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PC won't start up: Press ESC

PC won't start up: Press ESC
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My wife has a HP laptop running Windows 7 and when she pushes the power key to start it up a black screen appears with the HP logo in the center and that's as far as it goes. In the bottom left hand corner it says "Push ESC.

key for startup menu" but when you push the ESC key, or ANY other key, nothing happens. No matter what you do it remains on this one screen.
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bitlocker requests PIN. Change the screen?

Using Windows 7 Enterprise laptops that have Bitlocker running, with a PIN required at startup. All's fine.

Is there a way to customize the startup screen with a simple message: "If found, call x. Reward for return"

Currently the screen just says:

Windows Bitlocker Drive Encryption PIN Entry
Enter the PIN for this drive.
Drive Label: PCName c: 5/1/2011
Use the HOME and BACKSPACE keys to clear incorrect characters.
Press ENTER after the PIN is typed. Press ESC for recovery.
ENTER=Continue ESC=Recovery

I looked at manage-bde.exe, but that doesn't seem to have any such option. Really - even a screen that comes up before the PIN entry screen would be fine.

ESC key not escaping

I find that the ESC key on my relatively new HP dv7t with Win7 Home Premium is not doing it's job. I have seen that when attempting to get out of "full screen" mode, while watching a video or running a powerpoint presentation, the ESC key doesn't do it.

I can bail out in other ways (right-click, hit appropriate key) but that doesn't make up for the fact thatsomething seems to be wrong here.

Windows Help always comes up after clicking on anything

After booting, clicking on anything (even the background), Windows help and support screen comes up. clicking to close it and it pops back up. I have rebooted to Safe Mode and the same thing happens.

If I start a program via a hot key combo (ex. ctrl/shift/esc) I am then able to close the help screen and proceed with no problems until rebooting. I have noticed that while the problem is there, touching the mouse pad to close won't function, I have to click on the actual left button.

Won't sleep

I built a new PC and installed 64-bit Win7.

I've checked the sleep settings, but the PC won't go into sleep mode after the set time. Nor will the screen saver come on. It seems like it doesn't know the elapsed time.

I checked the BIOS settings, I can press "Sleep" manually from the start button and that works. It just doesn't sleep by itself.

Compressed windows 7 hard drive, but it won't boot

I compressed my laptop to save on storage but the computer won't boot. Once started, it is bringing a message "TFGHT COMPRESSED PRESS CTRL+ALT +DEL TO RESTART" but it won't boot.

Download a Shortcut Program that Opens the Start Menu

This Start Menu program acts as a shortcut that will open the Start Menu just as if you had pressed CTRL+ESC in Windows 7 or Vista.

Toshiba Satellite A665 won't turn on and charge only for 36 seconds

I have had a Toshiba Satellite A665 for a few years now and have had no major problems up until now.

The first thing that happened is it would shut down randomly while I was using it. I turned it back on a few times and it worked for a while (maybe a few hours) before I noticed its next symptom.

I had it plugged into the AC adapter and I started noticing it would only charge for 36 seconds at a time (yes I timed it) and then stop. If I unplugged it and plugged it back init would work for another 36 seconds.

I then noticed that even though it was plugged in the battery indicator said 0% and not charging. Then it shut off again and I haven't been able to start it since. Now when I plug it in a white light just blinks repeatedly but nothing happens when I press power.

I have removed the battery, drained the power, replaced it, nothing. I have removed and reinserted the RAM, hard drive, and dvd drive, nothing.

Even worse, I put my hard drive in my other Toshiba Satellite, it booted once and now that one has THE SAME PROBLEM and won't start either. I am beyond frustrated and don't know what the hell's going on.

Windows 7 and AutoPlay: CD won't start automatically

I have external USB hard drives. If I do nothing, ever time I start up my machine the "Options" box pops up for each partition / drive.

If I disable autorun per the above link, the drives still work, but do not open up the 'Choices" box.

But now if I insert a CD, it won't start automatically.

Is there a way to have external hard drives' and USB drives' autorun disabled but still have the CD players' autostart work?

In the Autoplay of the Control PAnel, I have the CD set to play/start with realplayer.but it doesn't.

Change what happens when you press the power button on your computer

There are two ways to change what happens when you press the power button on your computer. You can change what happens when you press the power button on your computer case (or the edge of your laptop) and you can change what happens when you press the Shut down button on the Start menu.

Boot issue: Press any key to boot from CD

One of the computers I maintain at work will not boot past the "Welcome" screen. It had a wireless keyboard and mouse. Oh, Compaq Pentium 4 1GB RAM 300GB HDD. (it is the oldest machine here) So the wireless keyboard did not make the setup or boot menu respond so I plugged in a USB keyboard.

I was able to get to Setup where the keyboard worked okay, set the boot order to CD/DVD in all four places, and hit F10 to save and exit.

PC went to the "Press any key to boot from CD" keyboard not recognized, boot from HDD. Shut down restarted, hit ESC for Boot menu.

Got the menu, keyboard would not respond had to shut down and restart again, I could not get to Safe Mode because again, the keyboard will not respond. I tried different USB keyboards, different USB ports, all the same.

I'm at my wit's end. I'm about ready to call it dead and replace it but I thought I would just post this here to see ifanyone had an idea that I didn't already have.