open the same file from the same directory using my WinXP desktop, I can edit and save the file normally.

No issues When I save the file to my Desktop and open directly from there (rather than finding it in an Explorer Window and opening it from there) I can edit and save the file normally.

No issues. If I get a PDF via email, I can open it, edit and save normally. No issues.

Thus, this issue only occurs with Adobe Acrobat, not any other programs. It only occurs when I drill down and find the file via Windows Explorer (or whatever it's called in Win7).

It appears to me that selecting the file in a Win7 Explorer Window locks the file as being in use.

The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

When using a USB flash drive, I cannot save any .html file I open. I can save .doc files and .jpg files on the flash drive, just not .html files. When I save them to the desktop, I can save them. When I take the fash drive to a Windows XP machine, I can save them. I even tried copying them to a different flash drive but got the exact same results (the second flash drive works perfectly on the Windows XP machine also). The error I get when I try to save is "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process". I tried rebooting repeatedly, that was no help.

Unable to save to Documents Library in Windows 7 64x

I am currently logged in as the Administrator on my system and for some reason I am unable to save files to my Documents Library.
Any time I try to save something a message box pops up with the phrase "You can't save here. Please choose another location."
I am currently trying to save a word document (.docx) from Microsoft Word 2007, but I have tried other file types too and nothing seems to save there.

Change a picture's file type (file format) using Paint

Although digital pictures come in a variety of file formats, many of the pictures on your computer probably use the common JPEG format. This is the file format most digital cameras use to save good-quality images without creating large files. In addition, many programs can open pictures that are saved in the JPEG format. However, you might have pictures (or drawings) that you want to convert and save as a different type of picture file. When you save a picture in a different format, the original picture isn't replaced; instead, a new picture file is created and saved.

Force Opening a .doc file

I want to open a .doc file in html browser.
I have given a link but when I click on it,it gives 3 options Open,Save,,Cancel.

I want either to remove the Save button or to open the file directly.

Powerpoint will not open or save anything.

So I've had this problem for a few days, the problem is, Powerpoint won't open any existing file and won't save any new ones. Before it used to crash I tried to save, now it has just lostthe will to do anything, before it would crash after I saved the file as something, now, the save button and command does nothing, this is the same as the open command.

If I just find the file and open it, it stops responding instantly.