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Computer lags when left idle.

Computer lags when left idle.
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Like the title says my computer has this problems that when it is left idle like if I was watching a movie or something of this sorts, it does this massive lag, sound skips and screen image slows down.

Although right when I move my mouse, the screen goes black for half a sec and resumes to its normal speed. This happens every 5mins or so and some times it wont only lag butactually freeze my computer.

I am running on windows 7 64-bit. I have 3 monitors attached to my computer so I was wondering if maybe my cpu is being over worked and goes on like a power save mode when I'm not moving the mouse or something.
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Windows keeps restarting

Basically, I'm having trouble with windows restarting if left idle for too long. Only, it's not idle, because I'm trying to download things off steam overnight. I can't do it during the day, by the way, because we have limited download space (60GB) and it's free from 12 till 8.

ANYWAY, the computer is at the loading screen and the downloads have been halted.

Then, after thirty seconds or whatever, a notification pops up telling me that Windows was restarted for an update the update is always different, however, and I'm wondering if there's some kind of setting which stops the computer downloading updates without permission if left for too long.

slow computer+shuts down by itself

I have asus computer, model N61-JQ-A1 that I use for graphics work. It seems to be getting slower whenever I try to use programs. Then sometimes after being idle for some time, it will shut off without warning.

When I reboot it will say that the computer has recovered from a crash and is looking for solutions.

Computer Black Screens overnight

I have been trying to fix this problem for quite a while. It's been going on for about 2 months and I haven't found a way to fix it. Basically what happens is, I leave my computer on when I go to bed and sometimes when I wake up, my monitor has a black screen, I know it isn't the monitor's problem because the keyboard and mouse is unresponsive, and I'm not so sure that it is the GPU because it runs about 46 Degrees Celsius during the night when it's idle.

This has also happened once at a friend's house when I left it for 10 minutes. Ireally want to know how to fix this.

Task Scheduler/Win Defender - How to schedule & run

Trying to figure out how to schedule Windows Task Scheduler to update and run Windows Defender with these settings:

Want to update every Thursday 8AM, or if computer is off the next time it is on and idle for 15 min.

Want to scan every Friday 8AM or if missed (which will probably happen more times than not) the next time the computer is idle for 15 min (run minimized would be preferable)

Windows 7 Wakes From Sleep

When I put my computer into sleep mode, or when it goes into sleep mode after an idle period, it is awakened almost every 20 minutes by an unknown source. It runs for about 5 minutes then it goes back to sleep.

Both the Ethernet connection and modem are set to wake the computer, but they are not the source.
I've tried disabling non-Microsoft services and doing a clean boot; it did not work. In desperation, I reloaded Win 7 clean and installed no other software. The PC was connected to the internet and modem only.

When left alone and in sleep mode for 3 hours, the computer was awakened just about every 20 minutes. This behavior continues. The event log always states"Wake Source: Unknown".

How to Turn Off Hard Disk After so many Minutes of being Idle or Never

This will show you how to have your hard disks to be either turned off after however many minutes you set of being idle, or to never be turned off in Windows 7 and Vista. This setting will only affect internal HDD's and not SSD's (solid state drives).
When set to turn off hard disks after idle, you will notice a brief delay of a few seconds when you try to access a turned off hard disk as it spins back up and is turned back on automatically as needed. Having your hard disks to be turned off after being idle can help save energry and extend a laptop's battery life.

Win7 64-bit locks up after idle

HP Pavilion, Win 7 Home Premium, quad core, 64 bit, 8GB RAM. Everything works great but at least three times over the past three weeks after being idle for a long period I have no desktop activity.

The mouse moves around but that's it eventually forcing me to do a hard shut down. I have the monitor sleep set to never and hibernate set to never, I just turn my monitors off when I'm away.

Screen Freezing Up - turning one solid color

I have a Sony Vaio FS920. My OS is Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 2

Recently (starting 2 months ago), my computer has been freezing up and turning one solid color. The first time it was white, second black, third white and fourth Pink. The first time it froze what when I was just surfing the internet.

The second I had left it to go to the bathroom. the third I had left it downloading files while I ate. And this last time, I was downloading some stuff and I left to go watch some tv and grab a bite to eat.

I can back and my screen was pink, and as far as I could tell, the entire computer froze.
despite my constant banging on the key board and yelling, nothing.

My computer (Windows 7 desktop) keeps freezing very regularly

My computer (Windows 7 desktop) keeps freezing very regularly. I had the same problem with my last computer (a laptop running Vista) a couple of years ago and my housemate at the time told me of a program that helped clean up its hard drive by removing unnecessary space left from deleted files (I'm quoting from memory what he said a long time ago so apologies if these seems alittle vague).

I ran the program on my old computer: it did the trick and I stopped experiencing the problem. Does this program ring any bells, if so what's its name and how do I apply it?

Dell inspiron N5010 won't turn on and it beeps 4 times

It beeps four times then stops and starts again.I have had this computer for a little bit over than a year. I really need help since I can't afford a new computer right now. It was working fine till I left it in sleep then after 45 mins when I went to turn it back on it did that.

The lights come up but the desktop is completely black then followed by the beeps describe before.