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Unable to cancel auto arrange of folders in library, pictures and document

Unable to cancel auto arrange of folders in library, pictures and document
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cannot move folders or items in folders to other locations within 'pictures' or 'documents'. The black, vertical location bar does not appear when I click on a folder to move it around , and on releasing the mouse button the folder returns to it's origional position. Tried both left and right clicking on folders and in spaces in between but no option to deselect 'auto arrange ' appears, - only variuos options within an auto arrange system
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Windows 7 does not have the Auto Arrange Option/or can not be turned off

So, why Windows 7 turns off Auto Arrange ? I feel very annoying that I cannot arrange the files/pictures the way I want.
Keeping files organised and having the option to is great but having it forced upon me is not! I keep the majority of my pictures/files in alphabetical order but there are certain files/pictures which came from different sources and I access regularly and would like to keep out of sorting sequence made automatically by Windows 7.
Was the Windows 7 wiritten in such a way that the Auto arrange option is disabled? Or this option can be re-enabled. Please somebody helps with an answer!
I know I am not the only user that feels this way as I have seen thread after thread asking how to disable auto arrrange within folders.

Include folders in a library

A library gathers content from various folders. You can include folders from different locations in the same library, and then view and arrange the files in those folders as one collection. For example, if you keep some of your pictures on an external hard drive, you can include a folder from that hard drive in your Pictures library, and then access that folder's files in your Pictures library whenever the hard drive is connected to your computer.

Managing your pictures

An easy way to locate and view pictures on your computer is to use the Pictures library. By default, the Pictures library shows all the pictures located in the My Pictures folder, but you can include other folders in your Pictures library, too.

disable/turn off auto arrange files and folders?

does anyone know how to turn off auto arrange? i like to be organsised and arrange my files within folders to my liking. i could do this with vista and the other windows before windows 7. can anyone help? is microsoft aware of this issue and are they doing anything about it?

Undo auto arrange for documents

I just installed Windows 7. With Vista, I could arrange my documents anyway I see fit; however, with Windows 7 I am unable to do so. My question, is there a way to disable the auto arrange so I can arrange My Documents the way I want? This is a deal breaker. If M.S. does not have this feature I will change my OS [to Apple]--once again, it is time I buy a new computer.

Arrange file/folder information- do not want to "auto arrange"

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate. I want to be able to arrange icons and pictures in a file or folder. I DO NOT want them to "auto arrange". This is such a simple thing, but everywhere I look it is telling me to arrange by "something" ie. date, tag, size, etc. I simply want to move them into the order I want them

Customize a library

Libraries let you view and arrange files stored in different locations. You can change where a library gathers content from by including or removing folders in the library. You can also customize the general behavior of a library by changing its default save location, or by changing the type of file that a library is optimized for.

How to Disable Auto Arrange

In Windows 7, auto arrange is enabled by default so that all file and folder names in Windows Explorer are sorted alphabetically no matter what folder view you used. This will show you how to disable Auto Arrange in Windows 7 to be able to sort your files and folders in any random order you like in Windows Explorer without it having to be sorted alphabetically by name. Windows 7 will also remember these random folder sortings, and open as how they were when the window was last closed.

Turn auto arrange icons off in folders

How can i turn auto arrange icons off in folders? I would like to move icons where i want in a folder.

Customizing the desktop

The desktop is the work area on a computer screen that simulates the top of an actual desk. The desktop contains the Recycle Bin and icons (shortcuts to programs, files, folders, and various types of documents such as letters, reports, or pictures) that you can arrange just as you'd arrange real objects on a desk.