How To Clean Your RAM With Notepad

Have you ever tried of cleaning ram , that too with the help of notepad. IF you don’t then follow this simple tutorial on cleaning your RAM.

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Tweak Win7 to use added RAM?
I just bought two ram sticks to double my system memory from 8 to 16GB. I know that the extra ram is unlikely to be of much use, but the sale price on the ram was irresistible. Myquestion: Are there any tweaks or settings that I can make to Windows 7 to make better use of the mostly excess ram?

BSOD, clean install BSOD again
I bought a new system, ran sweet for first month. Started getting BSOD until got fed up and did a clean install. was fine for 1 week or so then start BSOD until one day i load windows and it said window 7 configuration data is corrupt please contact support. this is window 7 ultimate 64 bit 1 week after clean install.
i put my old system harddrive with window professional 32 into new system, installed drivers and ran fine for a few days until same symptoms of BSOD memory buffer. now windows 7 black load screen and boom BSOD before window 7 launches.
ive tried updating bios, ran memtest on ram, i got 1600hmz ram issit correct if it reads 1586? at mobo boot
Fresh install, again. i open up system, installed ram 3.24 usable? is this correct?
i would dump my files but how do i get to them? the windows wont load on that hardrive. im currently using another hardrive for fresh install

Windows7 only accept 2 GB RAM
By some reason Windows 7 only wil run with 1 x 2 GB RAM. First i couldn't install Windows 7 - i got BSOD wit somthing about VSMRAID.SYS and IRQL NOT EQUAL.
Then I try to remove som hardware, and when I removed one of my to 2 GB RAM, then Windows 7 was installing perfect.
Afterwods I tryed to inset the second 2 GB RAM again - but then BSoD came again. What is wrong? Why do Windows 7 give BSoD?
Win XP was OK with 2 x 2 GB - Why is Windows 7 not?
RAM: 2 x 2 GB GEIL, PC2-6400, DDR2-800
Mainboard: MSI P45 Zilent/Platinum with the newest BIOS.

The Beginner's Guide to the Notepad
After you have learned how to work with WordPad, it's time to get a closer look at the old Notepad. This tool is a very basic text editor which hasn't really changed much even though all other standard Windows tools were upgraded with each new version.
This article shows the basics of Notepad: how to open the application, the important interface elements, how to create & save a text file and how to print.

Find out how much RAM your computer has
Random access memory (RAM) is a general indication of performance that is measured either in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB): the larger the number, the faster some programs will run. Watch this video to learn how to find out how much RAM your computer has.

Lexmark2400 printer not found and notepad had stopped working
I have a HP Compaq pc on windows 7. 2-days ago my Lexmark2400 printer disappeared from my choice of printers. Was trying to print a text in Notepad, and also got a message that 'Notepad had stopped working'.

Uninstalled and re-installed printer in vain

Set the Maximum Memory to be Used
This will show you how to specify the maximum amount of physical memory (RAM) to be used by Windows 7 to simulate a low memory configuration by using less RAM, or to make sure that you are using all of your installed RAM.

Why crash after adding RAM?
I recently increased the RAM in my Acer Laptop from 4 GB to 8 GB. It booted immediately and all testing indicates that memory is now ~8 GB. However, it has started to crash almost every day.Is there something about Windows 7 that cannot operate with 8 GB of RAM? Is there some Windows update that may be causing this? I am very careful to do a frequent Registry Cleaning thatseems to resolve other problems.

Notepad making text unreadable with random Line Breaks
I have Windows 7, and I am writing my first webpage on Notepad. I am using notepad as it came on the computer. I typed in my html using wordwrap. When I re-sized the window, notepad added all kinds of breaks in the lines, making it impossible to read.

I read about a similar problem online, but that bug occurred after saving. This happened before I saved. Turning wordwrap off did not get rid of the line breaks, nor did putting the window back to the original size.

I don't want to write with wordwrap off anyway - that's no more readable than the line breaks.

I'd like to use notepad for coding because I like how the lack of formatting assures me that there are no characters ghosting in my code that I can't see. I like barebones better than a flashy text editor.

Can you tell me how to avoid the line breaks/ why that happened, or b.) recommend a comparable text editor for free/cheap?

How To Eject Your CD Drive With A Notepad
Mostly this method is used by people who lost the button on the cd drives then this procedure is followed. It is easy to eject the file with a note by just writing a 4 line code in your notepad.

PC slowing down throughout the day
Admittedly our PC is 5 years old and due for replacement (when we have the money!). But it noticeably slows down during the day. I have taken various steps:

1. I regularly clean the system unit, using a can of compressed air;
2. I have been through msconfig and disabled absolutely everything I don't need to start up;
3. I have uninstalled software I no longer use;
4. I defrag the hard drive weekly using Auslogics;
5. I run a weekly malware scan with Malwarebytes;
6. I give CCleaner a daily run over the system;
7. When Task Manager shows me that RAM use is escalating I defrag the RAM using Iolo System Mechanic.

We're running Windows 7 SP1 32-bit, maxed out on RAM to 4 GB. Typically we have Outlook 2010, Firefox and Chrome running all day, with other applications (e.g., Word, Excel, iTunes or Photoshop Elements) launched as and when needed. I still have about 20% of a 600 GB hard drive free.

or will this only be sorted by splashing the cash?

bsod appear randomly!!!
I have just bought a new AMD system ( phenom II x6 , 4 gb ram , hd 5770 , 500gb hdd) and have a lot of random BSOD happened . I have reinstalled a clean windows 7 ultimate 64 bit but The BSOD keep happening. Here are my dumb files.

Open With Notepad On Right Click
Most of the users like "Open With Notepad" when they right click on the file they want. So this is the tutorial for those who want open with notepad on right click.

Starting processes using wmic (WMI command-line)
I'm trying to use wmic (the WMI command-line) to start notepad.exe.

I know that I need to type "cscript //nologo CreateProcess.vbs TestPC %windir%\system32\notepad.exe %temp%" into command prompt, but I'm stuck on what to put in the script file. I have an outline of what to put from a site:


I have filled out the bits I think I know.

Firstly, is this correct? And secondly, what should I be putting where to start notepad.exe?

Control Windows from PHP (esp. run .bat files)
When I use the code below to try and launch notepad.exe from within a PHP script using the exec() function, I can see the process has been added to the process list (from task manager) but notepad hasn't started! The process cannot be forced to quit either.

The exec() function seems to work but I want the application to launch properly - is there a trick when using the command prompt to having a programme actually launch, as compared to just having the process start?

1) $cmd='notepad.exe'
2) exec($cmd);

Optimize PC Speed
I have windows 7 64bit sp1, AMD Phenom 9600 2.3 GHz (quad core), 4gb ddr2 ram, ASUS 1GB DDR3 Radeon HD 5450 video card, and 2 hard drives of 300 GB.

Network wise, I have AT&T Uverse.

Software, I am running Adobe CS 6.

My computer seems to have gotten slower. I keep it clean from viruses (McAfee). When I play video from something like Youtube, the video from time to time makes this noise and freezes or slow down. The noise sounds like a computer or a transformer from the movie.

If I scroll down a web page, it's choppy.

If I take an open window and move it in a circular motion on the screen, it's not smooth but choppy.

I don't know how to fix it. I don't want to upgrade it again if I don't need too. I can max out the RAM.

Windows 7 32 bit, But have 6GB Ram
The problem is that I wanted a 64 bit, yeah I´m a gamer and I have 6 Gb ram.

But is the difference worth for me to take an entire day to install a 64 bit.? Should I keep the 32 bit.?

memory being used up
I have a ongoing problem where my ram i sbeing used up to the point everything freezes. I have a laptop running windows 7 home premium with 4gb ram with no applications running at all the ram is showing at 67% used

firefox will usually drain it within a couple hours when it starts using over a gb of memory but when that happens I close the process and restart FF.

the problem is the amount of memory being used when no applications are running. below is my process tab with users showing and has some 80 plus process running have no idea what I can kill on that .

I did some searching and it says something about nonpaged and paged pool using up memory but that's beyond me so have come here I downloaded something called RAMMap

Virtual Machine questions
Recently, I did a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium x64 (from a downloaded Win 7 SP1 ISO) onto my (pre-installed) Dell OEM machine (I used the 'ABR method' [LINK] to reactivate the clean install).

I have now set up this clean install as I want it (drivers, security, windows settings and a few essential programs) - and I have imaged it.

I would like to explore the use of a virtual machine,

1. Use of snapshots
Firstly, the idea I have is to have another copy of Windows Home Premium, on the virtual machine, with various snapshots:
- Basic system snapshot: serving as a backup of the VM Win 7
- Basic system + testing snapshot: a snapshot for testing/trialling programs
- Basic system + Games snapshot: for playing (not resource intensive) games - and keeping these separate from the host system (because these can cause messes, especially when uninstalled)

Q1. Will I be able to boot up and use these alternative snapshots (individually, only one at any time) as envisaged by me; is my concept of using a VM in this way possible, and coherent?

2. System requirements
Microsoft gives memory requirement for Windows 7 as: 1 GB RAM (32bit) or - 2 GB RAM (64bit).
My system at present, when in use, usually shows (in the Windows Task Manager/Resource Monitor) physical memory use, something, as follows:
Total: 4095MB; In use: 965MB; Modified: 65MB: Available: 3065MB; even under normal use, like now, the available memory is 2759MB (I have excluded 'standby' memory since this can be reallocated for VM use).

Q2. Will I experience slow downs due to memory issues? or am I OK for a Win 7 guest? [I am reluctant to get into installing more memory because I have never opened up a computer - and don'twant to, however easy and simple it is - it is simply not something I would want to get into] If more memory is needed,

3. Windows 7 Licence
I gather I will need another licence for installing Windows 7 in a VM. Am I right in thinking:
Q3a. An OEM licence could be problematic for VM use
Q3b. it is inadvisable to buy and use an OEM licence in a VM, because if the VM is updated/upgraded at some point and its configuration changes, the OEM licence will stop working - beingtied to the original VM configuration
Q3c. I need to buy a new retail version of Windows 7 Home if I am to use Windows 7 in a VM.

Dell XPS Studio 7100: AMD PhenomII X6 1045T/2700 Mhz; Installed Physical Memory RAM:4.00 GB; HD: 500GBx2; Graphics: Radeon HD 5670 1GB

Notebook Video Card RAM
Im using HP 620 laptop and it has Intel gma 4500M video card in it. The problem is that the video card is only using 14mb RAM. And i dont know how to change it. Ive searched for it in bios but found nothing there.