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Missing ATL100.DLL

Missing ATL100.DLL
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I have Windows 7 Starter with all updates. Recently I learned that I am missing ATL100.DLL & that shellmanager database is corrupt or missing.
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Error in nvmctray.dll, missing entry nvtaskbarinit

About a week after installing Windows 7 on my HP Pavilion dv8000, on startup, I receive the following error message: Error in C;\|Windows\system32\nvmctray.dll, missing entry nvtaskbarinit".

user32.dll was relocated in memory

While I am trying to install a I am getting a error that user32.dll was relocated in memory.the application will not run properly.the relocation occurred because the dll c:\windows\system32\shell32.dll occupied an address range reserved for windows system dlls.the vendor supplying the dll should be contacted for a new dll.

so I cannot able to install thesoftware.

force a process to release a dll

I got one of those lovely spyware things where it says u have a virus download the new software then it opens ie and says DOWNLOAD NOW!.

I have been able to track which dll file it uses (tntftqqf.dll), its in the system32 folder.and not even in safe mode will it let me delete, because its in use.

exporting a function from a static library.

I am interested in using my static lib to create a dll (implicitly linking). which means I need to (in vs2008) create a dll project that should generate the following:

1. header file (which have exported function declarations. These are simple wrappers to actual functions in the static lib and are using __declspec(dllexport) which are in the dll centric .cpp file)
2. import lib which will be made as a result of creating the dll
3. the actual dll which is created.

Now this is what I have:
I have made a test program that will utilize the above dll(including the import lib/header files) to test it. in this I have included all the three items. now the exe compiles/links without issue.

however in the main.cpp when I call the exported functions they seem to see the exported dlls.but can't seem to execute the static library functions which they wrap.

1. how do I get them to see those functions?
2. is there an easier way to do this such that I still share my static library but now if anyone wants to create a dll they can because I have added "the exported functioncapability" to my static lib? OR do I just need to provide them with a imported library from my dll which has all my static library obj files as well? (I thought I did that when I made my dll but maybe just adding that as a reference to create the dll in vs2008 does not work?

regsvr32 hangs

I am trying to register a dll on one of our employees computers, it has XP service pack 2, and when I run regsvr32 it just sits there if I go into Task Manager under Processes, you can see it there but it's getting no time.

I even set the priority to high and nothing. I have run regsvr32 on other computers with no problems. how can I get this to run successfully. I am trying to register a crystal reports dll.

craxdrt9.dll it's a pretty common dll, and like I said I have no problems with other computers.

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Boot Failure: corrupt hal.dll

Yesterday morning my computer showed an error that it was unable to boot after doing a restart overnight. Restarting it brought up an error about a missing or corrupt hal.dll. I have read through a number of posts here and elsewhere, ran bootsect, used the repair windows option and still no boot.

I pulled the drive and installed it into another computer and it reads just fine, all my data and programs are still on the drive. I then got the install dvd, can;t do the non-destructive reinstall since I can't boot Windows. I am attempting to avoid reinstalling all of programs.

I got another drive, installed a clean copy of Windows &, then copied the hal.dll into the old drive System32 folder, rebooted from the old drive, now I get to see the Windows name and just as the colored balls should appear, I see a tiny red dot and then the system restarts...

How can I see whether a DLL is registered from my batch program?

I have a .bat file in Windows that I am writing. It will copy some DLLs to a directory on the user's machine and register them. I was thinking it might be good to check whether the DLL is already there and registered, before copying over and registering.

ntdll.dll not found

While running a VC++ code [visual studio 6], I got error : NTDLL.DLL not found and every VC++ project is failing to run.

I am working on this project for a month. Now I don't know what happened?

Windows Explorer crashes

I have a major problem with two Win 7x64 computers (Windows (NOT IE) Explorer crashes) and on both machines a troubleshooter has told me that the likely cause is vengineie64.dll (whichsounds to me like a dll that is associated with the 64-bit version of IE).

I have been driven crazy by this problem for more than two weeks now. So far as I know I am not using IE64, and the Windows Explorer crashes are the very familiar click on something like 'Computer' or 'Games' or left-click on just about anything.

Sometimes I get a message, sometimes not, the screen goes blank while Explorer restarts.

The cure may be something as simple as uninstalling IE64 or replacing a corrupt dll, but now that I may have a handle on where the problem is coming from, I don't want to fumble the ball. Besides, others may have the same problem.

Object found in startup folder

I'm concerned about something I found in WinPatrol's Startup folder. There are six programs listed but the one that concerns me is one simply named WebCheck. There is no command or Company info.

listed. Researching WebCheck I found that WebCheck. dll is a file that contains COM interfaces for
Website monitoring.But the one found in startup does not contain the word .dll.

A search of the computer found that I have 8 files for the .dll file. One of the files found was in C:\Windows\System32\ In Properties the File Description was: Web Site Monitor.

My concern is Should it be allowed to remain in the Startup folder?