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Printer Alias (Basis Pro 5 Config)

I am attempting to configure a new printer in a config file for Basis Pro 5. The existing printer is connected to the parallel port and is listed as such:


is actually the same printer, but is now connected via USB, so my question is how to I reference the USB port? Something like:


Image backup tip (if system can't find your image)

People make a system repair CD and an image backup to a USB drive, then when they need it, they boot from the repair disk, try to follow the Microsoft instructions, and get an error message saying that it couldn't find any system images.

Mostly people try to help by posting slightly-reworded versions of the Microsoft instructions, which also won't work. I haven't seen anyactual useful replies anywhere.

The trick that makes it work on my rig is to plug my shiny new usb 3 drive into a usb 2 (TWO) port on my computer, not the usb 3 port I used when taking the backup.

USB Drives not displaying the auto run / popup

Whenever I used to insert a USB stick into a port, it would bring up a window that asked if you would like to open files in windows explorer. Now when I insert a USB stick nothing happens, you have to go to computer to open it.

USB Port Issues

I had plugged my USB device into the port, and normally it will show up in Device Manager, My Computer (as drive E) or in the option to safely remove hardware. Normally to disconnect, I will go under safely remove hardware and stop the use.

But, this time I had forgotten what to do and instead clicked on disable use. Now, I cannot find out how to enable this. I have reinstalled, checked for updates, etc. Nothing has worked!

Making fake LPT1 port for a USB printer

I use FedEx's online shipping web site via Internet Explorer to print FedEx shipping labels. But, the FedEx site only allows printing to a LTP1 or COM port, and I have a USB printer. I canuse their shipping software to print the the USB port, but the online version is much easier to use.

Is there a way to create a pseudo printer port so that I can "fool" Windows into sending the print command to the LPT1 port, and instead it gets redirected to a USB port?

(I want to do this as I don't want to have to purchase a print server)

USB Port Access Denied Win7Enterprise

All my serial ports are giving "G:\ is not accessible" "access denied". Earlier they used to work. In regedit the no. is already 3.

desktop .ini file in every folder

I have noticed that there is a file desktop.ini usually of 66kb in every folder and also a folder system volume information which is empty and access denied along with recycler folder whichcontains files with long numerical name the recycler can be deleted and the ini file too but the system volume information does not appears it is being caused by a virus or a worm AVG andNorton both does not detect any virus/worm some entries in the registry specially in HK/root/dll appears like VBS.

Word/Excel/Internet Explorer/System Restore all stopped working

Logged onto my home computer yesterday (emailing this from a different computer) - had a virus: Live Security Platinum, which imitates a virus removal software program. Would not allow me to run my McAfee or access McAfee's website.

Initially would not load up System Restore either, but after a couple of reboots, System Restore became available and I used this to restore my computer to about a week before.

With computer up and running, I updated my virus protection and ran a full scan - three viruses were found and removed.

After this, Windows Update detected 16 new updates and these were downloaded and installed when I turned my computer off. Later, when turning my computer back on, there was a configuration of the new updates for a minute or two before the computer fully loaded up. When it loaded, I could not and still cannot:
- access the internet (not connected, ran troubleshooter which cannot find the problem but when I try to install a new connection, it says no hardware is detected - though broadband modemis connected and appears to be operating normally)
- open any Word or Excel documents (message says it cannot verify the licence for these products)
- run System Restore (message says "C:\Windows\system32\rstrui.exe - The specified service does not exist as an installed service".

Desktop Icons not staying put

Recently I got a virus via an email sent from a friend (without an attachment) which took over my PC. I have resolved the problem (?) by doing a system restore & running AVG anti-virus temporarily to find the culprit which I was able to remove.

(I normally only run Microsoft Security Essentials without dramas).I then deleted AVG so as not to conflict with MSE & then ran MalwareBytes & Spybot to clean out any other problems.

seems to be OK now however I cannot get my Desktop Icons to stay in my preferred location. I have tried unchecking & rechecking Auto arrange & aligning icons to no avail. I am using windows 7.

How can I block ports?

I have a virus scanner telling me a port is open and I have some type of trojan. I scan the entire HD and "nothing" was found. I visited the virus scan website and it only tells me how toview open/listening ports, but not how to close it.

I do not want to take any risks and I rather just close that port specially if I'm not using it.

I already did a search for port 1434 and honestly, I do not need it open. What can I do to close it, block it, disable it? - Ouh, if it helps the OS is Vista Ultimate - Let me know if you need any other info!

Virus infected need to format! No back up..

My computer is an Aspire 7530G. It came with windows vista installed on it, which I replaced when I bought a copy of Windows 7. I now have a bad virus and am hoping to do a full format to remove it and to start my computer completely fresh.

I do not have the copy of Windows 7 with me and am hoping I will be able to do the full format without the cd like the vista program allowed.

Clicking on any folder creates a new folder. Is this a virus?

I m Posting the problem that I m facing about couple of days when I click on any folder in my system it creates another folder named as 'Newfolder' is this virus or worm or spyware or so called.

could u let me know what is best solution with out formatting the system or reinstall the Windows..

How to remove "Autoit" virus

My system was infected by Autoit virus. I scanned and removed but again it is loading.
How to remove it and how to avoid it?

fun.exe dc.exe etc virus found

In my office we found virus in one workstation and server named as fun.exe dc.exe etc. I tried to remove by deleting, its creating again, I renamed again its creating another same folder, I tried to end in task manager but after few seconds its coming again.

I checked in startup its there, I removed and restarted but its coming again, I tried in safemode and ran stinger anti virus here I can delete and after reboot its coming again.
what should I do to fix this(Maximum I do not want to re-install OS).

Remote assistance for virus-infected pc?

I want to help to remove a virus from a friend's pc. do I risk infecting my pc?

Microsoft Security Essential - is it anti-virus or not?

I installed Win7 on an HP workstation. For this setup, I chose to use MSE and Windows Firewall.

On Win7, the HP Support Assistant reports that an anti-virus program is not detected when MSE is installed and operational. On the web, there is some lively discussion about the valueof the HP Support Assistant because HP apparently indicates that one should install a "real" anti-virus program.

However, the Win7 Security Center also reports that an anti-virus program is not installed, despite MSE being fully operational.

Thus, MSE is not indicating to Win7 that it is an operational anti-virus program, or perhaps it is not an anti-virus program.

I did configure the Security Center to not monitor for an anti-virus program and the feedback from both is still the same.

Is MSE a fully functional anti-virus program? If so, why does it not report its status correctly to the Security Center?

how to delete aotorun.inf

My system has got infected by autorun.inf virus and I m using avast antivirus | which is not able to catch the virus .so can u tell me any such method to manually delete the virus.

Do I need a Anti-Virus Program...

I've installed Windows 7 Ulti. Though I have no Anti Virus. Is it worth it!?, care for giving me a link to some good anti virus.

Looking for a reliable good virus detection software and remover

I have a virus in my computer and I've tried everything does anyone know reliable and or great virus detect and destroy.

How to get rid of Babylon Search Engine

I have no idea what I downloaded but now when I open a new window I'm stuck with Babylon search engineI hate it. How can I get rid of it the program is NOT listed in my Add-Delete options where is the setting I need.
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