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Factory restore not working (Acer-windows 7)

Factory restore not working (Acer-windows 7)
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I woke up yesterday morning and I turned on my computer and it told me that I had to do a start up repair. The repair said it wasn't able to fix the problem,

I then tried a factory restore, but when I finished everything was really big and blurry (looked like what it looks like in safe mode). I also couldn't open some programs or connect to the Internet.

I don't have a recovery CD with me now, but there is a 50/50 chance I still will have mine when I get home in a week.

I don't care about saving documents anymore, I just want my computer to work like when it came out of the box.
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Acer factory restore failed

I offered to do a factory reset on my mum's Acer Aspire 5315, I backed up pics etc and then used the Acer eManagement thing to restore.

It now seems to be completely broken. It has switched on occasionally but just cuts out. I have managed to get the startup repair screen up a few times but it just cuts out and never finishes.

The majority of the time, I switch it on and I get the Acer screen come up and then it goes to a black screen with a blinking cursor and nothing.

I should say that I know nothing about computers and I'm going to need an idiots guide. I don't have any discs between.

Acer built-in webcam missing

I have an Acer laptop model V5-471G which had windows 7 Home Premium factory installed; it also came with lots of bloatware. I have deleted all of the partitions (including the hidden recovery partition), reformatted the 500GB HDD and reinstalled Windows. Windows has been updated via internet up to the most recent updates.

I have reinstalled all of the original drivers and then most of the Acer applications. When I attempt to install the Acer Crystal Eye webcam, it eventually errors with a message "no webcam found".

In Windows Device Manager, there is no "Imaging Device" section, nor is there anything image-device-related in the "USB controller" section.

A multitude of Google searches reveals nothing except a multitude of other folks searching for the same solution (on Acer, HP, Toshiba, MSI, etc.). Invariably responders say "install the correct driver", but there is no driver existing either in my backup disks or any Acer website.

I believe that a driver can only be installed if Windows has found the hardware (which it appears to have not). I have searched for "Hidden" hardware, to no avail.

Windows 7 Recovery Partitions

Many new PCs and Laptops sold in recent years come with a very useful recovery partition (sometimes called a restore partition or factory reset tool). Should your main installation of Windows 7 stop working, you can use this partition to quickly restore your laptop to the same state that it was when you first bought the computer.

How to factory reset your Windows 7 System

I'm trying to factory reset my computer because I'm just tired of having a full HD, and random software from years ago. Anyways, my current OS is Windows 7 and I have an Alienware m15x. Now I've read up on a few ways to restore this specific computer, however, I don't have the installation disc, AlienRespawn/DellDataSafe does not appear when press f8 at boot menu, and i don't have a factory system image to recover from apparently.

So with this being said, Is there anyway to factory reset? I have a bootable USB drive with windows 7 recovery on it, but I need a system image or something I believe.

I've also tried download AlienRespawn Windows 7 patch off of but when I try to use it it says "Change.MBR failed"

OEM Windows versions

I recently bought an Acer Aspire notebook with win7premium. I could not gain access to the cookie folders or the temp internet folder. I uninstalled the Acer junk hoping I would then have the control that the Acer junk used to have.

I am set up as administrator and have (user accounts says I do) full controll yet access to said folders is denied. Is it possible to gainaccess or if not is it possible to transfer the windows 7 system from my old computer to the new Acer?

System Restore not working in Windows 7

I had clean installed Windows 7, I just noticed that the Sysrem Restore is greyed out but File Restore is OK. How can I activate Sysrem Restore.

Loss security after system restore

I noticed that my network connection was showing limited access. After numerous attempts I used system restore and this gave me back the signal strength icon and net access. However I cannot now get my virgin media anti virus and firewall and windows firewall keeps switching off every time I try. I have tried uninstalling it but it wont let me. Shall I restore to factory settings and start all over again.

Recover after a restore to factory settings?

I restored my computer to factory settings and am wondering if I can recover any of my lost programs such as my linksys wireless program. I did not ever backup...

Losing my System Restore restore points

What in the world can cause me to lose ALL of my past restore points and essentially shut off System Restore? I am running a Dell desktop PC on 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium SP1. I recently opted to go back a day or two in System Restore in order to resolve a software issue, but was surprised that I had NO SAVED RESTORE POINTS at and have no idea how it got thatway.

I have always allowed System Restore to run but I have no idea how it got shut down.

Thankfully, my software issue is now resolved by the manufacturer, and my System Restore is now reset and working again (I hope), so that I can avoid such a situation in the future.

Windows 7 Backup won't Restore

The details on this are a bit sketchy, but here goes anyway: A friend of mine (single mom who recently lost her job) had to do a full system restore to factory defaults on a Toshiba laptop. After this completed successfully, she connected her external hard drive and attempted to run a restore of her data to the rebuilt OS (Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit).

The only backup file she has (her previous external hard drive was trashed due to rough-housing from her kids caused it to fall 3 feet from a counter top while it was running) has a corrupted catalog and won'trun.

Does anyone know of a utility or a method to repair a corrupt Windows 7 Backup file?