Fresh Windows Installation but not games

I just installed Win 7 Pro, and when I go out to the Games Explorer, there are no games
listed. I've turned off some Win 7 services for security and I'm wondering if there is a
specific service which is required to run games.

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Learn about Windows games
Windows comes with a variety of games to play. There are board games, card games, multiplayer Internet games, and even games for kids. You'll find them all in the Games folder. To start playing, just open the folder and double-click a game icon.

How to Do a Custom Installation of Windows 7
This will show you how to do custom installation of Windows 7 to have a new clean install of Windows 7, but with everything from your current Windows installation backed up into the Windows.old folder during this custom installation. After the custom installation, you can copy any files you wanted back from within the C:\Windows.old folder back into your new installation of Windows 7 and delete the Windows.old folder when finished.

no games for windows 7?
i just want to ask if there is really no games pre-installed in windows 7. because when i installed it on my laptop, the games folder is empty. just asking for the free games usually included in old windows os like freecell, minesweeper, spider, and other games.

Save game files from win xp to win 7
I am on XP now and i have bunch of save game files from lots of new games.Now,can i install clean windows 7,install all these games again on 7 and then transfer those save games from XP (which i previously put on external hdd) to fresh install games on win 7.

Games not available in windows
I have just installed windows 7 Pro in my laptop. I am searching and can't find the usual games like solitaire, freecell and minesweeper. I have the games explorer but it is empty. Do i have to download this games, how and where can i do so?

Games not showing up
I recently installed the demo for the game Cities XL on windows 7. For some reason when I check the games box in windows explorer all the shortcuts for my other games and all the Windows games are missing except for the cities XL demo shortcut.

Saved Games - Help?
I recently installed Windows 7 64-bit on my 1TB hard drive, and have Windows XP 32-bit on my other 300GB Hard drive.
I am in the process of reinstalling / moving my games over to Windows 7 from XP.
Now this may be tough to answer, and may depend on the game, but:
Where do I put my saved games?!
I have 2 "sets" of saved games from XP; The ones that were in My Documents, and the ones that were in My Games.
Where would I put them so they work on Windows 7?
So far I have tried putting them in:
User/My Documents
User/Saved Games
User/My Documents/My Games
None of these so far have worked for the games I've installed / moved.
I can list the games I'm moving / installing if needed.

Windows installation problems: frequently asked questions
Here are some answers to common questions about installing Windows.
How do I upgrade my computer from Windows XP or Windows Vista to Windows 7? How do I get a product key? How do I make my computer start from the Windows installation disc, rather than the computer's hard disk? What can I try if I get a message saying there is a problem copying files? If I see a blue or black screen or a screen that doesn't change, is my installation broken? How do I install Windows 7 on a netbook? How do I fix a device, like a monitor, sound card, or printer, that doesn't work since I upgraded to Windows 7? Will my programs work with Windows 7? Can I try reinstalling Windows if my computer loses power during installation?

Upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7
If you can't upgrade your computer running Windows Vista to Windows 7, you'll need to select the Custom option during Windows 7 installation. A custom installation doesn't preserve your programs, files, or settings. It's sometimes called a "clean" installation for that reason. A custom installation is more complex, and it can sometimes take a couple of hours to complete. We created this five-step tutorial to help guide you through the entire process each step of the way.

Windows 7 installation problem
I was re-installing windows 7 and during the installation my computer turned off. Now when I turn my computer back on it won't let me resume the installation of windows 7. I do not have the windows disc because my computer came with windows 7 on it.

I've tried to use the F8 commands to fix it but nothing seems to work. I am just trying to some how get windows files that are still on my computer to work and let me re-install it.

Windows 7 : unable to play online games
In my office there is a Windows 7 PC that all of a sudden stopped being able to play games online. Games act like they load but then stop. Games on Facebook on just simple games like Freecell out on the web. Also any video that pops up in a separate window.

We have ESET antivirus, I have also run Spybot, and Anti-Malware. I have checked the browser for add-ons and have found none. This happens in all browsers. We mainly use Mozilla. Therehave been no other changes to this PC, the network, or the UTM in our office.

Installed Windows 7 but no games
I just installed/upgraded my laptop from Windows Vista 64bit to Windows 7 64bit. I ran the Easy Transfer Wizard to get all my files off the laptop then I installed Windows 7, ran the Transfer wizard and all my data was there, including all the email I had in Outlook; it was nice because I didn't have to go through the config to get email working, it just worked. Very Cool.
Now, I know it's not really a big issue to me but for my kids it is. We went to see if there were any new games on Windows 7 and when we did there were NO GAMES. I did some googling and everything I read indicated there should be the usual local machine games but also MS has included some internet games as well.
Has anyone else had this problem? And, if so, did you get it fixed? If you haven't seen this problem but know how to fix it I would greatly appreciate knowing the fix. BTW: I re-installed the OS and still no games.

WIndows 7 professional did not install the games directory with games
WIndows 7 professional did not install the games directory with games. I installed the 32 bit student version and it appears to be working correctly but did not install the games.

help i cant fullscreen in games with windows 7
I can't fullscreen in games in windows 7 all the games when i put resolution to 1024x780 it stop being fullscreen then goes in center with black things in left and right, I already searched but didnt got a solution that work i dont have the option of scaling thing in my nvidia drivers option so what i do now, I cant play my games now and i cant put high resolution cuz it will fps lag lot, I dont want to hear that i bought from amazon windows ultimate for 300euro and it cant even run my games properly, i have 8500GT and 22LCD monitor

Turning Windows games on?
When I go through the Control Panel and turn Games On (I usually just check three games but have done the whole tree) it goes through the setup process and right at the end "An error has occured. Not all feature were successfully installed". Then the reboot message. Once I go into the Games panel there are no games. I have gone through this process five times always with the same empty folder when I finish. My computer is only three weeks old, has Windows 7 (64 bit), Intel Core 650@3.20Hz,4 gigs of RAM, Webroot Anti-Virus and all patches and updates are complete.

Win Update: Copy Temp Files for Fresh Install?
Dial-up Connection to Internet (no access to high speed)
Windows 7 64-Bit

It's taken many incremental hours to keep Windows 7 64-bit updated through Microsoft Windows Update using a dial-up connection to internet. All updates are current and kept current with the dial-up connection.

Eventually, I will fresh install Windows 7 64-bit on the same computer, with same configuration.

Problem: Using Microsoft Windows Update to install security and bug fixes following a fresh install of Windows 7 64-bit, using a dial-up connection, will take days.

Possible Solution: Copy files from the folder: C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download to another hard drive, then copy back to same location after a fresh install of Windows 7 64-bit.

Then, run Windows Update, it will find those files and reinstall will take minutes, instead of hours/days.

1) Will this work?
2) Are there other directories on the computer that need to be copied to another hard drive and then back to a fresh install of Windows 7 64-bit?

Games causes to freezing Windows
Whenever i try to play games in Windows 7 its freezing. My display drivers are up to date.
Everything is updated in my system but still all the games freezes like call of duty.

Where are my games?
Games that come with Windows, and any new games you choose to install, appear in the Games folder.

Winodws 7 install
When trying to install windows 7 from an iso mounted on my pc, I click custom installation and the connect to the internet options and it starts copying files and after about 30% it jumps to 100% and says:
Windows cannot copy files required for installation. The files may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation.


Start Windows from a CD or DVD
You might need to start Windows from the installation CD or DVD if:
You want to install or reinstall Windows. You want to recover Windows from a serious error. If your computer won't start Windows at all, you can access system recovery options from the Windows installation disc that can help you get Windows running again.