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Realtek HD Audio Issues

Realtek HD Audio Issues
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Just bought a new computer and installed Windows 7 on it. I have a Asus M3A78-CM AMD 780V/SB700 Chipset w/Integrated ATI video, 8-channels, Gb LAN, S-ATA Raid, USB 2.0, Single PCI-E MB motherboard and am using Realtek HD onboard audio. I am experiencing some popping, ventrilo lagging inbound every now and then, and as soon as I launch any game there is a constant hiss in my headphones.
The only time the hiss goes away is when the game is booting up or a map is loading. I am using the newest drivers from realtek's site. I am using my mobo's latest bios, but I have not installed the chipset driver, because there is only a Vista driver.
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Static, Distorted Audio with Realtek AC'97

I have an 1.8 GHz Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard with onboard audio (Audio Realtek ALC650 6CH w/built in HP amplifier) and 2gigs of ram. The latest Realtek AC'97 driver from their website. Whenever I play any sort of mp3 or video that sound with have very pronounced static in it.
I have tried downloading the Vinyl Codec but after installing it, an error came up saying the drivers could not be loaded.

Realtek HD audio problem

I have an onboard Realtek HD audio device, which I have installed many drivers for, including the latest released as per the sticky thread. I have changed the speaker settings to all available options. Basically, I have tried every option I could think of. But, I still have playback issues where everything has a sort of popping/static sound to my mp3 and movie files.
Laptop is an Acer 5050-3785. I had no problems in previous builds with my sound.

Realtek, Windows 7 64RTM Crackle static popping

When playing audio on my Windows 7 64bit RTM using my onboard Realtek ALC888 I get those weird popping/static/grating noises every 30 seconds or so.
When actively using the computer the problem intensifies.
I've installed numerous versions of the Realtek official Windows 7 64bit drivers - no improvement.
After scouring the Internet, I've also tried messing around with the HPET setting in the BIOS (setting it to 32bit/64bit/disabled) - again, no improvement.
Let me state that otherwise, everything appears to be in excellent working order, all devices are recognized, the speakers are correctly recognized in the "Sound" AND the "Realtek HD Audio Manager" Control Panel applets.

Audio not working

System Specs: Windows 7 64 bit

So my audio has a red cross on it. I've tried updating the Realtek high definition audio driver/disabling/uninstalling/re-installing. NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK

Also it does not seem to be a hardware issue since I was able to run sound on a temporary W7 running on the same laptop.

audio compatibility issues.

Downgrading from W7 to XP I have audio driver issues. How do I upgrade drivers to match the hardware?

Audio crackling & popping after upgrade to Win 7

I have a self-assembled Media Centre PC which was working just fine with Vista but, tempted by the improvements in Win 7, I did an upgrade and most things work fine except the sound, it is crackling and popping and almost unusable. I've updated the drivers (multiple times and in various orders) and tried everything I found on google but to no avail, so this is pretty much my last shot at fixing this. I connect my PC to my surround sound via HDMI (which worked perfectly before) and my audio specs are:
Board: Gigabyte Technology GA-MA69GM-S2H, ATI Radeon X1200 Series with ATI HDMI Audio and Realtek High Definition Audio

Enable "Stereo Mixer" Win 7 32 \ 64

Found a way to bring back the "Stereo Mixer" that for some reason MS has decided to eliminate in "7" (32 and 64) In Vista and XP you could record Internet "Streaming" audio music, radio programs etc.

Whatever comes out of your speakers ( With a free program. Audacity and its MP-3 sidekick LAME) On my "7" OS's it "GotGone".I have a "workaround" to bring this " Vista Audio Manager " back with a few not too difficult steps.

1. Make a full backup Image.and burn a recovery disk , and try booting from it.

2. Download this Realtek Hd Audio Manager [LINK] save it someplace convenient.

3. Open your "Device Manager" and find Sound and Video.right click on the one that says Windows HD Audio.(my Screen Shot shows the Realtek one now ). Right click on it and select "Properties" > Driver> and Uninstall.

4. Find your Realtek HD Audio .and run the installer .It will ask to re-boot when finished .

5. Once back up open control panel and find Speakers.>Playback .make sure "Speakers" are set to default.

6. Click the Recording tab and right click on an empty portion of the panel.Check show "Disabled Devices" and "Disconnected Devices"

7. At this point you will see the Greyed out "Stereo Mix" .Right click on it and select "Enable".

8. Reboot and Click on "Show Hidden Icons" and set the New speaker Icon to show.

If all went well you now have your "Stereo Mixer" back. I will post in another thread how to record Internet audio, using the free program "Audacity" and it's MP-3Companion "LAME" With these you can save the recording to MP-3 or burn it to DVD Regards Fred

Realtek AC'97 Audio BSOD

I installed Windows 7, it kinda hung on installing the creative sound blaster driver so I assumed it was an audio driver issue from the beginning. After a reboot my sound would always make snap crackle pop / static noises and what not. Totally maddening when you watch tons of stuff online / play games / listen to music.
Strange thing whenever I booted into safemode w/ networking my driver for the sound blaster card would always install first thing no problem. Still, tons of static and the like in the background. The main issue, any reboot would give me a bsod to no end unless I booted in safemode, then there was no issue. Disabled different sound cards until I found out it was the Realtek card. Then I checked out the control panel and there was a driver for realtek, sure enough if I uninstalled and rebooted without going into safemode I NEVER got a bsod. Happy days.
Then I thought I had fixed the static issue but so far I have not. I'm using a creative sound blaster audigy 2 zs card. I've installed the latest beta driver for it(when I thought I had fixed it) to no avail.

Error Code:-5006:0x8000ffff when installing RealtekHD

I have a weird static noise on my realtek HD audio, nothing helped so I tried to update driver and got this

Sample rate - microphone static

I upgraded to windows 7 some time ago, and got a new microphone with it.
Every time I test or use my microphone, I get static in the background with it. The problem isn't with my microphone (I've tested it on windows xp), and seems to be with windows 7. Note that I only hear the static when replaying the audio from my microphone.
If I change my microphones sample rate (In the windows 7 microphone properties) from '1 Channel, 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality)' to '2 Channel, 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality)', it fixes the static. This would all be fine, except when I restart my computer, or the device - it changes it back to CD quality, and brings back the static.
I've installed the latest realtek high def audio drivers to try and fix it, but my computer still seems to be running off the windows 7 high def audio drivers.
I need to know:
a) How to keep the sample rate on DVD.
b) How to force windows 7 to use my realtek drivers, rather then the default windows drivers.