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How to move hidden folders with move command in a batch file?

How to move hidden folders with move command in a batch file?
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As the title suggests I'm trying to move a hidden folder with a batch file, but I get a Access Denied error

Here's code:

1) xcopy/s "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%" "E:\Documents and Settings\%username%"
3) move /y "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook" "E:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Archieved"
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Batch script for conditional copying and pasting

I came across the findstr batch command for searching for specific string in a file name. Can the same be used for reading folder names ? ie

I have folders like these:


these are all folder . the number after the '-' indicates a certain number which the user would enter . now I am taking two inputs from the user.

start = some_number

if start = 1 and end =3 . then my batch file should copy all files in these folders
to a certain location . ie the files in folder from 2001-001 to 2008-003

Consolidating folders??

I am trying to consolidate a number of folders into a "Master" folder. I know I can do an "Select All" for files by selecting the first file and then scrolling down to the last file and pressing "Shift" and all of the intervening files will be selected.

I do not seem to be able to duplicate the same process for folders. I want to know if there is a way to do this, or do I have to move each folder,

otherwise, it becomes a pain to do this for a significant number of folders.

Unable to cancel auto arrange of folders in library, pictures and document

cannot move folders or items in folders to other locations within 'pictures' or 'documents'. The black, vertical location bar does not appear when I click on a folder to move it around , and on releasing the mouse button the folder returns to it's origional position. Tried both left and right clicking on folders and in spaces in between but no option to deselect 'auto arrange ' appears, - only variuos options within an auto arrange system

Folders All Vanished

I've been working with someone who opened a link from a bogus Fedex email and contracted a nasty scareware bug. Between MSE and Malwarebytes we cleaned out the bug, but when she tried to access files her folders were gone.

Vanished. The files were there, because when we searched for a file name there was no problem finding the file and its path. But trying to follow the path from the C didn't display anything.

Finally figured out that ALL her folders had been switched to HIDDEN. We managed to sort it all out once we figured that out.

Is there a single command that would hide all folders?

Folder Options resets itself

I'm not sure if it was yesterday or the day before but I had started browsing through my folders and noticed my hidden folders and extensions for known file types weren't showing up which is weird because I have show hidden folders/files and extensions of known file types checked.

So I went under options and saw they were turned off something that I didn't do. I put the optionsback to how I had them but just a couple a minutes ago they seemed to reset again, I was able to see them just 2 hours ago.

Text file parsing in batch files

I'm new to batch files, and relatively new to the Windows command line in general.

I'm making a batch file for the Windows XP command line. I want to examine, for each line of a text file, what the first few characters are. I want to count up how many lines started with one set of characters, how many started with another, etc. And I want to output that count into a different text file.

I know how to read in the text and output it to a new file, but I don't know how to check just the first few characters. I also don't know how to store the count in a variable in the batch file. (Do batch files even have variables? They must, right?)

Saving and moving files and folders - problems

I am using Windows 7 Home Premium in a Toshiba NB305-N410BL Netbook. Sometimes when I try to save a file in certain program subfolders, I cannot do it. Instead I get a message box, "You don't have permission to save in this location. Contact the administrator to obtain permission. Save in My Documents instead."
When I go to Control Panel>User Accounts, it shows only account - mine, and I am the Administrator.
1) What could be causing this problem - the inability to save files in certain folders?
2) How do I solve this problem - the ability to save files in whatever folder I want?
3) How do I obtain permission from the Administrator? I am confused since I am the Administrator.
When I try to move a folder, sometimes a message box appears stating that I need to provide administrator permission to move this folder. If I then click on the "Continue" button, I am still able to move the folder in spite of the message box.
4) Why does this message box appear and how do I prevent it from appearing?
5) How does one provide "Administrator permission?"

Move and copy files using drag and drop

A common way to move or copy a file or folder is to select it and drag it to another location. For example, you can drag a file to the Recycle Bin to delete the file, or to a folder to copy or move it to that location.

Deletion of empty folders

I operate Windows 7 and am wondering if there is anyway to delete empty folders. I find that if I move, remove (burn a song to a CD), or change the spelling of a song or artist in my music library that the empty folders still remain.

Using batch file to make directories based on file name

What I need is this:

1. Watch a folder.
2. When any file arrives, create a directory
(using the file name as the new directory name. Created at: Domain/Folders/filename/file)

3. Create a file named download.html, with this in this file:
a href = http : // Domain/Folders/filename/file

4. Store download.html in Folders/filename

5. Copy file from Watched Folder to COutput

6. Delete file from Watched Folder

Can this be done with an executable and a scheduler?