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Sound Distortion

Loungers, when on my Win7 desktop, I usually listen to my music using Winamp while exploring etc. If I start a program that requires UAC permission, the sound crackles. UAC is at default setting. Everything AFAIK is upto date.
Same occurs if I am using Media Player Classic, included with K Lite codec pack.

Turn off program sounds?

But I could swear when I first got my Windows 7 Pro computer last summer, it had a feature where you could turn off the sound for specific programs - such as a game. After installing new speakers, the sound came back and I cannot figure out how I turned it off before. It might have been a tip from the Windows Secrets newsletter.

Randomly all drivers stopped working

I have a Windows 7 Toshiba Satellite P505 2009 laptop. It was working fine until randomly all the drivers stopped working, besides graphics. The sound, Wi-fi, LAN, and USB drivers all have yellow exclamation points next to them in Device Manager.

I've tried updating them all, but they're all up to date. I even uninstalled them and restarted my computer but they still don't work.

I assume it's a problem in the operating system, and I'll probably have to take it in to repair it.

Now sound after upgrading

I recently upgraded to Windows 7. My DVD/CD player can play movies, and software loads up, but neither CD discs or existing library files will play -just no sound from them. I've checked in 'Hardware and Sound' in Control Panel, and Win Med Player is the selected option.

Program "Reimage" destroyed Windows

I ran the program, and settings disappeared. Even my settings between editing software and my printer were wiped away. I then was trying to change the sounds for everything that Windows does, using the Windows sound editing area.

Most I use NO sound, except for incoming mail. So, I was in the process of setting most of the sounds to "no sound", and all of a sudden, it disappeared!

All that was left were the folders with the Win. 7 programmed sound files with no where to disable a sound, for a Window operation, like "critical stop", etc. What can I do, as I have tried everything I know to do, which is very little. I did notify the company.

Custom sound scheme for shutdown and closing etc not working

I can play all sound files but can't get windows 7 home premium to play the sounds I select for opening, closing, etc. for any applications. For instance, when I boot up windows, there used to be a sound that it made. I wanted to have a sound for when I closed a program or reduced it.

It has stopped making those sounds. When I select a sound in Control Panel, push Test, nothing happens.

How can this be fixed?

will not play sound

Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device installed on your computer, it might be in use by another program, or it might not be functioning properly.

however it will play sound from the internet What can I do to fix this problem?

Installation Prevented By Policy

I'm not sure but I think this started after a recent update by Microsoft on my Win 7 Dell XPS 630i.

I had a working headset, the Microsoft Lifechat LX-3000 which is a USB unit. Sound worked fine since installation.

Now, the sound was lost and I did the normal checks in Device Manager and it was there without faults but still no sound.

I clicked to reinstall the drivers and when updating via the internet I get : X Installation Prevented by Policy, I cannot get any sounds at all.

Problem with the "Print Complete" sound

My Windows 7 pro x64 system will not play the "Print Complete" sound after printing a document.

I get the pop-up saying that the print job has completed, just like it did with Win XP. However, the sound is not played.

The sounds applet in control panel has the "Print Complete" sound defined correctly and the Test button plays the sound. So I do not have an audio problem, and the .wav file is not blocked.

I have looked for any options that could control the sound, but have not found any.

Can anyone confirm that this sound actually works on any Win 7 system or is this a problem with the implementation?

Front sound jack not working

Where my back sound jacks work just fine, but front one - doesn't, so I have to get under my table and switch headphones / speakers plugs. This problem appeared after my windows 7 reformat.

Can't access USB drive

I have an older HP m7680n computer running Win7 x64. For the last year or so I've been using two 500GB Segate FreeAgent Go USB drives as backup media for my system. Normally I plug in whichever drive I need then boot the computer.

On start the computer boings/dings/whatever and an autostart window pops up asking what I want to do with the drive. During the day if I need to access the drive, I'd use Windows Explorer where the drive would be listed with it's name and a drive letter.

Three days ago my system stopped identifying the USB drives in either Win Explorer or in Computer.

The system will still ding/beep (whatever that sound is called) when the drive is connected (like a hot swap) but will not show the drive and I can't access it. Went to device manager and it showed up there by name under disk Drives and I could populate the drive (under volume tab of properties).

cypress AT2LP RC42

I have one usb to HDD connector, if I insert into usb port it showing "installing cypress AT2LP RC42." in device manager its showing for this driver is not installed, I tried a lot but I dint get free download, can any one send free driver download link possible or addition to that step by step solution.

Howto make you Windows PC act as a USB-mass-storage-device?

I want to play media files stored on my computer on my TV, but I don't want to use the built-in TV-out card. Instead I want to use my stand alone DVD-player, which supports playing media files from a USB-stick.

So, I want to connect my PC-to the DVD-player using a USB cablee and emulate USB-mass storage on the PC to "share" a folder as a USB-drive.

How can this be done?

Local Disk C:\ is not accessible Access is denied

I have this problem of accessing local disk c, whenever I try to open it I get the message 'C:\ is not accessible Access is denied'. I am using TOSHIBA L500, OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit. This problem started when I wanted to deny access to a certain folder in Local Disk E: in which after finishing the process, still access was not denied, so I cut the folder and pasted it in Local Disk C: and run the same procedures to deny access to that folder, after completed is when I realized that the whole disk C: is not accessible and its used and free space is not shown.

The processes I used to deny access to a folder are:
1. Right clicking the folder I want to deny its access - properties - security.
2. Then I go down to "To change Permissions, click Edit. - then I click Edit.
3. I go to permissions to authenticated users and put Mark to check boxes in 'Denny' side.
4. I finish by clicking Apply then Ok.

Should I install USB 3.0 card?

2 of my recent USB hard drives are USB 3.0. My Win7 computer however only supports USB 2.0. I am thinking of purchasing and installing a USB 3.0 card to get better speeds when using these recent portable 3.0 hard drives.

Access denied trying to delete file...but is it really there at all?

Well it happens to all of us sometimes.

My wife downloaded a 590 MB BBC iPlayer wmv file for later viewing on my workstation. After viewing, we now want to remove it from the machine.

Simple, you would think.err no. Every attempt to access the file results in Access Denied. Viewing the owner of the file results in "unable to display current owner"

Things I have tried:

* Turn of Simple File Sharing and grab ownership - same result: access denied
* Reset file attributes using command prompt (run as admin) - same result: access denied
* Delete from command prompt (run as admin) - same result: access denied
* Various "forced file removers" - yup, you got it.access denied

USB Storage devices giving error messages

I have a problem with my USB ports not recognising various hard drives, an iphone and a card reader which all worked perfectly up until yesterday. When I connect any of these items I get a pop-up saying "One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognise it." This happens with any USB port and any cable and with all myUSB devices with storage. My keyboard, mouse and printer work without problem in any of the ports.

Sometimes, with a few reboots I can get a device working for a while, but then it disappears and I get the above message.

In device manager, the offending port shows up with a yellow exclamation mark and the properties state "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) I've tried uninstalling and letting Windows reinstall for only temporary cure.

I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit and have made no hardware or software changes recently apart from installing the latest version of itunes. I have run a virus and malware scan which found nothing.
as I had installed some windows updates but the problem persists.

Can an unused PS/2 to USB adaptor port cause blue screens?

My PowerSpec G160 computer -- Intel I5 processor, ATI Radeon 5450 video card -- had started throwing blue screens, The computer was restored last Friday by a tech at Micro Center, where I bought it -- he started by reformatting the C:\ drive, which had been corrupted in the previous crash, then reinstalled Windows.

The computer has run only one update since, retrieved automatically online, to Windows.

I haven't gone looking for more updates. I'm wary of changing anything and making myself responsible for a problem.

Two thoughts about what may have happened:

* An updated driver may be the problem. The ATI Radeon 5450 video card asks for updates frequently, though actually I think that most of them are only pushing game and entertainment content.

* Because one of the original problems I took the computer in for was a worn-out keyboard, I had been using a PS/2 keyboard connected to a USB port through an adapter which also had a socket for a mouse.

That socket was empty because I was using a USB mouse. Checking yesterday after writing to this forum, I saw that the Device Manager reported two mice.

The latest crash occurred after the system was set up the latest time, and with the open mouse port which the Device Manager reported as a mouse.

I have now plugged in a PS/2 mouse and removed the USB mouse. The Device Manager now reports one mouse and the computer has been stable for 24 hours. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

It is a bit surprising that anything as seemingly trivial and peripheral as a PS/2-to-USB adapter with an open port could crash the computer and corrupt the hard drive, but that may be what happened.

When you have two mice, you will soon have many more, but in this case with one mouse and one non-mouse, it may be that I got bugs instead

Hardware not recognised after sleep mode

I bought myself one of these PCI-E PCI Express PCIE to USB 3.0 4 port Hub Front Panel + USB 2.0 Card Reader but I find that when the computer wakes from sleep mode, the system cannot find the USB 3 ports.

To get them back, I have to open Device Manager and do a Scan for Hardware Changes . Anyone have any ideas on fixing this other than turn the computer off instead of lettingit go to sleep?

Old Hard Disk Access Denied

I had My documents on my previous pc private. Then my motherboard broke and I decided to buy a new pc. Bought an ATAPI to USB adapter to use my previous HD as an external one. I then tried to get access to my documents but I had the message "Access denied".

Even when I tried to create the old account and password I cannot gain access.
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