Diagnostic tools to use in safe mode

When using safe mode to troubleshoot problems with your computer, you might find the following tools and features helpful.

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BSOD Ox00000074: Cannot get into Safe Mode - System Restore doesn't help
My pc has been doing fine with exception of IE 64 hanging and not opening. After much reading, resets, turning off helper apps, I went to msconfig and clicked "diagnostic mode". I rebooted, came to initial Windows Screen, then BSOD - Ox00000074.

I have read many threads to no avail, all talking about memory being bad. That is not the case.
I "CANNOT" get into Safe Mode, Boot Mode, well any mode from F8. I let Win7 do the diagnostics and repair, to no avail. I let Win7 do a System Restore, which it said completed fine, still BSOD.

I'm currently on a second drive on this same pc, but it is NOT up to date, however, I can access the other problem drive from this drive.

IS there a way or workaround where I can access the other drives msconfig and change diagnostic back, or access the registry on that drive and change msconfig back to regular start-up. There is no doubt in my mind that the "diagnostic mode" caused the problem.

What is safe mode?
Safe mode is a troubleshooting option for Windows that starts your computer in a limited state. Only the basic files and drivers necessary to run Windows are started. The words Safe Mode appear in the corners of your monitor to identify which Windows mode you're using.

What is Safe Mode
In this article we're going to talk about Safe Mode in Windows 7. First, we’ll discuss what safe mode is and why you might need to use it. Then we will go over methods of getting in and out of it.

Troubleshooting problems while in safe mode
Safe mode is a troubleshooting option for Windows that starts your computer with only basic services and functionality. If an existing problem doesn't reappear when you start Windows in safe mode, you can eliminate the default settings and basic device drivers as possible causes.

Problem can't boot into eithre normal Windows mode or safe mode
I have a Sony VGN-FW139E with window vista. When my computer tried to boot into Windows, it just hangs on window vista loading screen.
If I selected Safe mode or Safe mode with Networking, I got this message.

Loaded: \windows\system32\drivers\crdisk.sys
Please wait…

Then it did not get any further.

Start your computer in safe mode
Safe mode starts Windows with a limited set of files and drivers. Startup programs don't run in safe mode, and only the basic drivers needed to start Windows are installed. Safe mode is useful for troubleshooting problems with programs and drivers that might not start correctly or that might prevent Windows from starting correctly. If a problem doesn't reappear when you start in safe mode, you can eliminate the default settings and basic device drivers as possible causes. If a recently installed program, device, or driver prevents Windows from running correctly, you can start your computer in safe mode and then remove the program that's causing the problem.

Safe Mode in Windows 7
Learn about: How to use Safe Mode for removing software, running antivirus and antimalware scans, or rolling back, disabling and uninstalling drivers in Windows 7.

Which drivers get loaded in safe mode?
Safe mode starts Windows with only the basic drivers and services listed here.

Safe mode with networking a startup option
When I boot or reboot, I would like to have "Safe Mode With Networking" as one of the options in addition to the usual Switch User, Log Off, Lock, Restart, Shutdown, Hibernate, etc.

Using DirectX Diagnostic Tool to Troubleshoot Problems
One of the least known troubleshooting tools in windows is DirectX Diagnostic Tool (dxdiag.exe), which can be used to solve problems you have with hardware used by multimedia applications, such as audio players or video games. This tutorial presents this tool in detail, shows how to launch it and use it to get the information you need.

LIBusb, USB ports doesn't work. Safe mode also no work
After I install LIBusb I could work futher. But after I put him off en reboot an hour later my wired mouse en keyboard didn't work anymore.
When I restart in safe mode both still doesnt work.
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64b
Computer: HP Pavilion p6250

Add "Safe Mode" to Windows Boot Manager Screen
This will show you how to add Windows 7 Safe Mode to the Windows Boot Manager to be able to easily select to startup into Safe Mode, Windows 7, or any other installed OS at boot from the Windows Boot Manager screen.

HP Probook 4520 wont boot
I have a HP Probook 4520 running Windows 7. It had been acting funny and last week I ran the antivirus software and removed 1 virus. I had it on last night and after leaving it along for 20minutes, I noticed programs were shutting down and then the computer itself shut off.

When trying to restart it, it sounds like a normal startup and the initial screen with the HP logo and "Press esc. for startup menu" in the corner comes up. It goes away as if it's going tocontinue restarting, but then that same screen just keeps flashing and it never starts.

I ran all the diagnostic tests in the startup menu and it passed all. There isn't a safe mode option in that menu.

Blue screen of death can't boot even in safe mode
Blue screen says critical error then it says system dump. I try to restart in safe mode and it still won't let my hp boot up. I am running vista and don't have a disk. A friend gave me a copy of windows 7.

But I am scared to install it because I have a lot of pictures and videos of my kids when they are babies that I don't have copies of and don't want ro take the chance of loosing them. What can I do to fix my laptop

Identify Memory Problems with Windows Memory Diagnostic
I will continue our System Recovery Options for Windows 7 series with an article about Windows Memory Diagnostic. This handy tool allows you to perform a basic set of memory tests, to help you identify Random Access Memory (RAM) problems. This tutorial will cover how to access Windows Memory Diagnostic and how to use it to diagnose if you have memory problems or not.

Windows explorer restarting several times..
I have a serious problem regarding windows explorer stopped working and then restarts.
Recently I copied a video file on my desktop after that my a msg pop up on screen "windows explorer is stopped working" after that it restarts.

it happens and happens and does't stop.
I m unable to do anything.I tried to solve it in the safe mode but this problem is present in safe mode also.

I have a Windows7 service pack 1 operating system.

Acer 1830t will not boot
I usually use my laptop before bed, close it on battery, then use it the next day without issue for a year or more now. I assume it goes into sleep mode.

However I woke up to what seemed to be a dead battery the other morning. So I plugged in, however when I powered on the laptop would not get to the Windows 7 screen:

- It would go to the first screen with the white Acer logo
- Then a line would flash a few times on the very top left of the screen
- Then the screen goes black
- Touching the power button here kills it instantly.

A quick Google brought up a number of things to try, the most legitimate seemed to be booting in safe mode and to try repair from the Windows 7 disk.* Booting in safe mode, which I was told is F8, did nothing, brought me to the same blinking curser than blank screen. The repair failed and told me: [LINK]

So where do I go from here? Obviously I want to get this unit running again, if nothing else, get what's on the hard drive off.

Acer laptop not working, Cant enter safe mode and Startup Repair fails
My ACER 5517 stopped working 2 days ago. It would freeze at the welcome screen when I started Windows normally. After few attempts it stopped doing that and gave a black screen. So, I tried rebooting it with F8 and going to safe mode but it fails to do that saying theres some problem.

I have tried startup repair which didn't work either. I don't have a repair CD.

I hope you understand what I am trying to say as I am typing this message at work while remembering what the laptop did. I don't have a repair CD but could I buy one if that's the solution?

Dirty shutdown and restart after entering sleep mode
I'm somewhat tech savvy, and my laptop has me absolutely stumped. I'll cut to the chase:

I get a dirty shutdown and restart (prompting Windows' safe mode option) any time the system attempts to enter sleep mode--whether by the Start menu or by pressing the power button (which I've set to enter sleep mode).

I've asked Windows to produce a dump file in the event of a BSOD, but none have been created. I've gone through all driver updates I can think of, HP siteupdates, reinstalled the OS twice, etc.

I had some luck re-enabling the Windows 7 logon screen, which had previously been disabled. Worked for a few days, and I'm back where I started.

Black screen with cursor on dell laptop - windows recovery
I have black screen with cursor same thing in all safe modes I can only asses system recovery tool Startup repair can't no fix. System restore any restoration point I chose no restor complete system image recovery no helps. windows memory diagnostic no helps.

Command prompt usable but I can't use sfc /scannow when I use cmd from system recovery option
I have no recovery cd and anyway my cd driver no work