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Minimize all open windows to view the desktop

Minimize all open windows to view the desktop
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There are different ways to minimize all of your open windows at once.
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Minimize windows on the desktop using Aero Shake

You can use Aero Shake to quickly minimize every open window except the one you're shaking. This feature can save you time if you want to focus on a single window without minimizing all your other open windows one by one. You can then restore all of those windows by shaking the open window again. Watch this video to learn how to minimize windows on the desktop using Aero Shake.

Temporarily preview the desktop using Aero Peek

You can temporarily view the desktop using Peek. This can be useful for quickly viewing desktop gadgets and folders, or when you don't want to minimize all open windows and then have to restore them. Watch this video to learn how to preview the desktop using Peek.

(Sidebar) Gadget visibility on desktop

When you go to the desktop (in Windows 7) the gadgets - as it's practically a separate application - get hidden and you have to open some window and then minimize it again to see them.
However, the standard Microsoft gadgets do stay visible even after the "show desktop" action.

Preview an open window on the desktop using Aero Peek

When you open multiple windows on the desktop, it can sometimes be a challenge to view separate windows and switch between them. You can use Aero Peek to take a quick look at other open windows without clicking away from the window you're currently working on. Peek makes it easy for you to preview the contents of open windows and switch to the one you want. Watch this video to learn how to preview an open window on the desktop using Aero Peek.

What's new with the Windows desktop?

New features on the Windows desktop make it easier to organize and manage multiple windows. You can switch easily between open windows so that you can focus on important programs and files. Other new features help you add a personal touch to your desktop.

Force application to minimize to tray instead of taskbar

I have a app which minimize to tray when I click minimize on window, but when I use /MIN it minimize to taskbar, I want it to minimize to tray.

The thing is I just want to hide it.

Question about Desktop views

If I look at the Desktop after a clean installation of Win 7, I see just 2 items in the top left corner; namely Recycle Bin and Send Feedback.
I have added a third item, which is a shortcut to my top level user folder ie. C: \user\john.
If I double click the shortcut I open an Explorer view showing all my folders eg. Downloads, My Documents , Desktop etc. If I click on this Desktop folder I see only one item there; the aforementioned shortcut.
However if I return to the main screen and right click on my shortcut, and then select Open Folder Location, I am presented with an explorer window entitled Desktop. This view shows all 3 of the icons from the main screen view of the desktop, but in addition it also shows Computer, Network, Libraries and Control Panel.
So I can get 2 differing Explorer views of Desktop, both of which differ from the main screen view.
I guess that this is a design feature which I am failing to understand. I would be grateful if someone would explain it to me .

The desktop (overview)

The desktop is the main screen area that you see after you turn on your computer and log on to Windows. Like the top of an actual desk, it serves as a surface for your work. When you open programs or folders, they appear on the desktop. You can also put things on the desktop, such as files and folders, and arrange them however you want.

BING Desktop

This was an optional Windows Update today.

Here's their description of it:
Bing Desktop is available for computers that are running Windows 7. Bing Desktop.
Bing Desktop is available for computers that are running Windows 7. Bing Desktop can be installed from the optional updates section in Windows Update. Bing Desktop provides an automatic update of the Windows Desktop background image to the Bing home page image each day.

In addition, Bing Desktop offers an easy to access yet unobtrusive search box to streamline searchingwithout opening the browser.

Minimize an application using batch file

Is it possible to minimize an application using batch file. I mean is it possible to control the minimize or maximize or close button of an application in windows xp, without using the mouse or keyboard short cuts. I want a batch file that does this for me when I login.