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Folder refresh problem Windows 7 RTM

Folder refresh problem Windows 7 RTM
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Case of the vanishing folder easter egg Windows 7 RTM
Steps to recreate
1. Create a folder, any folder
2. rename the folder, by adding a dot "." at the end of the folder
3. you will notice the folder is missing
4. hit refresh and the folder will appear again
5. note the dot "." does not get added, and by the rulz of file naming it shouldn't
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Windows 7 does not refresh folder views

I've got the following problem:
Windows 7 does not refresh automatically the folder view (until I manually refresh by pressing F5) after the following file operations:
- Create/delete/rename/move files or folders
Windows 7 Professional final release, international English version. No upgrade, clean install.
It seems to me it's a delay in my case: if I wait for approximately 30 secs, the refresh is done automatically. There are shared folders on the volumes.

Issues with Windows 7, Some of my desktop icons refresh some do not

Issues with Windows 7, Some of my desktop icons refresh some do not. Actually they do refresh they flash on the screen to what they should be then revert to the unrefreshed state.
It looks like it may only be the shortcut icons though I am not sure of that yet
Problem 2 is when your use your cursor in the directory tree while exploring a hard drive prior to windows 7 as you move from folder to folder the other panel would update. No all I see is the first folder, the one I click on with the mouse when I started.
If I hit enter then it will update I prefered the old way when it change on the left it would update the right not needing to hit enter or click on it.

Bugs: refresh rate, game folder and shadow under mouse

I've found some bugs, not critical, but bugs.
1) I'm using an LCD monitor connected through DVI connector. As you may know, with that cable you are able to set only 59-60 Hz as refresh rate. Not a problem, all looks great and game uses 60 Hz, but every time I change my refresh rate to 60 Hz, this new value is applied but if I go again to that options, I see 59 Hz as refresh rate again.
In Vista, the OS kept 60 Hz setting.
2) Game folder doesn't remember settings like the right panel size. This happen when you run games for the first time and set another resolution than Windows is using.
3) I set Windows to use the best possible effects quality. Although mice shadow appear under the arrow, it disappear upon restart, even if the option is checked. You need to re-enable this.

"Remember each folder size and position" Is this fixed in RTM

Can someone who has the RTM confirm if the lack of this feature was ever fixed?

After updating or deleting files, the folder does not auto-refresh

I just installed Windows 7 64-bit. When I update or delete files within a folder, the folder does not auto refresh to show the changes.

Creating new folders and renaming them not refresh the folder

Why is it when i; create a new folder i have to right click refresh; rename folder right click refresh. Its really annoying.
Can anyone explain to me what the advantage is or how to change the settings back to the good old, create folder and 'their you go' system.

Windows Explorer Doesn't Refresh Any Open Windows Regardless of the Changes Made

If I make a new folder, it won't appear until I manually refresh the screen. This could be within another folder or something on the desktop. If I rename a file, it doesn't change until I manually refresh as well. What can things like that be related to? It might've been like this close to the very start. So far I've just installed elementary programs that I always install in the beginning (all of which I was simultaneously installing on multiple computers additionally, all of which seem to be fine). I'd appreciate any sharing of knowledge.

How can I refresh thumbnails in Windows Explorer?

In Windows 7, Windows Explorer tries to show the contents of subfolders in Icon view. This is a nice way of seeing what's in multiple folders at once.
However, when I create a new folder, it gets assigned the default folder icon -- and I can find no way of refreshing this once I've added some content to the folder.
Here's a screencap of some of my music folders -- the highlighted one now has content in it, but I can't make it look like the folders around it:
In Windows XP, you could do this by right-clicking on the icon and choosing "Refresh thumbnail" from the context menu. This is not an available option in Windows 7, at least that I can see.

Windows Explorer Automatic Refresh / Can I Turn Function Off?

With Windows Vista and Windows 7, when a folder is renamed, it will automatically re-sort to a new location based on the sort criteria. This is problematic from a work flow perspective. In the XP version of Windows Explorer, when a file is renamed, it maintains it's location in the list until the listing is manually refreshed, sorted, or the folder location is closed and reopened. New folders added in XP are placed at the bottom of the list until a refresh.
Is there a way to turn off or disable the automatic refresh functionality in the Windows 7 & Vista version of Windows Explorer?

how do i stop auto sort / refresh in windows folders?

I'm hoping this is an easy fix, but I can't find it anywhere. I spend a lot of time moving files, renaming files, zipping and unzipping etc.
Every time I rename or create a new zip or unzip into a folder it does an automatic refresh and moves all my files around automatically. It's driving me crazy.
This stupid option is making it twice as hard to rename files because the second I change the name it's rearranged even if I mistyped the name, leaving me to search for it all over again.
How do i get it to just dump everything to the end of the list like Windows XP did until i manually select refresh ( or close the folder ) ?