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How to Add or Remove the Desktop Toolbar on Taskbar

How to Add or Remove the Desktop Toolbar on Taskbar
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This will show you how to add or remove the Desktop toolbar on the taskbar in Windows 7. This includes expandable shortcuts to Libraries, Homegroup, User Folder (your user-name folder), Computer, Network, Control Panel, and Recycle Bin.
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How to Center Taskbar Icons in Windows 7

How to Center Taskbar Icons in Windows 7
1. Create one empty folder on desktop or in my documents folder (name is as NTB)
2. If you have locked your taskbar then unlock it by right clicking on taskbar and selecting “lock the taskbar”
3. Right click on taskbar & select new toolbar option from toolbar sub-menu & select empty folder NTB created in step 1.
4. Now right click on the new toolbar and uncheck Show Text and Show Title.
5. Next drag it (dotted seperator) to the left side, between the start orb and taskbar icons and release it.
6. Center align the taskbar icons by dragging dotted separator present near taskbar icon and start orb towards right of new toolbar separator & Lock the taskbar.

Sometimes the width of the taskbar changes even though it is locked

I use the Windows 7 taskbar at the right edge of my screen. I also enable the "Desktop" toolbar, and set the width of the taskbar to let me see three columns of Desktop icons (on the taskbar).
Sometimes Windows 7 resizes the taskbar (makes it narrower) even though I have locked the taskbar.
I think one of the times Windows 7 does this is when I change window settings under "Personalize". I do not want Windows 7 to reset the width of my taskbar. I am getting sick of resetting it.

Dead link in taskbar

After updating application iTunes I have a new icon on desktop and the old one in taskbar. The old icon in taskbar is not shown anymore.
My problem is now, I can't remove the icon from taskbar. Right mouse menu does not function. Is there a workaround to remove that icon? (e.g. registry key?)

Add a toolbar to the taskbar

A toolbar is a row, column, or block of buttons or icons representing tasks you can do within a program. Some toolbars can appear on the taskbar.

Remove digital clock on taskbar

In XP, it was possible to remove the clock on the taskbar from the Taskbar and Start menu properties. (uncheck Show clock)
Right now I have an analog clock sidebar gadget running, so I don't see the need to have to clock on the taskbar in this particular instance, but I don't see the option to remove the clock off the taskbar. Where do I change this setting?

Add a folder to the taskbar

In Windows 2000 you could add a folder to the taskbar.
Windows 7 will do documents, programs. I use folders most often and go from there. I am not interested in cluttering up my desktop or using explorer (it takes more steps to access the folder and defeats the purpose of the taskbar - one click). If this is not possible so be it but it would be efficient to have folders in my taskbar again.

New toolbar with URL instead of a folder

I'm having an issue with adding a new toolbar to my Win7. I could easily do in XP here becomes impossible.
Right click on the taskbar -> Toolbars -> New Toolbar and then give the site url's I wanted (it was just a label, text box and a button which launched the browser app with data fom Text Box). In WIN7 it says: Incorrect folder name.
Can anyone help me with getting that functionality back?
I got through many sites but all I can see is gloryfying windows new taskbar for being stiil able to display quick-launch toolbar (with tutorials on it!)

Toolbars in Windows 7

You can add Toolbars to your taskbar area. A toolbar is a list of shortcuts to favourite areas of your computers. Right click the Taskbar to see the following menu:

Get Desktop Icons to Bottom Taskbar!

I can only move 2 icons to the bottom left taskbar. They are (Windows Explorer) and (Windows Live Mail). I have had in the past 2 separate icons next to these that are my bank icons (2 different Banks). When I try and move them to the bottom taskbar it just goes back to the Desktop. I have the lock task bar unchecked. One thing I noticed is when I unchecked the taskbar before there would be vertical lines I could move sideways all along the taskbar. I don't see any line when I uncheck "Lock The Taskbar" Is there a setting or way to help me get them on the bottom taskbar?

Taskbar problem

I have a small problem with the taskbar.I am using Windows 7 Professional, I put 2 new toolbars in the taskbar and they work ok until I shutdown the coputer. When I reboot the toolbars that I had put in the taskbar are not there, the language toolbar is still there.This is a clean install,I have used this on XP & vista ok