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Hyperlinks not working in Windows Live Mail

Hyperlinks not working in Windows Live Mail
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My OS is Win 7 32 bit with all updates and IE9 installed.

Today hyperlinks in Windows Live Mail emails that normally work, such as those in newsletters from PC World, no longer function, and the only way I can get to the linked article is bycopying the hyperlink and pasting it into the IE9 address bar.

WLM and IE9 have all their defaults.
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Live Mail how to keep safe

I am new to Windows Live Mail and I have questions. This morning it said it was blocked because junk E Mail was being sent out. I had to change the password (for Live Mail) I guess. I know the mail was not sent from my computer.

How can I keep the Live Mail Account safe? Also the Live Mail page opens the mail on the right side of the page before you actually open the E Mail. Back in the old OE days that was bad because some viruses could activate.

Should I change that setup? When I close Live Mail does that close that account?

Posting pics in e-mails via Windows Live Mail ....

I recently bought a new computer and have Windows 7 after many years of Windows XP and an old version of Windows Live Mail.

My question is about sending pics directly in the text of an e-mail via Windows Live Mail. In the old version of Live Mail, you could send individual pics directly in the e-mail and even place captions under each pic.

The new version of Live Mail seems to only let you send pics as an attachment or as a photo album. And I don't see any way to place captions under each pic. Am I missing something?

Sharing with your friends using Windows Live Essentials

Previous versions of Windows included programs for organizing photos, sending and receiving e-mail and instant messages, and creating movies. Windows Live Essentials includes programs that make staying in touch and sharing with your friends easier, such as Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Messenger, and Windows Live Movie Maker.

Windows 7 Pro and Windows Live Mail problem

I just got a new computer that came with Windows 7 Pro. I downloaded Windows Live Mail for it but it's missing all the usual menu and header icons at the top. It works okay but it looks like a much pared-down version.

I have a laptop with Windows 7 home and Windows Live Mail works (and looks) as it ought to there.

Windows Mail Junk Definition Files

I just got Windows Mail, not live mail, working in Windows 7 64 bit and while Googling the Windows Mail Junk Settings I found this on the Microsoft site [LINK].

Can these definition files be installed in Windows 7 64 bit for Windows mail? Or should I just leave things alone? I'm sure others that have installed Windows Mail have encountered this or know about it.

Uninstalling Windows Live Mail

I would like to un-install Windows Live Mail but don't see it in the un-install programs list or in Revo un-installer.

The only thing listed is Windows Live Essentials.

Introducing Windows Live Mail

So long, Outlook Express!
If you're still using Outlook Express for your e-mail, consider using Windows Live Mail instead. Even if you're running Windows XP and have yet to upgrade to Windows 7, you can still try Windows Live Mail.

Looking for Windows Mail?

You might have noticed that Windows Mail isn't included in Windows 7. You can read and send e-mail messages by installing an e-mail program from another company or by using Windows Live-programs for your computer and online services that work together. And, they're free!

Windows Live brings your computer to life

Windows Live is a collection of programs and online services that work together, and with Windows, so instead of going from website to website to check e-mail, share photos, get updates from your friends, post blogs, and more-you can do it all without leaving your desktop. And, Windows Live is free!

Windows 7: Windows Live Photo Gallery

My OS is Win 7 Pro 32 bit with SP1 and updates installed.

Windows Live Photo Gallery (the latest version) is crashing with Error Code 0x80070002. I had this problem before and managed to solve it by uninstalling Windows Live Essentials and reinstalling (just WLPG and Windows Live Mail) using the offline installer.

However, this time Windows Live Essentials is not shown in Add/Remove Programs, and if I run the installer it saysWLPG and WLM are already installed, and I get no repair option.