I've been search in the internet for a while to find the NVIDIA [GeForce 8400M GT GPU] Driver.
The properties of my Laptop:
Laptop model: Sony VAIO VGN-FZ17G
OS: Windows 7 x64 Home Premium
Display card: GeForce 8400M GT GPU
When I check the Device manger, it still recognize [Standard VGA Graphics Adapter].

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Graphic card driver for geforce 8400M GT GPU
My notebook is Sony Vaio(Model: VGN-FZ21E) with following specs:
Intel® Core™2 Duo T7250 2.0GHz
15.4" WXGA 1280x800 X-black LCD,
nVidia GeForce 8400M GT GPU
Windows 7 professional
I have just downloaded the right driver for my graphic card from nvidia website. When I tried to install, this message appear:
"The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit"

Need Help! Nvidia Geforce 8400m GT
I am looking for nvidia geforce 8400m gt windows 7 64 bit driver for sony vaio vgn-fz4000.
I tried looking in nvidia site but the support page says that i have to get it from sony and sony have not yet updated their drivers.

Nvidia driver
I own a Sony Vaio notebook VGN-NR31S/S (also labeled PGC-7121M), with a video card NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT GPU.
I can't find a suitable driver for Windows 7.
I tried to install this file: 186.03_notebook_win7_32bit_international_whql.exe, downloaded from your site, but the installation fails (no driver found for current hardware).

NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS need help
I have got HP dv9655 (kb398ea).Originally it came with Vista home premium. But last week I decide to install windows 7. I wiped my hard drive and did clean install (windows7). It is activated ok, and it says genuine and activated in system info.
MY PROBLEM is Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS, when i check Device Manager Display,I got yellow mark,i just can't update it. I tried everything no joy at all. My questions:
1)What drivers i need for windows7 Ultimate 32-bit
2)Do I need to download Nvidia drivers from, Nvidia site or HP site.
3)My biggest annoying problem is , screen resolution. It stuck on 600 x 480 and I cant changed it.
4)So drivers i need if i am right.
a)nvidia chipset ,(but which one)
What else i got no idea.

Help Installing Nvidia Geforce 8400M GS
I have a Dell XPS M1530 running windows 7 build 7100 32 bit. I am having problems with installing the correct driver with my Nvidia Geforce 8400M GS graphics card. I can currently only use the standard VGA graphics adapter or else my computer will not even start-up properly, Freezes at starting windows screen. I have tried installing the forceware drivers and have also visited NVISION.

Problem with updating Nvidia Geforce 8400M GT graphics card
I successfully installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit by choosing custom install on my Sony Vaio VGN-NR21S. I didnt delete my Windows Vista Home Edition 32-bit recovery partition.
I am having difficulty in updating the graphics card which is a Nvidia Geforce 8400M GT. I downloaded a desktop 8400 driver from Nvidia site(UK) for me.
I then used the mobility modder tool for Nvidia and it modified the inf file. I then ran the Setup.exe from the Nvidia directory.
The problem is that i keep getting a message saying "The System has not been modified" after running the setup.exe
I then tried the notebook 8400M GT driver from Nvidia site(even though its not supported by Sony) That didnt work.
So i then tried using the Mobility modder on the notebook 8400M driver but the same problem occurs.
I am not confident in modifying the inf file outlined in the following:

Nvidia geforce 8400m gs 64bit driver
Can you please create a custom Inf file for me. I tried everything incl downloading the latest Nvidia driver and mMobilityModder to no avail. I am running windows 7 home premium 64 bit on a sony Vaio laptop with Nvidia geforce 8400M GS and below is the info you need on my video card:

NVIDIA: 181.71 vs. 185.85
I have a GeForce 8400M GS in my notebook and when I install windows I automatically download the 181.71 driver which I remember was getting a lot of hype a few months ago. It works pretty well. Then I went to the Nvidia website and checked for any newer drivers for my GPU and it gives me 185.85. So I download and install it, and I see no difference except that with 181.71, if I right click on the desktop I get an immediate reaction. 185.85 gives a slight <1 second lag before reacting. I rolled back my driver, but I'm wondering if there's any reason I should go for 185.85 over 181.71.

NVIDIA GeForce 8400M G Problem
I have notebook with the following components:
Intel® Core™2 Duo T5750 2.0GHz 2MB MSIEX600X-431EU FSB667,
3072MB (3GB) DDR2 667MHz,
250GB SATA 5400rpm,
15.4" WXGA 1280x800 Crystal Brite,
nVidia GeForce 8400M 256MB
Everything worked fine on Vista Home. Yesterday i installed Windows 7 Professional (original) and some problem with display. When i go to Display properites it is showing me that i have Standard VGA Graphics Adapter and it is having only 14MB(like when someone installs any OS that does not have drivers in their own database). At first i try to download new drivers from NVIDIA for my graphic card that are supported for Windows 7. When I try to install them after the extraction of files and start of setup an error message appears "The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit"

Windows not recognizing NVidia GeForce 8400M GT
I just installed Windows 7 onto my Vaio Laptop AR630E. Windows 7 is not recognizing my video card (NVidia 8400M GT) at all. I can't find it in the device manager nor can I download new drivers for it. The Sony website has no new drivers for my notebook's model.
I tried to download from NVidia's website but it could not locate my video card either.

Nvidia geforce driver help
I have a 2year old HP pavillion with 2.10GHz, 3GB, 320GB, Geforce 8400M GS specs. I recently upgraded from the Windows Vista Home premium 64bit to Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and can not find a good driver for it. This was assement was redone after installing the latest driver from Nvidia. I tried using the Vista driver but it didn't help. As you can see my graphics driver is holding my unit back.

still can't update my nvidia 8400m g
I have Asus F9S with Nvidia GeForce 8400M G 128mb Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
I have a problem with my graphics card, i can't update it to Nvidia driver, all what i can have is the standard VGA
i tried to download the driver and install it, but once i finished and restart i couldn't log in to the OS, i got blue screen with tall messages (white letters), i can read some error message but can't get it coz it's disappear very fast
i can get in with safe mode, and delete the driver to log in to the OS
or i have to restore the system to a point before the card updating
i have updated the BOIS too, but still have the same problem
i tried this too
NVIDIA Driver - Convert from Desktop to Mobile (Laptop)
and still can't update the driver

NviDia Driver Installation Problem
I have a Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS installed in my laptop model : NEC Versa P9110. Recently i found a bug on the driver provided originally from the CD which cause my monitor can't automatically turn off, hence i decided to download a new driver from Nvidia website. I try to install the new driver but the error occur, here is the error message "The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit." I have tried alot of ways to solve this problem and googling too still can't found any solution.

Can't find a 8400m 64 bit driver that works
I have a Sony VAIO VGN-AR520E laptop and at the moment i'm using the vista drivers that came with the Laptop and they are working great (win 7 32bit)
I would like to install 7 64bit but i can't find any that my laptop likes, this is what i'm looking for: Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce 8400M-GT (64 bit)

GeForce 8400m gt problem
I've just went from ubuntu to windows 7 everything seems to work fine except the graphics card which shows up as a standard vga graphics adapter and 14mb?, I downloaded nvidias driver agent and that didn't find any compatible hardware? i know the graphics card is geforce 8400m gt
Laptop is a Sony Vaio vgn nr38s

PCI slot drivers not recognized by windows 7
I have a GeForce 6600GT GPU and it was working fine with Windows XP. However now that I've installed Win 7 with a clean install onto a Crucial M4 SSD the GPU is not working anymore. When Itry to install the new drivers or old drivers from GeForce Win 7 comes back with:

videos freeze, i think it's a graphics problem
I've a sony vgn-fz21e. sony says on its website the fz series is not compatible with Windows 7. maybe that's the prob, but it was installed successfully anyway.
when i play a media file on bsplayer, vlcplayer, windows media player, it stops, several times. the image and sound freezes, and after 15sec, starts again. on bsplayer the time even continues to run. i think it has to do with my nvidia software, since i eliminated the kaspersky and codecs options.
also, using the mouse, i click on programs, and it takes forever to open them, because the image just freezes.
i've a geforce 8400m gt. when i open system information it says "operating system: microsoft windows vista". maybe this is the prob. i tried to update. didn't run the installation system "the nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. setup will now exit". i've dwl from nvidia the 8400, 8500 gt, 8400m gt. nothing.

Amount of Memory Geforce 8400M GT
I enter in nvidia site to see my video card details and i saw that the maximun memory usage was 512mb but my video card use now only 128mb. There is a way to change that?

VGA adapter fix? incorrect steps?
Recently I upgraded to Windows 7 not using the upgrade function, so I do not have a windows.old so i can't do the easy fix.
Here are the steps that i take:
1) i go to this site Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers
2) Product series 8M
3)DL the software
4) get the INF file from this thread Windows not recognizing NVidia GeForce 8400M GT
5) c+p the inf file into the dled driver
6)update driversoftware->etc..->browse
7)select the 8800M GS Version
8)from there it attempts to install
When it tries to install, an error comes up saying: NVIDIA control panel could not be installed which may affect driver functionality. The most recent driver will be restored.
from there, i have to restart my computer, and the VGA adapter is still in place.

Nivida driver failing 8400M GS
Have just started getting problems with win 7 and Nvidia drivers for 8400M GS. It has been running for a couple of months no worries
I have installed the latest driver from Nvidia Website and tried earlier versions as well and get the same problem, that being it shutting down with either a blue , black or multi color pixel scatter, then either rebooting or just freezing.
i have read a lot of forums with same issues and now am over it.
So some insight would be nice an the best results seem to come from here .
I am curently having to run in safe mode as it is to unstable to run normally.