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How to get back deleted solitaire and minesweeper

How to get back deleted solitaire and minesweeper
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I managed to delete Microsoft games (solitaire and minesweeper). How can I get them back?
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Games not available in windows

I have just installed windows 7 Pro in my laptop. I am searching and can't find the usual games like solitaire, freecell and minesweeper. I have the games explorer but it is empty. Do i have to download this games, how and where can i do so?

No Games (like Solitaire) in Start Menu

Just finished a clean install of Win7 Pro. Haven't installed anything else yet, just looking around. There are no games, such as solitaire, in the Start Menu. There is a Games folder, but I think that's for online games. Where are all the usual games?

How to Restore the Default Games

This will show you how to restore the default Windows 7 More Games, Chess Titans, FreeCell, Hearts, Internet Backgammon, Internet Checkers, Internet Spades, Mahjong Titans, Minesweep, Purple Place, Solitaire, and Spider Solitaire games in the Games folder.

Technique to get back photos from recycle bin?

I had some photos which were saved on the desktop of my computer. Thinking that I have saved them in my external drive I deleted them. They were in recycle bin for some days and I deleted them from there too.

When I realized my mistake and wanted them back. I wanted to know if there is any method to get back photos which were deleted from recycle bin?

Retrieve a deleted email that has already deleted from deleted file

How do retrieve a deleted email from a deleted filed that was deleted?

Recover Safely Deleted Video Library

My video library file was edited in such a way that it was "safely deleted" from my laptops hard drive. Now, you see, this is something that I never wanted and would have avoided at all costs. it just sort of did.

is there any way to get it back or to program another videos.library-

Not all games are available, after upgrading from vista

Went to control panel-turn windows features on-off. All the games are checked but some are missing under games.I am looking for spider solitaire.

What's the best way to backup on Windows 7?

I have a laptop running Windows 7 that I share with my wife. I want to back up her User Files, My User Files and the Public User Files, pictures, videos, music, etc. I have a 250 GB WDPassport Portable Hard Drive that I use to back up to.

The total space shown on the Portable hard drive is 233 GB with Free Space of 213 GB.

Total file sizes to backup are as follows:
Wife 2.32 GB
Me 24.7 GB
Public 76.1 GB

I used to use Karen's Replicator to copy and, sync files but I found that because it kept the backed up files that I had deleted from the original directories. I tried using Windows backup but after letting it run all night, it told me that my total back up file size was 95 GB and that there wasn't enough room on the backup drive.

I don't know, if I have 213 GBof Free Space, it seems like 95 ought to fit in there twice, with room left over.

(I also used to use Sync Toy but we had an, almost, disaster, at work. We had made a bunch of file folder changes to a shared directory, so I deleted the directory from the backup drive, to"start over", and instead Sync Toy, seeing the files deleted from the backup, deleted them from the original.)

I do like the idea of being able to backup files in their native format, not have some wadded up ball of data that has to be "restored". What is the best way to do this? Free? It doesn't seem like it should be this hard.

Back up and restore: frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some common questions about backing up and restoring files. What backup tools does Windows provide? How much storage space do I need to back up files? How do I view the contents of my backup? How do I restore files? Can I recover files that I have accidentally deleted? How do I get my files back if my computer stops working?

How do I find the Trash Bin Folder on my Harddrive?

Is there a way that I can locate the folder where all the deleted files are kept until they are deleted permanently? My friend deleted some files on my computer and now windows wont start.