Have to type single/double quotes twice

I am facing problem when working in vba editor. I need to type single/double quotes twice and then delete one of them. One solution that's on the web is to change the Keyboard language in "Region and Language" to English (United States ) - US.

I checked settings in my laptop and found that the keyboard language is set to English (United States) - US already.

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Keyboard Problem: quote marks not appear until type next character
Since I changed my OS from the 32 to 64 bit version of Win 7 Pro I have a problem with my Trust keyboard. I now have difficulty with the placing of quotation marks. When I click the shift and quote marks key before the opening of the quoted words the quote marks do not appear until after I type the next character.

When I try to insert the closing quotes they often do not appear in the right place.

Also, if I type, for example the letter a in brackets it automatically changes to an emoticon.

I tried changing the keyboard from US-International to United Kingdom,

Can't double click on anything Windows 7
Like the title said I am not able to double click on anything at all. I have found a way to get past it and set it to me only clicking once and opening a program, but now it affects my games when I need to double click.

Type without using the keyboard (On-Screen Keyboard)
Instead of relying on the physical keyboard to type and enter data, you can use On-Screen Keyboard. On-Screen Keyboard displays a visual keyboard with all the standard keys. You can select keys using the mouse or another pointing device, or you can use a single key or group of keys to cycle through the keys on the screen. Watch this video to learn how to type without using the keyboard.

Installer repairs when double click document
I created installer for my application. The extension of document created by application(MDI) is specified in installer. In some situation after installation, when double-click the document, the installer starts repair.

But if we drop the file on top of installer it is just starting application. Installer installs some DLLs, data in application folder. What may be the cause forinstaller repairing when double-click document?

How to Fix Double Click Always Opens Search in Windows Explorer
I tried to change the file folder icon under Tools - Folder Options - File Types

I didn't change anything else, I was just chose file folder and change the icon and apply. but something wrong occurred which is I can't double click o open my folders anymore now, when rightclick,

when I double click, it goes to Search

I thought it can be fixed in regedit?

Search opens when try to open a folder
Normally when I go to open folders and other stuff like that I double click on the icon and it opens. But now when I double click it opens the thing to search for files in. I noticed that when I right click on the folder at the top of the list that appears it says "Search." not "Open".

Too my knowledge what is ever on the top is what will do when you double click.

Choosing print options
Double or single sided. Grayscale or color. Landscape or portrait.
These are just some of the options you might see when you print. This article describes common Windows printing options and how to select them. Remember, your printing options depend entirely on the printer model and software application you're using. Consult the manual that came with your printer or program for more details. Watch this video to learn how to choose print options.

Change the program that opens a type of file
If you double-click a file in Windows and it opens in the wrong software program, follow these steps to choose the program you would prefer to use. You can change this setting for an individual file, or you change this setting so Windows opens all files of the same type in the software program you choose.

Double click on media file, does not play immediately
Windows 7x64 Ultimate machine - When I double click on a media file of any sort (MP3, WMV, AVI, etc) from Explorer the window that would play the file comes up and then immediately OVER that window the Windows Media Player library comes up, pauses for 5-10 seconds, doesn't display anything then goes away. The media window will start playing the file.
If a media file is playing and I double click on another one it will immediately start playing.

Hard drive and removeable disk can't open by double click
Last week my hard drive (partition C: and D and removeable disk(thumb drive) cannot open by double click, but its open by right click. So I want to open by double click.

Unable to open C: drive: The file does not have a program associated with it
I have a strange issue that developed after the install of SP-1 for Win 7. When I click on my computer, I double click on the C:\ drive innthe upper center of the screen and I get this error message.

"The file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. create an association in the Defaults Program Control Panel"

Before SP-1 was installed I could double click on the small graphic of the C drive and it would expand to show the folders. Now I must double click on the left side tree of the computer>C Drive> sub folder that I want to access.

Also sometimes I get a error message saying the computer is looking for a PureHD.msi file but I can not locate this file. Can anyone offer any suggestions or ideas to resolve these two small issues. I have a Dell Win 7 32 bit Ultimate installed.

Keyboard types numbers for letters
Running Windows 7 on a Lenova G555 laptop (model 0873). When I try to type text into,say, MWord, single digit numbers appear on screen for each key pressed. Is this apt to be a hardware (keyboard), or BIOS, or software problem.

Video card for demanding games
Which video card would you recommend [single, not SLI or CrossfireX]?
I've read up on different video card specs and honestly... it confuses me even more and leaves really undecided about which type and graphics series to get.

Desktop Toolbars / Deskbands ?
How to bring back deskbands in Win7? I've tried dragging a folder to the edge of the screen to make it, but it doesn't do anything.
I relied on this feature heavily; i would have my taskbar at the top of the screen, and then have the address bar docked to the bottom of the screen and always-on-top, so i could rapidly type in and go to ANY website/folder/protocol (eg: mailto:).
I would REALLY like to get this back, but can't figure out how to turn it on in 7. I could put the address bar in the taskbar, but
a) it looks bad on the double-height taskbar, and
b) i still regularly have my taskbar nearly full, and can't afford the space on the taskbar

Can't create new Win7 Library by normal means
I'm running Win7 X64 SP1. I am unable to create a new Library by either of the 2 common methods:

1. If I click "New Library" on the Explorer Tool Bar, nothing happens.
2. If I right-click the "Libraries" folder in the tree pane and select "New", I'm presented a single disabled grayed-out selection called "(Empty)".

I don't know when this started or if it's related to the installation of Service Pack 1 as it's been a long time since I tried creating a new Library.

Delete All Group Policy Registry keys
1. Click “Start”, type “regedit.exe” (without quotation marks) into “Start Search” box and press Enter.
2. Locate the following key:


Right click on "Microsoft", click "Export"; please name the file as "RegBackup" (without quotation marks) and then save it to the C:\ drive as a backup.

Note: In case we need to undo the modification, we can double click this RegBackup.reg file to restore the registry key.

3. Highlight Microsoft and click "Delete".
4. Please repeat the above steps for the following registry keys.

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Group Policy Objects]
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Policies

Note: if some keys do not exist, please ignore them.

3. Exit the Registry Editor.

how to make display in entire window, not in a single column on left side of screen?
Document and photo files/folders in Windows 7 now appear in a single column on th left side of the screen. How can get them to appear spread across the screen as they once did?

File Association: unable to add to default program
My OS is Win 7 Pro 32 bit with SP1 and updates installed.

I use the latest version of Nero (Nero 11) and have a strange problem with a video compilation I created with Nero Video. If I open Nero Video and then choose open saved video project and navigate to where the compilation was saved the compilation opens successfully in the Nero Video program.

However, if I double click the file Nero Express opens and that part of the Nero suite doesn't support the type of file concerned.

The file extension is .nvc, and I went to "Associate a file type or protocol with a program" and found that the default program for .nvc files is indeed shown as Nero Express.

I tried to change this,but when I browsed to the Nero Video .exe file and clicked open Nero Video was not added to the open with list, so Iwas unable to change the default.

I have reported this to Nero Support but am not holding my breath for an answer, because from past experience I have little faith in them. Almost certainly they will ask me to submitsupport files and other info and at the end of the day will probably suggest uninstalling/reinstalling the whole Nero Suite, which is a very time consuming operation.

I realise this is not a big problem as I can open the file with Nero Video, but if anyone can tell me how to reset the file association in some other way than the normal method I would be grateful.

Double clicked the shortcut closest to the bottom right of the screen
On system start, if any desktop shortcut is double clicked the shortcut closest to the bottom right of the screen will actually open. If the webpage associated with the bottom right shortcut is closed, MOST of the time clicking the original shortcut will lead to the correct webpage, but sometimes it takes several tries.

After the problemcorrects itself, usually after closing the wrong web page and trying again, but sometimes only after multiple tries, shortcuts open the correct webpage until the computer is restarted again.

If I take the bulk of the shortcuts off the desktop, clicking on an interior shortcut will activate the lowest right icon on the desktop regardless of whether it's an internet shortcut or some other type.

So - steps I have taken. First, checking for malware - system is totally clean. Secondly - troubleshooted as many different things as I could, including removing most of the shortcuts from the desktop, resetting all file associations to defaults, a few registry edits I found online to fix odd issues, uninstalling recent updates (he said the problem began with SP1), switchingto Firefox, running a Windows Fixit for the desktop, creating a new desktop and moving his stuff there, etc. None of which fixed the issue.

So - I decided to back him up and reinstall Windows. I made a system image of his current configuration, created a normal Windows backup and also one using Windows Easy Transfer.Reinstalled Windows using the factory image on his system, restored his data using the Easy Transfer backup - and problem came back with his settings!

I can find nobody else with this same issue on the web no matter how I try to search, I don't want to have to do another factory restore and lose his settings (it's a big enough pain in the neck to reinstall his software and do the updates,

What I would most prefer would be someone who knows what theheck the problem is, how to fix it, and then I can restore the original system image and make the problem go away

Unable to execute files and shortcuts
I installed Acronis Power Utilities to make a bit-for-bit backup. Upon restarting, nothing works. Shortcuts just say "[name].ink", for example, VLC media player.ink.
The only thing on the desktop that isn't ".ink" is a folder and the Recycle Bin. Double clicking the Recycle Bin doesn't open it as if it is a folder, it just says "Are you sure you want to delete 36 items?", to which I say no.
The folder, called Undeleted with .NEF raw files from a Nikon D80, shows the .NEF file previews in the folder icon, but I cannot enter the folder - double clicking does nothing.
All shortcuts on the taskbar are gone except Mozilla Firefox.ink, which doesn't open when clicked.
The start menu shows up, and all shortcuts are just white page icons with the title followed by '.ink'

How to move windows on taskbar within group?
Since XP I've been using TaskbarShuffle program to move around windows on taskbar, very useful. Since W7 I thought I don't need that program anymore, because W7 out of box allows drag around taskbar windows too. However I just realized that it allows move only the whole group of same type of windows, but not individual window within the group.
Is there a way make W7 move single window on taskbar within it's group or at least turn off completely grouping feature?