After updating or deleting files, the folder does not auto-refresh

I just installed Windows 7 64-bit. When I update or delete files within a folder, the folder does not auto refresh to show the changes.

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Folders and Files do not refresh automatically
After updating a folder (whether it is deleting, copying, pasting or renaming a file within it) the changes do not appear immediately. It is always necessary to refresh the folder manually to then see the changes have in fact taken place.

How to force immediate automatically refresh?
Assume I opened Windows Explorer for a certain directory. Then I take a screen snaphot into a picture file or save a content into a new file from a 3rd program in this directory. Even after 5 minutes WinExplorer does NOT show the new files. I always have to click on another folder and then switch to the old folder again.
Then the new files show up on the right pane. It seems to me that creating a new file does NOT trigger an auto-refresh of WinExplorer. This was different in WinXP. There the new files were visible within a second.
How can I enable immediate auto-refresh in WinExplorer under Win7.

how do i stop auto sort / refresh in windows folders?
I'm hoping this is an easy fix, but I can't find it anywhere. I spend a lot of time moving files, renaming files, zipping and unzipping etc.
Every time I rename or create a new zip or unzip into a folder it does an automatic refresh and moves all my files around automatically. It's driving me crazy.
This stupid option is making it twice as hard to rename files because the second I change the name it's rearranged even if I mistyped the name, leaving me to search for it all over again.
How do i get it to just dump everything to the end of the list like Windows XP did until i manually select refresh ( or close the folder ) ?

Why can't I delete a file or folder?
Here are answers to some common questions about problems you might encounter when deleting files and folders. What might prevent me from deleting a file or folder? What does it mean if I try to delete a file and I see an error that the file is in use? Sometimes after I delete all the files in a folder, the folder still remains. How do I delete the folder?

Windows 7 does not refresh folder views
I've got the following problem:
Windows 7 does not refresh automatically the folder view (until I manually refresh by pressing F5) after the following file operations:
- Create/delete/rename/move files or folders
Windows 7 Professional final release, international English version. No upgrade, clean install.
It seems to me it's a delay in my case: if I wait for approximately 30 secs, the refresh is done automatically. There are shared folders on the volumes.

Creating new folders and renaming them not refresh the folder
Why is it when i; create a new folder i have to right click refresh; rename folder right click refresh. Its really annoying.
Can anyone explain to me what the advantage is or how to change the settings back to the good old, create folder and 'their you go' system.

Folder refresh problem Windows 7 RTM
Case of the vanishing folder easter egg Windows 7 RTM
Steps to recreate
1. Create a folder, any folder
2. rename the folder, by adding a dot "." at the end of the folder
3. you will notice the folder is missing
4. hit refresh and the folder will appear again
5. note the dot "." does not get added, and by the rulz of file naming it shouldn't

desktop and folder option questions
My pc does not auto-refresh as it used to. Also, when i right click on an item one of my options was move to... and I could select any folder to send said item to. Now I have to drag and drop everything on the computer and when i move an item on the desktop, the icon does not disappear until i refresh the desktop, which used to be automatic.

Files are not seeing in Folder
I created a folder with a code to lock the files. Today I drag that folder to desktop, when I see in that folder no files are there.One control panel is automatically created and when I check for the properties of that control panel I can see the amount of space that already files are there in that folder.

The size of that folder is showing but I can't see the files in that folder.

How to Disable Auto Arrange
In Windows 7, auto arrange is enabled by default so that all file and folder names in Windows Explorer are sorted alphabetically no matter what folder view you used. This will show you how to disable Auto Arrange in Windows 7 to be able to sort your files and folders in any random order you like in Windows Explorer without it having to be sorted alphabetically by name. Windows 7 will also remember these random folder sortings, and open as how they were when the window was last closed.

Folder Refresh Problems
I’m having an issue where I’m having to manually refresh (F5) all my folders and HDDs when I copy/paste/cut/ and delete files. I’ve tried resetting the folder settings to default but no job.
I have one of my HDDs networked but it’s doing it on all the other drives, which aren’t.
If I drag and drop one file, you can’t see it before you manually refresh it in the new location, however if you try and drag and drop it again you get the replace or don’t copy option, without actually seeing the new file etc.
I noticed this when I would save a file with firefox and the browser would temporarily freeze for a few seconds, then start downloading.

Folder sorting by date took 30 seconds
This is about a Windows Explorer problem in Win7 Ultimate.

I have two sub-folders with about 1500 files each, each file less than 20KB. Both sub-folders are in the same main folder. I need to keep them in separate folders; they are part of an HTML database I access daily.

They are in the ‘details’ display mode and sorted by date, most recent first.

The problem is that one folder always returns to the alphabetical mode each time I access it, then proceeds automatically to re-sort by date. This takes about 30 seconds.
The other folder remains in the date mode and always comes up in that mode.

It only happens on that particular folder on my C:\ drive. These two folders are backed up onto a USB thumb drive. On that the folders both stay sorted by date with no delay.

I tried deleting the folder, creating it again and moving the backed up files into it. Same problem.

I know it’s only 30 seconds, but it’s annoying - like waiting on hold for 30 seconds, it feels like a lot longer.

Can't enable Show Hidden Files and Folder
I am using a Toshiba Satellite M115 Series Laptop. Recently I was trying to see some hidden files but I can't. When I try to enable Show Hidden Files and Folder it is not enabling. Each time I click on Tools + Folder Option + View + Show Hidden Files and Folder + Apply + OK and come out from that screen and again going to that screen it showing checked on do not Show HiddenFiles and Folder.

Issues with Windows 7, Some of my desktop icons refresh some do not
Issues with Windows 7, Some of my desktop icons refresh some do not. Actually they do refresh they flash on the screen to what they should be then revert to the unrefreshed state.
It looks like it may only be the shortcut icons though I am not sure of that yet
Problem 2 is when your use your cursor in the directory tree while exploring a hard drive prior to windows 7 as you move from folder to folder the other panel would update. No all I see is the first folder, the one I click on with the mouse when I started.
If I hit enter then it will update I prefered the old way when it change on the left it would update the right not needing to hit enter or click on it.

Clearing out temporary files
Since getting a W7 computer, I notice that there seems to be more temp files (%temp%), and the folder doesn't seem to eliminate them itself. I've been going through them now and then, and deleting anything over a month old. Even now, it shows as 376MB in Disk Cleanup and has over 200 files in it.
Having a SSD, I try to keep it free of anything not needed.

I do run Disk Cleanup each night and always check the boxes for Temp Internet Files, Offline Web Pages and Recycle Bin, but rarely anything else. I'm never sure if it's OK to completely delete the Temporary Files.

Windows Explorer Doesn't Refresh Any Open Windows Regardless of the Changes Made
If I make a new folder, it won't appear until I manually refresh the screen. This could be within another folder or something on the desktop. If I rename a file, it doesn't change until I manually refresh as well. What can things like that be related to? It might've been like this close to the very start. So far I've just installed elementary programs that I always install in the beginning (all of which I was simultaneously installing on multiple computers additionally, all of which seem to be fine). I'd appreciate any sharing of knowledge.

Unable to view or open the files that I save
I saved some files off the internet using the save target as function (movies, pictures, etc) but am unable to view or open the files that I save. I go to the folder I save them too and their is nothing their. I know that they are actually in the folder because when I download other files using this method, it shows all the ones ive downloaded in the folder in the past except they all have a little padlock symbol on the bottom of them.
I made sure that hidden files are viewable and have looked around the best I can but can't figure out how to access them

reg00276,reg00277 etc files in IE Folder consuming lot of memory...
There are around 861 files in the Internet Explorer Folder with the name series as follows


Can I delete these files without causing any harm to my PC or IE ? I searched the net about these files but in vain. These files are consuming around 9-10 MB of memory. Should I delete them? What kind of files are these?

Copying 400 Files Randomly from One Folder to Another?
I have a folder of around 20,000 wav files, and I need to find a way to RANDOMLY extract 400 files from this folder into another, to use for analysis. say within an xcopy command? Or is this something that perhaps can be done within an Access module?)

WIN2K3 users files disappearing
We are having a problem with files in users home folder disappearing. None of the folders or files in the folder disappear. Only files directly under their user folders disappear. We are able to recover them by restoring a previous version.

I have corrected it from my folder by placing all my files in folders. The files are not hidden, rebooting the server does not fix it. And it is random.

It happens to one user, maybe a month later another. Now it has happened to the CIO and he wants a fix not a work around.