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Move and copy files using drag and drop

Move and copy files using drag and drop
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A common way to move or copy a file or folder is to select it and drag it to another location. For example, you can drag a file to the Recycle Bin to delete the file, or to a folder to copy or move it to that location.
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Folder Refresh Problems

I’m having an issue where I’m having to manually refresh (F5) all my folders and HDDs when I copy/paste/cut/ and delete files. I’ve tried resetting the folder settings to default but no job.
I have one of my HDDs networked but it’s doing it on all the other drives, which aren’t.
If I drag and drop one file, you can’t see it before you manually refresh it in the new location, however if you try and drag and drop it again you get the replace or don’t copy option, without actually seeing the new file etc.
I noticed this when I would save a file with firefox and the browser would temporarily freeze for a few seconds, then start downloading.

What are flicks?

If you have a Tablet PC or touchscreen, you can make gestures called flicks with your tablet pen or finger to quickly navigate and perform shortcuts. There are two types of flicks: navigational (which include drag up, drag down, move back, and move forward) and editing (which include copy, paste, undo, and delete). For example, you can drag up or down on a page, move back or forward in a browser window, or paste an item into a document-all with a flick of your pen or finger.

How to Drag and Drop the Tabs in Internet Explorer 9

This will show you how to drag and drop the tabs as a new feature in Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) to arrange them how you like in the same IE9 window, move a tab as a new IE9 window, or move a tab into another opened IE9 window.

Annoying Windows 7 copying files that I want to move

I have been trying to move some files from one drive to another. I highlight about 15 files and then drag to the other drive. My problem is after I start highlighting the file stupid Windows 7 will start copying them.

I have to stop my highlighting, tell windows to stop copying and start high lighting again, only to have it start copying again. This is making it a very long process of trying to move these files. I went to stupid Geek or someplace and did what they said:

HKEY/current/user/desktop then in the right column found DragWidth and DragHeight and changed the values to 20 from 4. Seems like it made things even worse.

Can't move files/folders in a folder?

I reformatted my laptop yesterday and now I can't drag my files/folders around in a folder. There used to be a vertical line that appears whenever I drag a file/folder but now it doesn't show up anymore.

I used to be able to do that before I reformatted my laptop. How can I fix this?

Dying Hard Drive & Damaged Image Files

I have been attempting move image files (TIF, CR2, JPG, BMP, PDF, PSD) off a hard drive and onto another drive on the same computer. The files will not COPY nor will they MOVE. I cannot get them to CS5, PSE8, nor PAINT.

When I try to open them in IRFANVIEW the app locks up and has to be closed by the OS. Most of the misbehaving images do display in all the thumbnail sizes of WIN 7. And the thumbnails display a black horizontal line through them at different heights and of different thicknesses. Some images have several lines.

The COPY and MOVE commands stop when they hit one of these files but, using MOVE and telling it to disregard the bad files, I have gotten much of the data off the hard drive. By the way,this process took almost two days as the system settled on a transfer speed between 750 KB/s to a blistering 220 KB/s for 130 GB.

Perhaps related, the hard drive at POST was detected as having corrupted files etc. I always opted to let the system repair which it did. I also downloaded and ran the WD disk check app and it found no problems.

After several of these incidents I figured time was to buy a new hard drive and get data off the ailing one.
Is there a way of retrieving the damaged files? What happened.

Copy information between files

You can copy or move information (such as text and pictures) between files and programs using a temporary storage space called the Clipboard. The Clipboard isn't visible, so even though you use it to copy and paste information, you never actually see the Clipboard when you do this.

desktop and folder option questions

My pc does not auto-refresh as it used to. Also, when i right click on an item one of my options was move to... and I could select any folder to send said item to. Now I have to drag and drop everything on the computer and when i move an item on the desktop, the icon does not disappear until i refresh the desktop, which used to be automatic.

Removing shortcut icons from Public Desktop

I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. I am in the habit of running as a limited user and whenever installing software using the 'Run as Administrator' option. I have separate folders on the desktop containing related types of programs e.g. Applications, Security, Utilities etc.

Within the last week I have noticed that I am unable to transfer a recently installed icon to a folder to a folder in either the limited user or administrator desktops. Windows updateinstalled four security updates on 12 January 2012 = KB2584146, KB2585542, KB2631813 and KB2644615 shortly before I noticed the problem.

I drag the icon to the folder, respond to the 'provide administrator permission' prompt, if needed, but the icon will not move.

I logged on as Administrator and found that I could still not move, delete or copy the icons.

Using WIndows Explorer with 'show hidden files' enabled I found there was a copy of the shortcut icon in a folder called 'Public Desktop' in a folder called C:\Users\Public\Desktop containing only the offending shortcuts.

Using the Administrator account I can edit these permissions but they do not change after saving.

Find changes made by other users.

I want to know which user logged in my computer & what they did using system? For example;
Full log details of CD Burning
Copy/Move folder or files