Copy and Paste Pictures to a New Folder

In this tutorial, you will learn how to copy and paste pictures to a new folder. Once you've done that, you will learn how to add information to each image, so that they can be located and referenced more easily. Let's start by creating a new folder.

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Some websites disable copy/paste feature - how to break them
Some websites disable the Windows copy and paste feature to use on their website. A text can not be copied and pasted either from using shortcuts : CTRL+C, CTRL+V or from using copy, paste option from the menu.

These website disable copy/paste probably for some safety reasons.

What gets changed in the Windows that disables copy/paste feature. Is there anything in Registry that gets changed or anything else or a website uses any ActiveX sort of thing to so it?

If it is done through Windows settings, could these be manually changed when the website disbales copy/paste feature ?

Managing your pictures
An easy way to locate and view pictures on your computer is to use the Pictures library. By default, the Pictures library shows all the pictures located in the My Pictures folder, but you can include other folders in your Pictures library, too.

Customizing Copy/Paste in Same Folder
A new and improved feature of Windows 7 is that when files are copied and pasted into the same folder, the copy file name is the name of the original with "- Copy" which makes it difficult to select just originals or copies.

For example: original file named "Contract-102.docx" copy is named "Contract-102 - Copy.docx

In Windows XP the word "Copy" was at the beginning of the file name. How do I get this rule changed to the Windows XP format?

Copy and paste a file
When you copy and paste a file , you're making a duplicate of the original file that you can then modify independently of the original file. If you copy and paste a file to a different location on your computer, it's a good idea to give it a different name so that you'll remember which file is new and which file is the original. Watch this video to learn how to copy and paste a file.

Copy information between files
You can copy or move information (such as text and pictures) between files and programs using a temporary storage space called the Clipboard. The Clipboard isn't visible, so even though you use it to copy and paste information, you never actually see the Clipboard when you do this.

Understanding Windows 7 file structure
I have just changed from XP to Windows7 and am struggling with the file structure (amongst other things).Using a duplicate file finder I discover that I have loaded twocopies of every one of my picture folders, one lot underC;\users\Public\Public Pictures and the other under C:\users\{name}\My Pictures.

When I click on Libraries\My Pictures all my picturefolders are displayed, but if I click on the small arrow to the leftof My Pictures a new “folder” Public Pictures is displayed, whichshows all of the same folders.

I want to delete one of the duplicatesets – which do I delete ?.

The same thing applies to the MyDocuments folder, which is also listed as duplicated.

0x800705ad Insufficient Quota to complete the requested service
I have a W7 laptop. I often store a file(s) in a directory, then copy and paste them to a shared folder on my Desktop XP machine.

All of a sudden, one of these files keeps coming up with the error listed above in the subject title.
It also wipes out the file on my XP machine.

Specifically, let's call the file blah.wks. I update the file every day and save the revised version on my laptop and then copy/paste it to the XP machine. Now I do this with a few datafiles but the error seems to only occur with the one file.

So, Is the problem on my W7 machine or XP machine? I googled it and one article (Wikipedia) said to do a System Restore or d/l some program that fixes the error. I'm not sure I want to do the latter.

I could do the former, but to which machine? I would also hope there would be an easier fix.

Folder Refresh Problems
I’m having an issue where I’m having to manually refresh (F5) all my folders and HDDs when I copy/paste/cut/ and delete files. I’ve tried resetting the folder settings to default but no job.
I have one of my HDDs networked but it’s doing it on all the other drives, which aren’t.
If I drag and drop one file, you can’t see it before you manually refresh it in the new location, however if you try and drag and drop it again you get the replace or don’t copy option, without actually seeing the new file etc.
I noticed this when I would save a file with firefox and the browser would temporarily freeze for a few seconds, then start downloading.

Can't save a jpg file from the Internet
System ask me if I want to save the file in pictures, where I just tried to save it. If I click yes it will save the file to the pictures folder. I am not given the choice of saying I am the administarator.
If I try to look at the file with windows explorer, it is NOT there. If I try to save it again I can see that the file HAS been saved in the pictures folder.
I have no hidden files on my computer. The option to hide system files is unchecked.
A search of the drive cannot find and does not show the files.

copy/paste - not working
Cop /paste is not working in my system. is there a way to fix it? I right click and copy, then when I right click I get "paste" as an option, but in a disabled mode. Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v is also not working.

Folder not found when try to move or copy
When I try to create or delete a folder in Explorer or MOVE TO - COPY TO I get the dialog that say folder not found, I the click RETRY and WIN7 then does what I requested. WIN7, 32bit, SP1

Batch file program to copy folder from one drive to another.
This script needs to be copy folder lets say D:\windows\*me* to C:\windows\*me*. The problem I'm having is the *me* being a variable. So *me* always changes to who ever logs into the machine.

So the real question is how to I make *me* in the file path change to whoever is logged in?

Include folders in a library
A library gathers content from various folders. You can include folders from different locations in the same library, and then view and arrange the files in those folders as one collection. For example, if you keep some of your pictures on an external hard drive, you can include a folder from that hard drive in your Pictures library, and then access that folder's files in your Pictures library whenever the hard drive is connected to your computer.

Remove unwanted icons from Games folder/explorer
I have a number of icons, which I cannot delete from the games folder. They are all the same - a rectangle with with a couple green areas and some lines with the name of the game underneath.
Most were created when trying to copy desktop shortcuts to the games folder, none actually load a game. Looking at other forums have answers have managed to move these to an area labelled unspecified in the games folder.

Lock Icon Nikon d-90
When I copy pictures off my camera (nikon d-90) using the supplied software, my transfered pictures have a lock icon on them in the lower left of the thumbnail. If i copy, cut and past the picture a few times this icon goes away. I was just wondering why this icon is there? When i ran the software in Vista I never had this show up.
I have checked ALL setting in Nikon Transfer and there is no setting that i can see that could cause this, leading me to supect something that Windows 7 is doing.

Move and copy files using drag and drop
A common way to move or copy a file or folder is to select it and drag it to another location. For example, you can drag a file to the Recycle Bin to delete the file, or to a folder to copy or move it to that location.

Batch File copy files from CD to a folder
I'm using a batch file to copy files from a CD to a folder. This command works: copy *.doc foldername. But this command doesn't: copy *.docx foldername.

I even tried copy *.* and *.doc?, but nothing works. in other words, it seems that the batch processor doesn't recognize the newer word formats. Is there some work-around? Maybe I need to use a different batch processor.

Unable to cancel auto arrange of folders in library, pictures and document
cannot move folders or items in folders to other locations within 'pictures' or 'documents'. The black, vertical location bar does not appear when I click on a folder to move it around , and on releasing the mouse button the folder returns to it's origional position. Tried both left and right clicking on folders and in spaces in between but no option to deselect 'auto arrange ' appears, - only variuos options within an auto arrange system

All of the thumbnails have a placeholder image!
I'm trying to figure out how to make thumbnails work in Windows 7.

The help panel says:

1. Click to open the Pictures library.

2. In the left pane, click the folder that contains the pictures you want to view.

3. click the arrow next to the Views button, and then move the slider to change the size of the thumbnails.

All of that works, except that every thumbnail is a picture of a seascape with a row of hills and a sky full of wispy white clouds.

Windows 7 does this for all of my image files, which are PNGs in a directory that is not in the Pictures library. Likewise for the samples files that Microsoft put in the Pictures library.

What must I do to make the thumbnails display something useful?

Recovering lost photos overwritten
I cut and pasted photos from my Nikon camera to a picture folder using windows exporer. These are named in numerical sequence. (DSC_121, etc.) The next day I cut and pasted a new batch of photos to this folder and for some reason, the camera numbered these pictures with some of the same numbers, so that my original DSC_121 file was overwritten by a new DSC_121 file. I therefore lost a group of pictures. I did not get a screen asking for permission to overwrite. Is there anything I can do to recover the lost photos? I run Windows 7.