Black screen with cursor on dell laptop - windows recovery

I have black screen with cursor same thing in all safe modes I can only asses system recovery tool Startup repair can't no fix. System restore any restoration point I chose no restor complete system image recovery no helps. windows memory diagnostic no helps.

Command prompt usable but I can't use sfc /scannow when I use cmd from system recovery option
I have no recovery cd and anyway my cd driver no work

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Laptop Wont boot black screen.
Theres a black screen. It starts the windows symbol and it has the white cursor but nothing else even when you try to start in safemode...

Laptop won't boot windows
Hopefully this is in the right area. I am having an issue with my Windows 7 64 bit laptop. I did an update and pressed the"restart now" to let the changes take effect, when it restarted it got to the"starting windows" screen but it stopped there for a while then flashed a blue screen quickly.

Then it restarted itself and goes to a menu that says"windows failed to start.

A recent hardware or software change might be the cause..." I have two options" Launch Startup repair (recommended)" or"start windows normally".

When I choose the Launch startup repair it says"windows is loading files" and then it shows a black screen with a mouse cursor, I can move the cursor but nothing loads.

Windows Scaling Problem
My laptop is set for a resolution of 1680 x 1050. I have a monitor which I connect to via a docking station, and it's a wider screen format than my widescreen laptop. The resolution on the monitor is 1920 x 1080.

The laptop seems to support that just fine with one exception. The Windows 7 snap-to feature that lets you move a window to the right or left edge of the screen and have it pop into a half-screen mode only works on the left edge of the screen.

My cursor doesn't stop at the right edge of the screen like it does on the left . it just drags the window all the way off the right edge of the monitor.

And some icons that I have placed near the right edge of the screen on the laptop seem to be missing . as though they've been placed somewhere off the right edgeof my visible screen on the external monitor.

Is there any way to correct this?

Win7 Black Screen of Death
I am trying to fix a laptop that has developed the Black Screen of death, so called because on bootin the machine it appears to load up as normal, two bars go across the screen saying windows is loading and I see the windos logo come and go, the a short pause and then the mouse pointer.

The pointer is movable around the screen but nothing can be done with the machine.

No keyboard entry makes any difference, not Ctrl Alt Del or anything. It had initially had screens to repair but on running them several times they disappeared.

F8 on boot does bring up the usual preboot list but none of them work. All safe mode variants give the same BlackSOD, all other options do not promote any change in the system. When I use a Win7 recovery cd, I get exactly th wsame results.

I cannot reinstall as this was an academic install for low income family and only has a tracking number, not a produck key.

I have tried nearly suggestions from google searches including replacing explorer.exe etc.

I would really like to help the family whose laptop this is.

Black screen with flashing cursor after replacing hard drive
I have replaced the hard drive in a computer for a friend. Now I have a black screen with a flashing cursor. They do not have the Windows 7 OS disk. What are my options? Can Idownload anything on my computer then put it in his?

touchpad Dell Vostro 1700
I'm having a small inconvenience issue with my touchpad on my laptop (model and manufacturer in subject line). I cannot scroll down any screen by running my finger down the right side of the touchpad. I was wondering if there was a fix for this because the drivers from Dell will not run in Windows 7. I also would like to be able to change the functionality of my touchpad buttons (i.e. clicking both buttons to open up a new tab in internet explorer, like I can do with my Vista install on this laptop.)

Solution for unsupported Touchpad on Dell Vostro 1700
I have installed Windows 7 32-bit on a Dell Vostro 1700 notebook, but I am having issues with a 'jumping cursor' (while typing, the cursor will suddenly move to another line in my text, usually the place where my mouse previously clicked).
I have read many discussions and I now know that it is to do with the mouse driver (both touchpad and USB) and that Dell does not do drivers for Windows 7 for the Vostro 1700.
I tried to just live with it for a while but I cannot work like this anymore, so I am wondering whether there is any solution, other than reverting back to Vista?

Dell vostro touchpad and Shut down problems
I have two questions. The first is the scrolls of my Dell vostro laptop touchpad are not working under Windows 7.
The second question is that I can not shut windows 7 down.
I am running Windows 7 64-Bit with Vista 32-Bit and Ubuntu on my laptop. I use EasyBCD and Neosmart to set up the triple boot.

Since upgrading to Windows 7 my screen blurs
Since upgrading to windows 7 on my dell studio 15 laptop my screen blurs. This happens when playing Microsoft pre-installed games and also sometiimes the desktop blurs as well. You can mouse over and clear it sometimes but I do not know why this is happening and how to stop it.

windows 7 wont load just blank screen
I have an emachines (E525) with windows 7. When I try to start up my computer I get directed to a windows error recover screen. At that point I am given 2 options.

1. Launch start up repair
2. Start windows normally.

If I pick option 2 I get stuck in a continuous re-booting loop that brings me right back to these options. If I pick option one. I just get a blank black screen. I do not have any kind of recovery disk. what can I do?

OEM: What if HDD fail
Now a days we all buy laptops from Dell, HP, Toshiba etc. that don't come with the Windows installer cd/dvd. Instead, they have hidden recovery partitions.

what if the HDD fails? Yes, if in warranty it will be replaced but what about Windows?

What if I decide to upgrade my HDD to a bigger capacity?

Only thing I can think of is to take an image of the hidden/recovery partition and store the contents on a cd/dvd/usb. However, I'm not sure what format the content in the hidden/recovery partition is in and if its possible to do something like this.

Acer 1830t will not boot
I usually use my laptop before bed, close it on battery, then use it the next day without issue for a year or more now. I assume it goes into sleep mode.

However I woke up to what seemed to be a dead battery the other morning. So I plugged in, however when I powered on the laptop would not get to the Windows 7 screen:

- It would go to the first screen with the white Acer logo
- Then a line would flash a few times on the very top left of the screen
- Then the screen goes black
- Touching the power button here kills it instantly.

A quick Google brought up a number of things to try, the most legitimate seemed to be booting in safe mode and to try repair from the Windows 7 disk.* Booting in safe mode, which I was told is F8, did nothing, brought me to the same blinking curser than blank screen. The repair failed and told me: [LINK]

So where do I go from here? Obviously I want to get this unit running again, if nothing else, get what's on the hard drive off.

Windows 7 almost boots. Won't go past windows 7 splash.
So I installed Ubuntu alongside windows using the windows installer. Windows booted. Ubuntu booted. Was having some issues with Ubuntu so I installed Linux Mint using a live CD. Linux mint works great.

It wasn't until I tried to boot back into Windows a week or so later that I found out that Windows had been damaged somehow. It will boot to the starting windows screen then it goes to the Windows 7 home premium screen and the mouse cursor comes up with the loading wheel then it will flash to a black screen and back to the windows screen.

It will just do this forever.

I tried doing a system repair and it still does the same thing. I tried doing a clean boot by disabling any non microsoft services. No dice. I am able to boot into safe mode. and things seem to work fine.

I have been away from Windows for years now so I'm kind of at a loss for what to do next.

I really just need Windows so I can watch Netflix, as they don't support Linux and probably never will

Migrate from win xp to win 7
My wife has a dell laptop running win xp pro 32bit. It is nearing end of life, so in anticipation I bought her a new Asus laptop running 7 pro 64 bit. I have been using it and it is great.

What is the best way to duplicate everything from the dell to the asus? I looked into Windows Easy Transfer, but that only moves files not programs.

Freeze after resuming hibernation.
Sometimes after I wake it up from hibernation the computer freezes after the resuming Windows screen. In a black screen with a blinking cursor at top left. After reset it wakes up fine after skipping a resume error.

Retrieving docs from back up disk
I had to do a system recovery because screen was black with cursor flashing. I installed 7 disk after being prompted to do so to back up files. One I did a system recover the files are showing as wim files and when I try to open it pics of internet explore.

Welcome screen displays for over 20 minutes
My Dell Studio 15 laptop (running i3 processor, Windows 7 64 bit, 4GB ram) has started to hang on the Welcome screen. It now takes over 20 minutes after you log in and the Welcome screen displays before the computer's desktop finally appears. tried, and the results:

* Thought it was a corrupted user profile, but each and every profile has the same issue. Making a new user profiles also hang the welcome screen.
* Thought it was the desktop solid background issue, but even with image backgrounds the welcome screen hangs.
Running Security Essentials scans, Malwarebytes, and CCleaner. Nothing shows as a problem.
Running Windows Defender Offline comes up clean...

Colors Completely Baffling
I was/am having issue with my monitor. If I set my colors for [menu] selected items to me bright white text on blue background, it looks fine in the Customization screen.But then, in any screen that is "explorer-connected" -- like explorer.exe itself -- the elected menu items show as black type on blue.

I thought it was my monitor - a Samsung 226BW.

But, I spent yesterday setting up my daughter's Dell Laptop N5010, from bare metal using Windows 7 64-bit, and it now has the same issue.

So, same software, totally different hardware, same result.

What could be causing this? The top pic is how it is supposed to be, and the bottom is how it looks in explorer.exe.

Adjusting Touchpad sensitivity on Dell 11z running w7 ultimate (x64)
Did a clean install of W7 ultimate on a Dell 11z (x64) with all the updates. The touchpad cannot be adjusted. There is no property for any adjustment. Problem is when typing, the slightest brush of the touchpad causes the cursor to jump. And I mean the *slightest* touch! A mere brush of atoms on the touchpad causes the cursor jump.
The Dell site offers both Elan and Synaptics drivers. I am an experienced Synaptics user and want only the simgple single finger "right edge scroll" capabilities offered with the PS2 Compatible Mouse drivers - with touchpad adjustment capability because of the cursor jumping. But I will take any touchpad adjustment - anywhere - that will allow me to de-sensitize the touchpad. Elan drivers allow for touchpad adjustment but not the single finger scroll, instead forcing their multi-finger "gesture" control - which I think is junk. Arrrrgh!
I have read and tried many of the suggestions form Dell and Windows communities, and nothing works.

M-Net Framework 3..1 And Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
Ok had an Windows update adventure, 7 or 8 updates (forget) and got the 1 update did not install error and the title of thread did not install. Anyway it informed me to restart for all others and I did, on restart it went through the reboot and got past the welcome circle spin and normal screen turns black and mouse cursor popped on with black screen normal before regulardesktop turns on.

Well desktop never came on, I waited 15 minutes and just powered PC off and powered it back on and got a normal restart and all appears to be working. Shortly after I got the important update message and the thread title update said it needed to be installed. Do I just try the reinstall of that update is it something I need.

My OS is Home Premium Windows 7 64 bit.