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Turn Start Menu's Shut Down Button into Log Off, Lock, Restart, Sleep or Switch User

Turn Start Menu's Shut Down Button into Log Off, Lock, Restart, Sleep or Switch User
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One of the things we noticed about some Windows 7 users is that they do not use the Shut down button from the Start Menu to shut down their computers. They use the power button from the computer case instead. If you are such a user, you might want to change the default behavior of the Shut down button from the Start Menu into something else, which you are likely to use in a reasonably frequent manner: Log Off, Lock, Restart, Sleep or Switch User. This tutorial will show how.
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Dirty shutdown and restart after entering sleep mode

I'm somewhat tech savvy, and my laptop has me absolutely stumped. I'll cut to the chase:

I get a dirty shutdown and restart (prompting Windows' safe mode option) any time the system attempts to enter sleep mode--whether by the Start menu or by pressing the power button (which I've set to enter sleep mode).

I've asked Windows to produce a dump file in the event of a BSOD, but none have been created. I've gone through all driver updates I can think of, HP siteupdates, reinstalled the OS twice, etc.

I had some luck re-enabling the Windows 7 logon screen, which had previously been disabled. Worked for a few days, and I'm back where I started.

Turn off a computer: frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some common questions about turning off a computer. How do I turn off my computer? Why doesn't my computer shut down? Should I use sleep or shut down my computer? Can I change what happens when I click the power button?

start>shutdown options do not respond

All of a sudden the start-shutdown/restart option has stopped responding. In fact, even when I pressed the shutdown button, the computer only went to sleep rather than shut down.
The only change that I think may be related is that the previous day I had installed the update for Mozilla Firefox 15.0.1 (x86 en-US) (although I did not have any problem shutting down subsequently. The problem only arose later).

Turning off your computer properly

When you're finished using your computer, it's important to turn it off properly-not only to save energy, but also to help keep your computer more secure and to ensure that your data is saved. There are three ways to turn off your computer: pressing your computer's power button, using the Shut down button (sometimes called the Power button) on the Start menu, and, if you have a laptop, closing the lid.

Safe mode with networking a startup option

When I boot or reboot, I would like to have "Safe Mode With Networking" as one of the options in addition to the usual Switch User, Log Off, Lock, Restart, Shutdown, Hibernate, etc.

Win 7 Refuses to Sleep or Hibernate

When purchased a year ago, my new HP desktop computer with Win 7 WOULD sleep or hibernate, based on the configuration settings I set up. When in active mode, the hardware startup button on the computer would have a blue light, but after the set period of inactivity, the startup button would change to an orange glow, indicating sleep or hibernation mode.

I leave my computers on 24/7, except when away on a trip or vacation. This computer is fully updated with all Win 7 updates & security as well as SP1. One morning I went over to my computers only to find the blue light glowing on the Startup button of the Win 7 machine. It was fully active.

I assumed that an overnight Windows (or other) update had activated the computer. I rebooted & waited 30 minutes. The light was still blue. I checked the settings for sleep mode or hibernation & they were as I had set them.

Several months have passed & that computer remains ACTIVE 24/7. I've done a registry cleanup which did not correct the problem. The hard drive spins merrily away & all functions are active.

Fortunately the monitor has an on/off switch so I turn it off manually. Must I now manually shut down my Win 7 unit when I'm done for the day? I'm thinking that some program is interfering with or keeping that computer awake. How do I track the problem?
What do I do now?

My computer won't shut down

My main desktop computer won't shut down, when I go to click shut down, restart, nothing happens. I have to manually click and hold the power button to shut it down.

My computer is an Acer Aspire M1 200.

Unauthorised access to my computer

Or people is trying to access my computer online, during the night.

I am not operating my computer during nights and all I do before stopping what I am doing; I put the computer to sleep.

My question is: Is the ''sleep status'' function enough to stop anyone to access my computer, or should I shut it down, or maybe switch the modem off?

How to turn off Windows updates

Ok so I have pretty much EVERYTHING turned off in the UAC and everywhere else I know of. I really am not that concerned about the constant security updates or whatever else. I would rather windows notify me that there are updates available, and then give me the option to download/install them.

it doesn't do this. I don't know why they are trying so hard to make computers do **** automatically so we don't have to think. its just going to make people so stupid to the point they are more easily exploitable.

anyways with that said, I realize Microsoft has set up so that it automatically updates. even with my thing checked to NEVER install updates. it still downloads all the stuff without me knowing and then it waits for me to install it.

a primary reason this annoys me? it screws with my computers auto shut down routines. I typically leave my computer on at night before going to sleep to watch movies or other things.

I rely on its automatic shut down/sleep/hibernate functions which get totally screwed with by I can only assume the automatic updatingi cannot turn off.

Windows 7 will not go to sleep mode

I'm at my wits end. All of a sudden my machine will not go to sleep mode. When I click on Sleep the display immediately shuts down, I can hear the hard drives winding down but the the fans keep running with the blue sleep like blinking.

I think. I have run powercfg and no requests are outstanding. Here are my current powersettings:

Balanced mode, turn display off 10 min, set computer to sleep 20 min Advanced mode, allow sleep after 20 min, wake timer enable, sharing media allow sleep