Create a php click counter

This tutorial will teach you how to create a simple php counter to track how many times your banners were clicked

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PHP Hit Counter Tutorial
Creates your own counter script. Using a basic knowledge of php + mysql script and keeps your visitors number to database for analysis.

Simple Visits Counter without MySQL
In this article we will see how we can create a visitor counter for our website using PHP and a simple text file. We will be making a simple Counter for a website using flat text file without using any database. We will just require a file to keep our counter value maintained.

PHP Counter script tutorial
Most webmasters and wapmasters do think creating a hit counter has to be complex and database driven. But am going to explain how to create a simple hit counter that is accurate and easy without worry about creating a database.

PHP and MySql Visitors Counter
In this tutorial we'll be creating a visitors counter script using PHP and MySql. It's a small little system that's easy to create and can be used on any webpage you like.

Php counter with cookies
Learn how to make php counter using mysql database and cookies.

PHP Counter
A counter is a simple yet essential script when developing web pages.

Basic Hit Counter in PHP
In this tutorial you will learn how to write a basic hit counter in PHP in just several easy steps.

Create a Unique Counter
PHP Tutorial: Create a unique visitor counter for your site.

File Basied Hit Counter
In this tutorial you'll learn how to create file based hit counter using PHP.

Simple Hit Counter
Use this simple script for a basic click counter to display the amount of hits to your site.

Image based hit counter in PHP to keep track of visitor.
Here we are going to design simple image based hit counter to keep track of visitor. We are going to keep record in a text file so we do need any kind of database. We are going to keep whole record in counter.txt file.

PHP : Beginners Guide
PHP can do many things, such as creating a hit counter, login script, guestbook ... really complex things ... even really easy things such as displaying the time on your page or forwarding a user to a new page (re-direct). The possibilities really are endless.

Easy Flat File Hit Counter
Create a very simple hit pageview counter without any database! Use flat file scripting to make an easy counter!

Logging With PHP3
This tutorial show you how to use PHP to display your site traffic statistics on the fly at any time. Along with its supplied PHP script, you will learn how to get access to your statistics that are continually updated, and that simultaneously support multiple sites, and multiple actions (page view, ad click, click-in, click-out, etc).

text counter
A common feature on most websites is a counter to show how many visitors have been to your site.

PHP Live Counter: Online Users
This is a really great script to use for anyone who is wanting to gain more statistics regarding the number of people who visit your site and so forth.

PHP Coding for Newbies
PHP is short for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a very powerful programming language used all over the world. It can be used to create dynamic web pages. This post will cover the basics of PHP and I will go into great detail about everything that I talk about. Let’s start out by finding out…

Database driven web counter
This simpel script stores page hits on a database file. In every visit, script counts the hits and updates database. To drive this PHP script , you need PHP, mySQL. You may setup script easily, just copy and paste following code into a page.

Unique Hits Counter
Create a unique hits counter that writes to a text file.

Introduction, Benefits and Building Websites
In this tutorial you will learn about introduction to PHP. Topics: 1. What is PHP?
2. How PHP Works?
3. What are PHP benefits?
4. What I need in order to build PHP driven sites?
4.1 Cheap PHP Hosting
5. Is PHP easy to learn?