Need Touchpad driver

I'm new to windows 7. I installed it on my Dell Inspiron e1505 32-bit. I have a question about my touchpad. I can't seem to scroll using it as I use to like I have before. I tried downloading the driver from Dell but I need to install microsoft framework 3.5 sp1. in order to get drivers from that website. Can anyone tell me how I can get the touchpad driver

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Touchpad driver
On my inspiron 1545 laptop is seems finger tracking on the touchpad stops responding sometimes. I'm using Windows 7 default drivers. Do you think it is a driver problem? Can I use a Vista driver?
Also on a side note is there a way I can disable the tap for mouse click on the touchpad?

Alps Touchpad
I am currently running Windows 7 Pro on my Vostro 2510 Laptop. It's the best deal I ever got, but the touchpad is simply wretched cause its an Alps Touchpad. The drivers are simply abominations. The only gesture my touchpad driver has is Scroll.
So I looked around, and found this newer driver. It had some decent and most basic gestures, and it sufficed for my needs. However, it causes my Aero cursor to freeze up and no longer animate. This usually forces my mind to think my computer has frozen when it has not, very discontenting.
Then I had another Idea, what if there was a way to force Synaptics driver to think my Alps touchpad is a synaptics one so I can get synaptics features?

Dell Inspiron 1526 touchpad drivers and problems
I am running Windows 7 64 bit on my Dell Inspiron 1526. However my touchpad does not have it's same functionality. The scroll does not work and I cannot disable it. In Vista 32 my touchpad used to disable automatically when I plugged in a mouse. I found an ALPS driver (from the previous thread) that enables me to scroll without bugs but it does not let me modify my touchpad in anyway. I also found a Synaptics driver that lets me disable my touchpad manually, but it will not scroll. My touchpad is not actually recognized as a touchpad but as a "Standard Pointing Device". I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a driver that would grant me the same functionality that I had in Vista 32 or at least let my touchpad actually be recognized on my computer. It is rather annoying constantly having to switch drivers.

HP DV2000 Touchpad problem
I have upgraded a HP dv2000 (HPdv2171cl) to Win 7 and now I have a touchpad problem. I have installed the HP Vista driver and the Synaptic driver trying to get the touchpad to work, as well as scoured this and other sites for advice. The touchpad is jerky and the scrollbar on the side is not functioning.
The only thing I can find that is out of place is that under device manager, there is listed "other device" Unknown device.

Touchpad for the Acer Aspire 3000 Series
I have read through the forums on other Synaptic touchpad related issues and tried several of the items offered. So far neither the generic driver or the Acer specific driver as produced a good result. I still have no working touchpad. The software loads on boot and all appears normal till you attempt to move or scroll by touchpad. USB mouse still works fine and all other functions appear normal. I am open to any other suggestions. Hopefully someone else has had such a situation and found a solution.

Disabling the Touchpad
I'm looking to disable the touchpad from within windows. I can disable in BIOS but would rather do it from within windows. Most drivers have an option in device manager to disable but the touchpad doesn't. Presently, Microsoft has installed it's official Windows 95 driver with it's updated version number, date and digital signature. Another option would be Synaptics driver but I'm not really into downloading and installing 14 mb's just to disable the touchpad. On the other hand, if I could get just the synaptics driver without the extra bloat, it might would work

Touchpad Mouse driver not working
I recently gave vista the boot installed windows 7 on my Toshiba satellite A200-FT3 laptop. Everything went great however the touchpad doesn't seem to be functioning.
I've already installed the latest synaptic driver. The device manager even says that the device is 'working properly' however i can't get the pointer to move using the touchpad.
The 'Fn' functions work:
Fn+F7 to brighten
Fn+F6 to darken.
EXCEPT the touchpad: Fn+F9.

Touchpad not working after installing a usb mouse
My touchpad stopped working after I had installed a usb mouse (and an IR remote). I searched numerous forums and tried everything out there with no success, including the following:
Tried the function key to turn touchpad on/off (the most obvious source of the problem)
tried reinstalling driver for touchpad from the manufacturer web site
removed the usb mouse and rebooted
went to Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Mouse to enable touchpad - touchpad was no longer even listed
There were no problems showing up in the Device Manager
This all became a bit frustrating because I would have to reconnect the usb mouse to do any maneuvering around the system (since the touchpad was not working) to try something else.
The solution is ...

Acer TravelMate Touchpad Buttons
I am trying to configure my Syanptics Touchpad on my TravelMate 5520. I have been into mouse options but there is no tab for Synaptics touchpad.
I would like to know how to do this or do I need a driver, if so could you point me to a location.

touchpad problem
I have sucessfully installed 7 on my HP DV2000, after some initial driver issues I have everything working except the touchpad. It is very touchy and unstable. I have installed the latest (vista) drivers from the HP site for the Synaptics Touchpad.

Touchpad automatically clicks when typing
Whenever I try to type an email, during a chat, and even in this post, the touchpad clicks by itself leading me to send an email before i want to, closing the window, or just moving the cursor to a location in the middle of an email where a lot of jumbled text begins to form. How do I fix this problem of the touchpad clicking automatically.
I have visited the HP website and they do not have a driver for the touchpad for vista. I have an HP dv4335nr laptop
The touchpad is an Alps Touchpad Pointing Device as listed under XP. I've already re-installed windows 7 twice on this laptop and have the same problem every time.

touchpad mouse driver problem
I've got an Acer 5315 Laptop. Pretty much all the drivers stayed installed during the upgrade from vista, with the exception of my ALPS touchpad. So i can't use the touchpad for scrolling, luckily it has a scroll key in between the mouse buttons. Nonetheless, this is a minor irritation. I tried running the setup file from Acer in compatability mode, to no avail. Also, W7 thinks that it's a PS/2 mouse, and won't let me update the driver.

Dell Vostro A860 - touchpad driver
I have a problem with touchpad driver on my Laptop - Dell Vostro A860, Dell supports only Vista32 drivers - so i was thinking that i can use Compatibility Mode in Windows7. Negative !
Compatibility mode don't work and my touchpad is not installed. Dell put on board (ALPS touchpads).

HP dv4150us Touchpad problem
I just installed Windows 7 Home Basic on my laptop. Everything is working great except that the scroll feature on the touchpad does not work. I checked Device Manager and it says it has a PS/2 Mouse instead of a Touchpad, so I assumed I am missing a driver. Here's the issue. I have tried about 8 or 9 different variations of the ALPS and Synaptics drivers for Windows 7, all with the same results. Everything works great after rebooting, then shortly after, the scrolling will become erratic, and finally the cursor will lock up and the machine will start beeping. The keyboard continues to work, but no mouse functionality whatsoever. I think I just have not found the right driver for this, the one I had previously installed was for XP so I don't think it will work under Win 7. Does anyone know where I can get the right driver for this laptop?

Latitude D820 Touchpad Help?
I updated my iTunes software and had some significant issues with my laptop. The screen went crazy, eventually resulting in a BSOD, and was reluctant to turn back on. After waiting some time, it finally turned on, but does not respond in any way to touchpad, touchstick, or built-in mouse button input. From the symptoms, I am led to believe that it is not a hardware issue, but a driver issue. I have tried in vain for some time to locate the correct driver to get the touchpad etc. to work on my Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.
I believe I have the D820 'EP' edition, with the NVidia Quadro NVS 120M 512MB video card, 2GB RAM, and the 2.33GHz T7600 dual-core processor, if that matters. When the touchpad and such did work, it appeared as "Alps Touchpad Device" or something similar.
iTunes, however, works wonderfully.

hp mini 110 1030 nr touchpad not being detected
So i have an hp mini 110 1030 nr and everything else was detected by windows 7. i've tried installing the vista driver, and windows still wont detect the touchpad. other USB mice will work but not the touchpad, i have tried restarting, checking the device manager and it just isn't showing up anywhere. I know for a darn fact i have a touchpad but windows doesn't think the same.

Touchpad not WORKING
I'm using Compaq Presario CQ45-122TX notebook and my i cant use my ALPS touchpad except for the two buttons and i dun have the factory setting anymore,i went t HP official website to download the driver but still i cant use it.

Touchpad Problem on Inspiron 1526
Today I installed Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) on my Dell Inspiron 1526 laptop. I previously ran Vista Home Premium (32 bit). I am currently having an issue with my touchpad. Specifically, it is no longer scrolling when I drag my finger across the far right of the touchpad. I have no idea how to fix this, and when I attempted to update the driver it said it was up to date. Any help would be appreciated.

Laptop touchpad not working
Its a toshiba laptop. i tried to install the touchpad driver for it, and it shows that the device is working properly through the device manager, but nothing happens. I've tried turning the touchpad on and off and it still does nothing. the mouse worked perfectly fine when i had xp installed on it, but once i changed to windows 7, it just stopped working.
I was just hoping that somebody else maybe had this problem and found a way to fix it. other than that its a good os. really big upgrade over vista.

KTPWare touchpad and windows7
I have a laptop with Elantech touchpad (not synaptics!) and windows7.
I tryed installing some version of KTPWare driver in order to get my tap to click disabled, and now windows doesn't recognise that I even have a touchpad. I don't see it in the device menager and I don't see it in mouse control panel.