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How can I tell if Windows is activated?

How can I tell if Windows is activated?
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To check your Windows activation status, do the following:
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Activating Windows: frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some common questions about activating Windows.
Is activation the same as registration? Does activation collect information that is used to contact me? Is activation required? If I activated Windows, why is Windows on my computer non-genuine? Do I need to activate Windows after making a hardware change? Will I ever need to activate Windows on my computer again? Where do I find my Windows product key? Can I use my product key on more than one computer?

NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS need help

I have got HP dv9655 (kb398ea).Originally it came with Vista home premium. But last week I decide to install windows 7. I wiped my hard drive and did clean install (windows7). It is activated ok, and it says genuine and activated in system info.
MY PROBLEM is Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS, when i check Device Manager Display,I got yellow mark,i just can't update it. I tried everything no joy at all. My questions:
1)What drivers i need for windows7 Ultimate 32-bit
2)Do I need to download Nvidia drivers from, Nvidia site or HP site.
3)My biggest annoying problem is , screen resolution. It stuck on 600 x 480 and I cant changed it.
4)So drivers i need if i am right.
a)nvidia chipset ,(but which one)
What else i got no idea.

Trouble installing python msi

I have just migrated from mac to windows platform.I was trying to install python msi file on my 64bit windows 7 system,whenever it tries to copy the file while installing :it says no administrative permission to the folder program data try logging in as Administrator or so.

I activated the hidden Administrator account and tried installing the stuff ,same thing happened again.I'm confused and it even makes me think y I changed to windows back again.I have even tried the Taking ownership script or effect yet.

What should I do to install Python 3.12 msi file in my windows 64bit operating system?

Restore from previous disk image after failed reinstall

I recently carried out a clean reinstall of windows 7 which was activated, but which was 'lost' due to hard disk failure before I had been able to make a new disk image - I was part way through installing my apps.

I have restored an older disk image from a previous installation and all seems well.

Would I need to reactivate Windows and Office 2010 somehow...

Cannot create Windows 7 repair disk, Error 0x80070057

If I try to create a system repair disk, I get an error message: "Parameter is not correct (0x80070057)" and cannot create the repair CD. There are dozens of Google hits on this problem (including obvious malware downloads!).

Unfortunately, there are no solutions that don't involve having a retail install CD. My install was from a direct download from MS.

Windows 7 Ultimate properly activated on Panasonic W8 laptop.

Windows 7 upgrade destroys XP activation

I recently upgraded a corporate version of XP using the family pack. Everything was fine WIN7 activated and after a week I was hit by a virus. Reformatted and reinstalled the corporate version it would not register as genuine.

Get error message stating unable to complete validation process and this results in WIN7 not activating. What if anything can be done.

Windows 7 Ultimate in a Virtual Machine

I have a puzzling experience activating Win7 Ultimate installed under a VM using Oracle Virtual Box running on Ubuntu 11.

Have done a native, clean install of this disk on my Dell (I.e. native windows), no problems. Activated fine, daily use for a few months.

Using same media, decided to try installing in a VM under Oracle Virtual Box running under Ubuntu. Install went fine, (I said activate online) windows update, fine, etc. Now a couple of weeks later I get prompted again for activation.

(curiously right after I installed Office 2007 and changed preferences to update all microsoft products). I enter the product code and the response is that this product is only authorized for "updating a prior version".

I can't turn off my mouse pad.

Needed it because my old one was so old, the space bar didn't work and because of other issues.

I love the new Windows 7 on my computer, except one thing. I NEVER use the mouse pad, hate'em. I buy a reg. mouse and use it. The mouse pad is located in such a place that I frequentlybrush it and mess up w/e I am typing at the time.

I tried to disable the mouse pad, but can't. The option to do so is never activated, I just see where the button is, but can't click it. I even uninstalled the driver software, but thecomputer detects the mousepad and makes it functional again.

I just want to be able to type my long papers for school without having to worry about accidentally brushing the mouse pad. I wan't it shut off.

Using Windows Search Filters and Operators for better results

This tutorial was originally written for Windows 8. Windows Search is basically the same behaving in same way in both Windows 7 and Windows 8. However as Windows 8 has the Modern UI Charms Search which is not present in Windows 7 and again as Windows 7 has the Start Menu Search which is not present in Windows 8, I decided there's enough differences to make this tutorial separately for both Windows versions.

Installing Windows: frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some common questions about installing Windows.
How do I upgrade my computer from Windows XP or Windows Vista to Windows 7?
What preparations should I make before installing Windows?
What do I need to have available?
Should I upgrade or perform a custom installation?
How do I install Windows 7 on a netbook?
Should I install the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 7?
Can I uninstall Windows 7?
Will my programs work with Windows 7?