Windows 7

Limit on opening multiple documents from Windows Explorer
Today I tried to open of the Word documents in a directory. something I've done routinely in every version of Windows since Windows NT. and nothing happened.

My usual technique is to select all of the files I want to open and press Enter. When that failed, I tried right click/Open. That didn't work either; the Open command wasn't on the menu.

I found that I can open 15 files at once, but not 16.

This is not a Word problem. When I try to open multiple PDFs, the same thing happens.

saving from e-mail or...
When I use tools>save as, of something coming in through e-mail, where do I find it? I am not given a choice of " documents," to save it in, only various html archives. sambacat

Save client-side modified excel file to database
I have a webform which has iframes and one of iframes rendering excel content that users modify. I want to save modified excel page clicking a button (saving client-side then uploading file is not acceptable way because users have no save permissions) to webserver thus database.

How can I do this? Note: this is a local application meaning runs on intranet.

Can't download .exe files to my desktop
When I save an .exe file to my desktop, this is the error message:

"Could not be saved because you cannot change the contents of that folder. Change the folder properties and try again or try to save to a different location"

I want to save the .exe to my desktop like I've done it a hundred times before with no problem then install the program to a designated location on my C/D drive.

Open Like Program Next To Each Other On Task Bar
On my home computer, when I have many program open, If I open something like firefox all the firefoxes are next to each other, NOT grouped.

They just open next to each other. Anyone know how this functionality is controlled? I have the Anthracite Vista theme installed on both computers by the way.

No Administrator Permission to save file
This is a boring error and I am sure there is a simple answer but it has defeated me.

My PC is a stand alone built tower desktop linked to the Internet with password access. There is no one else who uses the kit. I have Windows 7 Home Premium and Microsoft Office 2007.

Why is it that when I try to save anything I download into a folder in the My Document's library I am informed that I do not have permission and but it can be saved in the Owners area?

I usually backtrack and save it on the desktop. That is allowed but I then have to transfer the file. Tedious and time consuming and irritating!

My removable drive won't open
I having a problem with my removable drive, when I go to My Computer and try to open it by double clicking it, a box appears that says Open With and then it list a bunch of programs. While on My Computer if I try to open it by doing right click instead of getting the Open and Explore options I just get this weird symbols: o'?a(O) something like that. It was working before.

Multimonitor Window Placement
New PC. Windows 7. My video card controls my multiple monitors as one big desktop (through Catalyst Control Center).

How do I set the default location for windows opened by Windows 7 itself?

Programs are pretty much going where I want them to go.

But Windows dialog boxes (like "open" and "save") and warning boxes are popping up right in the middle of my monitor set - divided by the physical edges of the monitors.

Is there a way to set these so that they open something like 10% of the pixels from the top, and 10% from the left?

Word and excel opening/reading problem
I have a problem of opening ms word and excel files on my computer. The files are there for a long time. I use to open and modify them. Suddenly, when I try to open the word files, a dialog box appears that says "There was an error opening the file".

when I try to open the excel files, a dialog box appears that says "File format not valid". I have tried to create a new word and excel files, save them and when I try to open these new files, they are opened with no error.

However, all the older files do not open and show the above message. I also tried to repair and reload office 2003, system restore, but the problem is there.

I can open any new word and excel files, but the problem is with the older ones. I don't think the problem is with ms office. Because, if the problem is with ms office, it wouldn't have opened the new files.

Microsoft Excel 2007 automatically opening PERSONAL.XLSB
When I currently open Excel 2007, Excel automatically opens PERSONAL.XLSB.

I want Excel to automatically open a new sheet instead, (like it used to). Is there any way to do this while still having the macros in PERSONAL.XLSB available?
I've located the file at .\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART, but if I remove the file the macros are no longer available.

Using windows 7 ultimate.

Side note:
I generally start working on the spreadsheet that opens up, and it doesn't occur to me to save as a different file since I use quick save shortcuts (Ctrl-S). I have added macros to PERSONAL.XLSB, and don't want to remove them.

I don't want to have to Close the file and open a new one every time I start,

save changes in a shared workbook
I made an excel sheet and enabled the "shared workbook" option. now when I open it and save the changes that I have made it is showing an error message :

"File is locked"

MSDOS - How to open multiple programs from one batch script
I have a batch file that opens several programs as shown below:

rem Open Desktop Weather
"C:\Program Files\The Weather Channel FW\Desktop Weather\DesktopWeather.exe"

rem Open powerpoint into slide show
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\POWERPNT.exe" /s "C:\Documents and Settings\clintad\Desktop\template.ppt"
the script won't open the next program unless the first application is closed. I don't want to close any programs but open them all up.

Win 7 - Windows Explorer - Adobe Acrobat issue
I have Adobe Acrobat 10x deployed on both my Win7 desktop and WinXP laptop. When I open a PDF in the Win7 desktop, I cannot make changes and save the file. I get a File In Use error message. When I open the same file from the same directory using my WinXP desktop, I can edit and save the file normally.

No issues When I save the file to my Desktop and open directly from there (rather than finding it in an Explorer Window and opening it from there) I can edit and save the file normally.

No issues. If I get a PDF via email, I can open it, edit and save normally. No issues.

Thus, this issue only occurs with Adobe Acrobat, not any other programs. It only occurs when I drill down and find the file via Windows Explorer (or whatever it's called in Win7).

It appears to me that selecting the file in a Win7 Explorer Window locks the file as being in use.

Force Opening a .doc file
I want to open a .doc file in html browser.
I have given a link but when I click on it,it gives 3 options Open,Save,,Cancel.

I want either to remove the Save button or to open the file directly.

Slow File Opening
While trying to open or save files from any application, I have to wait over 5 minutes to be able to open or save, this doesn't happen if the file exist and I open it from the library. I'm using Windows 7.

Powerpoint will not open or save anything.
So I've had this problem for a few days, the problem is, Powerpoint won't open any existing file and won't save any new ones. Before it used to crash I tried to save, now it has just lostthe will to do anything, before it would crash after I saved the file as something, now, the save button and command does nothing, this is the same as the open command.

If I just find the file and open it, it stops responding instantly.

Hard disks appear in "safely remove hardware and eject media" on taskbar
I built a computer using an Intel INTEL-DP35DP motherboard with a Core 2 Duo CPU and two hard disks. I did a new install of Windows 7 on the computer. Everything works fine except for one disturbing glitch.

When I have a USB thumb drive attached and am done with it, I click on the Taskbar Icon to "safely remove hardware and eject media" and not only does the thumb drive appear, but so do the two installed hard disks.

This happens every time I click that icon, even when no thumb drive is attached. The two hard drives also appear in Devices and Printers in the Control panel, as does the DVD drive, which is not normal.

I am afraid I will someday "remove" a hard disk by accident.

Dying Hard Drive & Damaged Image Files
I have been attempting move image files (TIF, CR2, JPG, BMP, PDF, PSD) off a hard drive and onto another drive on the same computer. The files will not COPY nor will they MOVE. I cannot get them to CS5, PSE8, nor PAINT.

When I try to open them in IRFANVIEW the app locks up and has to be closed by the OS. Most of the misbehaving images do display in all the thumbnail sizes of WIN 7. And the thumbnails display a black horizontal line through them at different heights and of different thicknesses. Some images have several lines.

The COPY and MOVE commands stop when they hit one of these files but, using MOVE and telling it to disregard the bad files, I have gotten much of the data off the hard drive. By the way,this process took almost two days as the system settled on a transfer speed between 750 KB/s to a blistering 220 KB/s for 130 GB.

Perhaps related, the hard drive at POST was detected as having corrupted files etc. I always opted to let the system repair which it did. I also downloaded and ran the WD disk check app and it found no problems.

After several of these incidents I figured time was to buy a new hard drive and get data off the ailing one.
Is there a way of retrieving the damaged files? What happened.

Can't access Buffalo external hard drive
Purchased a Buffalo external hard drive 2tb usb 3. It is showing up in device manager and disk management as OK meaning that the hardware side of things look fine. Installed a usb 3 pci card.

When I try to run the software the Drive navigator comes up with an error that means that I can't access the hard drive. To be honest all I want to do is drag&drop files without the software.

I un installed the software and I have checked for permissions and taken ownership and run as administrator. I downloaded up dates from the site to no avail and couldn't see any info in their forum.

Recommened partition size for Win7
I just ordered the parts for a new media center PC. The new hard drive size is 1 TB and I want install Win7 home premium 64 bit on the c drive and use the d drive for media files. I was thinking of 100-120gb for the c drive partition and the remainder for the d drive. Is this enough space for the OS on the c drive?