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Black screen with flashing cursor after replacing hard drive

Black screen with flashing cursor after replacing hard drive
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I have replaced the hard drive in a computer for a friend. Now I have a black screen with a flashing cursor. They do not have the Windows 7 OS disk. What are my options? Can Idownload anything on my computer then put it in his?
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Windows won't open- stops at black screen

So last night I turned my comp off (safely) and went to bed. I turned it on and found that it said something about user profile failing. So I went into safe mode and did a system restore- but had to reboot the hard drive, I think it said? so I waited about and hour for the comp to validate all the files.

Then I turn it on and same problem. After restarting several times, it just goes to a black screen with a flashing underscore.

Before you wagging your finger at me- please note my dad does not like spending money on this PC. He didn't buy anything but the comp itself. No extra hardware or software.

Laptop Wont boot black screen.

Theres a black screen. It starts the windows symbol and it has the white cursor but nothing else even when you try to start in safemode...

Retrieving docs from back up disk

I had to do a system recovery because screen was black with cursor flashing. I installed 7 disk after being prompted to do so to back up files. One I did a system recover the files are showing as wim files and when I try to open it pics of internet explore.

New Hard Drive Not Showing up in Installation

I just got a new Western Digital 500GB Caviar Green Hard Drive, and it will show up in my computer, but will not show up in my Windows 7 Installation screen. I currently have 2 hard drive's in my machine the 500GB and a 320GB, and Windows 7 is installed on my 320GB Hard Drive. How would I make the 500GB Hard Drive show up in the installation, so that I can install Windows 7 to it?

Problem Upgrading to a Larger Hard Drive

I have Windows 7 and I just upgraded to a larger hard drive. I cloned the old hard drive onto the new hard drive. My problem is that windows 7 sees the size of the new larger hard drive as being the same as the old small hard drive. This seems to be caused by cloning the old drive's partition information. There is only one partition on the drive, meaning the whole drive is C. In Disk Management the "Format->Extend Volume" is grayed out. How can I make Windows 7 check the true size of the new hard drive and change the partition information to show the full drive size?

Need a new hard-drive

I am looking into getting a new hard drive partly because I have 10gb left of 500gb so I am looking at getting a 1000gb hard-drive also it is a few years old so the performance is not that great.
Can anyone suggest to me a good hard drive for my PC that is under about £60? that includes both of the above.

Black screen with cursor on dell laptop - windows recovery

I have black screen with cursor same thing in all safe modes I can only asses system recovery tool Startup repair can't no fix. System restore any restoration point I chose no restor complete system image recovery no helps. windows memory diagnostic no helps.

Command prompt usable but I can't use sfc /scannow when I use cmd from system recovery option
I have no recovery cd and anyway my cd driver no work

New hard drive not showing up as an accessable drive

I had an old (6 months old) internal hard drive that I had setup as an external drive go bad yesterday so I replaced it with a brand new internal drive that I am trying to connect using my esata connector. It is the same exact setup as I had for my old drive that did work for 6 months.
The new hard drive shows up in Device Manager, and in the Devices and Printer panel, but it does not show up in my Computer Panel under Hard Disk Drives.

One hard drive, and my DVD drive not shown?

My PC has 3 hard drives and one DVD drive. I can see 2 of the hard drives in Libraries, but not the 3rd hard drive, or the DVD drive. If I go into Computer Management, they are shown, but say "No Media", and the internal hard drive is shown as "removable".
It won't let me right click anything except to access Properties or Change Drive Letters/Paths. These drives were working until fairly recently, but the hard drive was the first to give me problems. Sometimes it wouldn't show up, and rebooting the PC would let it show up. Now, however, that no longer works. I have data on that drive I really want to keep, so formatting it is not an option. And of course, I can't format a DVD drive.

Cannot Format Hard Disk

So my hard drive would show in up bios but wouldn't show up in the windows 7 disk selection screen even after loading the drivers numerous times. I tried to format it in my brothers working computer, it said it could not format the disk. I tried to install xp, it recognized the hard disk, but again I couldn't format. I tried to boot the GParted Live and delete/create some partitions, the disk doesn't even find my hard drive.
My question is: Is this a semi-common problem or do I have a faulty hard drive?