How to Stop Reboot on BSOD?

When I set my Onboard SATA Ctrl Mode to AHCI (from IDE) I get a BSOD that I can't see because the system immediately reboots.
How can I get it to hold on the BSOD error?

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BSOD cause by ntoskrnl.exe and hal.dll
Been BSOD after upgrading from vista to windows 7. The BSOD is very random sometime the system runs fine and sometime it just BSOD alot. I am using a laptop and the model is: HP- DV5-1114AX

Blue Screen (BSOD) need help
I was wondering if you could help me out. I am having frequent BSOD. I can't explain it. I thought it was Norton, but I uninstalled it and still get BSOD. I got my computer on Black Friday, but starting on January 2nd, I am getting tons of BSOD. Can anyone help me?

Graphic cards BSOD's
I recently had a problem with my graphics card, where my grapchics card driver stopped working and 'windows recovered from a graphic card failure'. I tried multiple things to fix it but nothing worked. Eventually I took it to a PC shop where the technician saw that my graphics card had something broken.
They installed the nvidia GT240. Though the shit still gives me BSOD's. Multiple different ones and sometimes my computer will just freeze with like a broken screen and a noise of like a continues beep. The BSOD's occur and random times. Sometimes every hour, sometimes in 5 mins after the last BSOD. If im lucky it lasts for maybe 24 hours without a reboot.
So is this 100% a software problem then or might i have faulty RAM or someother thing?

Installing ATI drivers causes BSOD
After deleting Windows XP, Vista and Ubuntu and reinstalling 7 (32bit) as a single OS I maybe resolved my problem with Sapphire HD 3650 not working on 7 but now, when I install Windows 7 drivers (weird, my agp card gets recognized with normal drivers) and reboot I get BSOD before entering the login screen of Win 7. Any help?

Gets BSOD when playing Battlefield Bad Company 2.
I have had a lot of BSOD with my newinstalled Windows 7. I started 1 week ago when i got random BSOD, i solved that. But when i tried to update BFBC2 i got BSOD, i solved that by update the drivers through windows (Dident work when i did it manually).
And now when im playing BFBC2 i get BSOD after 10 minutes, and it happends everytime. The messages of the BSOD's are not the same.
The latest one i got had "tcpip.sys".

BSOD when waking up from sleep
This last week I have had a few occasions when returning to my laptop after a few hours. The system wakes ok but if I went to Thunderbirds and try anything it would stop responding and after a few minutes a BSOD would occur.

Something about page fault error but disappears to quick to read fully. After searching the net I discovered a report from someone who had tried sorts of things to prevent this...

Sudden BSOD?
I've been using Windows 7 for a couple weeks now at least with no problems at all, until now. All of a sudden, I get the BSOD on startup. It gets to the Progress bar or whatever you wanna call it screen in startup, then cuts to a BSOD and restarts. When I first restarted it, it wanted to run chkdsk and I let it, then it restart when it was done and that's when it started happening.
I have tried booting into safe mode, but that gives me the BSOD too. I also tried putting in my Win 7 DVD thinking maybe I could repair from it, but I got BSOD after it loaded the setup files.

BSOD after my new win7 installation?
I just installed my win7 yesterday and i went to install adobe Photoshop cs5 and my whole pc just lagged and all of a sudden a bsod after that i did't get any bsod but today i left my pc on and run a virus scan and when i came back my pc has had bsod cause it said " your pc has shut unexpectedly" or something along that. So i don't know why i am getting bsod screens i even went to my event viewer and i got 99 events and there most errors and a few critical, i have no idea what to do i have had problems with bsod before on my laptop. so any one have a way to fix this?? i can attach my minidump files to this thread and i attached a screen shot of my event viewer.

BSOD! few questions
Recently installed windows 7 ultimate, is this 7600? rtm?Also
I get this annoying blue screen! whenever I watch 'FLASH' videos or whatever, certain websites will trigger this BSOD,
sometimes the bsod is because of my linksys usb wusb54g whatever & somtimes its because of something else.
I'm awaiting an update for this bsod fix, should I be expecting one anytime soon?

Realtek AC'97 Audio BSOD
I installed Windows 7, it kinda hung on installing the creative sound blaster driver so I assumed it was an audio driver issue from the beginning. After a reboot my sound would always make snap crackle pop / static noises and what not. Totally maddening when you watch tons of stuff online / play games / listen to music.
Strange thing whenever I booted into safemode w/ networking my driver for the sound blaster card would always install first thing no problem. Still, tons of static and the like in the background. The main issue, any reboot would give me a bsod to no end unless I booted in safemode, then there was no issue. Disabled different sound cards until I found out it was the Realtek card. Then I checked out the control panel and there was a driver for realtek, sure enough if I uninstalled and rebooted without going into safemode I NEVER got a bsod. Happy days.
Then I thought I had fixed the static issue but so far I have not. I'm using a creative sound blaster audigy 2 zs card. I've installed the latest beta driver for it(when I thought I had fixed it) to no avail.

Keep Windows From Rebooting After Update
Win7 64. I leave my machine on 24/7. For some reason, I look at it in the AM and I'll be at a login screen. After I log in, there is a balloon saying that Windows had to reboot in order to complete updating.

How do I stop this? I have certain programs/projects open and Windows should -not- be allowed to reboot (and possibly damage my documents.)

bsod appear randomly!!!
I have just bought a new AMD system ( phenom II x6 , 4 gb ram , hd 5770 , 500gb hdd) and have a lot of random BSOD happened . I have reinstalled a clean windows 7 ultimate 64 bit but The BSOD keep happening. Here are my dumb files.

SuperAntiSpyware causing BSOD
I am running Win7 x86 and have tried loading Superantispyware several times with the same result BSOD. The BSOD happens during installation with the code 0x0000008e. After BSOD and next bootup, Superantispyware is not listed in the Add Remove Software list. I have to delete the shortcut and the program folder. Win7 works perfectly after next boot, but will not install this program.

BSOD during Win 7 install
I am trying to install win 7 with a dual boot with Win XP home on a MSI K9 mobo with 2 gig ram and AMD dual core 3200
I get to the initial load of the os and then a BSOD appears with the following code
STOP: 0x00000124 (0x00000004, 0x8133A024, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)
I have previously installed Win 7 on another PC without a problem.

Very Random BSOD, new PC.
I almost give up on this new rig. Already change HDD, RAM and now just bought a new Mobo for testing. Still bsod even after reinstalling win7 several times.
Thing is, this happens very randomly. Sometimes it happens as soon as I enter windows, and frequent. But after few restarts it could go on doing everything without any error. For few days it could run flawlessly. Tried few torture program out there none could reproduce the bsod.

BSOD When unplugging xbox 360 accesories
Basically it just gives a BSOD every time i unplug the usb.
I have the latest beta drivers downloaded from windows update.
I have a wired control and the xplorer guitar (gh2), both works perfectly, the only trouble is when i unplug.
The BSOD indicates something like irql less or equal 0x000000a

BSODs after java fiasco
Went to update java. during update I got a bsod. restarted comp and saw that java was gone from add/delete list and from control panel. reinstalled java, got an error message. tried it again, and it worked. then I just got another bsod while I must have been using java. ugh.
the basic. stop pool memory blah blah

and I can uninstall java. but I kinda need it. kind of a noob with registry editing. done it before, don't have to talk down too much, but if thefix is complicated,

Graphic driver gives me BSOD
When I install the graphic driver for windows 7 it gives me the BSOD when I boot up the computer. The reason is the nvlddmkm.sys file that gives the BSOD. The only way to boot it up is to run it in safe mode.
I got a hp pavilion dv9700 with nVidia GeForce 8600M GS with 512mb.

BSOD with ntoskrnl.exe
I have had a BSOD a few times over the last couple of months. I used NirSofr Blue Screen Viewer for this screen shot:

I realize this is a file necessary when Windows boots, but what would cause the BSOD with ntoskrnl.exe pointed out well after the boot is complete (several minutes to hours). If any of mylearned colleagues has a suggestion I am ears.

BSOD trying to install 7022
Does anybody know why im getting bsod when trying to install 7022. Im currently using 7000 and no matter whether i try fresh install or upgrade i always get bsod near the end of the installation. i have even tried 2 different 7022s. Like i say 7000 is installing and running ok but 7022 is no go, does anyone know why