Why don't FOLDER WINDOWS remember their size and position

All, folders should be able to remember there size and position ANY TIME THEY ARE OPENED.
Folder windows should open in the state they were in when closed last. They already remember the way their information is displayed, so why not their size and position.
Windows has always been very weak in the area of desktop organization memory. God forbid your icon layout should get messed up.
Bravo on pinning things to the taskbar, but why not the desktop?

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Is it possible to get specific folder windows to remember their size and position?
Every time I reboot I have to resize and position the folders I always have open. Program windows can do it, why can't folders?

Window and Folder Positioning
Having recently upgraded to Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit, I've run into a couple of issues that I really miss in my Windows Vista and Windows XP machines and wonder if it's possible to get the functionality back. Let me begin with a little background. I work with 4 30 inch monitors and with the desktop stretched across all 4 monitors which allows me to pre-position various Windows and applications so that when I turn on the computer, Outlook will land on the 3rd monitor, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word 2007 will share the 2nd monitor etc. I should probably also mention that I work completely hands-free and wrote 90% of the commands I use in KnowBrainer (NaturallySpeaking third-party command utility).
1. I've noticed that when switching to Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel, that Windows doesn't remember the size although it does remember the correct monitor and position. To make matters worse, when switching to a different application, using NaturallySpeaking voice commands, the Window returns to its original size and I have to resize it every time I switch to the app.
2. This question may be related to the 1st. Because I have 4 monitors, I like to open folders in specific positions on the 4th monitor. In both Windows Vista and Windows XP, the operating system would remember each folder's position and I typically work with the same 3 or 4 folders. Unfortunately Windows 7 only remembers the size and position of the last folder which I find inconvenient in my workflow. Switching to Windows XP emulation is not an option as NaturallySpeaking will not accept it.
I would greatly appreciate a solution if anyone has found a workaround for these 2 problems.

Windows does not remember window size and position
This problem is really for people using the "open each folder in its own window" option.
When a window is opened it has a size and a location. Whatever window is opened next will have the same size and location. This is so annoying and it should not be behaving this way. EACH window should remember its own size and positioning so that the next time it is opened it will open in the same place and with the same size. This is not happening. When a window is opened in Windows 7, it will open with the size and position of whatever window was last opened. You end up moving and resizing every window once it is opened to get it back where it was the last time you used it.

Windows explorer windows size and positions
I use multiple windows explorer windows. Before buying and installing Win 7 Ultimate from Win XP Pro, when I opened a folder from my desktop, explorer remembered the size and position of that folder. Now, it always pens to the size of the current explorer window.
Is this a bug, or were they just inconsiderate and removed this function in Win 7? Or am I missing a setting someplace?

Windows 7 can't remember windows positions
Whenever I am afk from my computer a longer time, like 20-30min or more and when I come back and turn on the screen the windows are not in the position or size I left them in.
Like Opera is smaller windows size, Miranda and foobar are in the wrong place. What can be wrong and how do one fix it?

How to have each folder its own size?
Can someone please tell me how to have each each folder remember its own size? Whatever folder I open, it becomes the size of the last other folder that was closed. This is absolutely unacceptable.

How do I Make Windows 7 remember different window positions and size!
I've just recently upgraded to W7 64bit, having a multi-screen setup I was used to windows XP being able to remember the positions and size of each window/folder independently on my screens which was very handy indeed, it seems that W7 doesn't have this feature though which odd considering that more and more people are working with larger displays and multi-screen setups these days, is there anyway that I can fix this?

Remember Each Folder's View Settings Option is Missing
There was a setting in the folder properties in XP that was called “Remember Each Folder’s View Settings”. Basically, what this allowed you to do is Windows would remember when you placed folder windows on the screen. For example, I have a WIP folder in my My Documents folder and then I also have a network drive. I could set one to be in the upper left corner of the screen and the other to be in the lower left and then every time I opened them I could easily drag files from one to another. This setting seems to be missing from Win 7. Does anyone know any way of doing this in Win 7, either in the OS or via a downloadable tool?

Cannot control windows opening sizes.
In Windows 7 (64 bit home premium) Windows appears only to remember the size of the last window opened and opens all other windows in that size. It make no difference that I have selected"open each window in its own folder."

Is Remember each folder's view settings functionality gone for good?
Everyone remembers this from Windows XP. You goto My Computer/Tools/Folder Options.../View and there used to be a check box for "Remember each folder's view settings"
Is it going to be incorporated into Windows 7 anytime soon?
The main reason why I like it is I want my music folder to always open as simply as possible, with just a list of bands so it ends up being a really thin long window.. it works rather well. Windows 7 has completely lost the capabilities of doing this.

Is it possible to lock the size and position of the Windows 7 preview pane?
Everytime I reopen a Windows Explorer window, the preview pane size/position is different from how I was last viewing it. Is there a way to specify a static size/position for the preview pane that will remain constant across all Windows Explorer windows?

Remember folders previous location and settings
I'm trying to find the setting like vista and XP had to remember previous folder settings, which would also remember its size and location settings. Currently in windows 7, I open different folders, and they all open the same way. I'd like them to open them how I set them up, not the way the last closed folder appeared.

How can I change icon spacing in folders and specify the size of folder windows?
I have folders on my desktop with program groups - graphics, utilities and so forth. I want to change (increase) the spacing between the icons in these folders, and also specify the size and position of each folder window when I open it on my desktop.
How can I do this?

search results do not return all of the files contents
I don't have any problem with the indexing feature, it's the search results. I like to organize my music files results by the title detail. Only problem is, the title has no information in it. Neither does the artist, length or bit rate. There is info in the name, folder, size and type though. I have played with the Folder and Search Options, but I haven't had any luck. The other day I had all of these details show up on some of the files I search for, but it was very random, some of the files in a search result had all the info and some of them didn't. I don't remember what all my settings were, but after rebuilding my index again, the same details were missing. Another thing, when I open a folder that comes back with a search, all the files in that folder have all the info in them, it's the individual files that don't have all the info. I recently upgraded from Vista to Windows 7. Didn't have much trouble with the indexing and searching in Vista

Remember window size
Please restore the feature in the past Windows versions that allowed you to remember window sizes so each window opens in its own size. I should not have to enable third party software to get this feature back.
I just upgraded my Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that this window size memory feature long a staple of windows was removed. That feature is to be able to have a window remember its size. Imagine having a window with 4 icons in it. Of course you would size it to be four icons large. Then imagine another window with 40 icons in it. If you resized the one window to be 4 icons large the next time you open the 40 icon window is now only 4 icons large. Very frustrating. I am counting on Microsoft to back up its advertisements that it has features wanted by its customers or stop making the claims in its ads.

"Remember each folder size and position" Is this fixed in RTM
Can someone who has the RTM confirm if the lack of this feature was ever fixed?

Win7 can't remember window size of apps after update
After I did an update of nVidia 9600 gt driver in Win7 64bit 'Windows Update', no longer is the window size of ANY applications that were open at the time of the update remembered (after I resize them, then close them then reopen them).
It didn't affect all apps - Firefox was fine, but Internet Explorer, all MS Office apps, Corel PhotoPaint, etc can no longer remember the size I made their windows.
It didn't help to put the old driver back - in fact it made it worse, as by then I had even more apps open, and now none of those can't remember the window size either.
There must be some place in the registry where a change got made for each of these programs that can be fixed?

Remember folder settings : not available anymore ?
In prevoius Windows versions, there was a feature that allowed the system to remember folder settings. e.g. I like some folders to show a "list", while I prefer a "detailed view" or an "icon view" for others folders.
Is this still possible in Win7 ? I cannot find a good old setting "remember folder settings" in Win7.

Taskbar up top, top of windows hide under taskbar when opened
I've had this problem with every version of windows that I remember since I have been putting the taskbar up at the top of the screen. Why Windows has never been designed to properly use this setup is beyond me. In fact it is by far more productive way to have things with the taskbar up top.
Anyhow I have fixed this "error" every time but I cannot recall how it was done before.
Typically to fix it temporarily I move the taskbar, move the window in question down and move the taskbar back. This isn't very productive. Most programs should remember their position when closed, but apparently aren't remembering. There should be a way to force windows to open on top of the taskbar. I know I could auto-hide the taskbar but I don't wish to do that.

Missing desktop things: XP Vs. Windows 7
I'm trying to tweak a Windows 7 computer to work more as I want it to (I.e., more like XP). At this point most of my difficulties relate to Windows Explorer:

The "up one level" button is missing. How do I get it back?

The pathname field has been replaced by a sequence of dropdowns that let me select the file or folder to open at each level. That's convenient. almost as convenient as opening files and folders from the main window.

but it prevents me from using the pathname field in the way that I usually want to use it, to copy and paste the pathname of a directory after navigating there.How can I restore that functionality?

Each time I shut down Windows, it complains that my Windows Explorer windows are still open and warns me that I may lose work if I don't close them properly. Doh. XP understood that there's no "work" in Windows Explorer to lose. Why doesn't W7 understand that?

I configured Windows Explorer to reopen previously open windows when I restart Windows, and so it does. but it doesn't remember their location or size. Double doh. is there a way to fix this?

How can I get rid of the toolbar with the "Organize. Open. Share with." buttons?

How can I change the layout of one window, or of the window associated with one folder?