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Build a Bare-Bones WordPress 2.8+ Widget

This tutorial is going to be a little more advanced than some of the fare around here, but in the end you'll have all the information you need to know to create your very own WordPress widget! And that's worth the effort, I think. However, you will need to understand a little bit of PHP for this to make much sense.

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It's common in many blogs to have an about me widget in the sidebar of the blog which displays the biography of the author. This is a great place to show everyone your name, your biography, your picture and your social media links. If you want to do this in WordPress you can add a standard text widget and input this information manually.

Allow Users To Add PHP code in Text Widget in WordPress
Wordpress text widget is an awesome widget where you can add text , html or javascripts any where but we cannot add php code in it. In order to execute php in text widget use following snippet. Now add the following snippet in functions.php file.

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In this quick tutorial I will show you how plugins like BroadFast for Wordpress manage to overwrite the default sender and to send emails with plain text and HTML versions. You simply need a small wrapper function. See the full code first and I will explain it below:

The Accordion Widget
The accordion widget is a robust and highly configurable widget that is made up of a series of containers and allows users to save space on their web pages by only displaying a certain section of related content at any point in time. This is another component d edicated to the effective display of content. It is like a tabbed interface but positioned vertically instead of horizontally. It has a range of configurable properties that can be used to customize its appearance and behavior.

Get All Wordpress Navigation Menus
If you are creating a custom themes options page or a WordPress plugin which needs to get all the WordPress menus in your site. This small function can be very useful, it will return all the WordPress menus on your site in an array so you can process them as you want.

How to Integrate Google Adsense into WordPress Shortcodes
WordPress is such a great tool for bloggers and publishers. I`m not making any differentiation between digital writers and others because WordPress, being a CMS, can handle any type of website. But as much as they love to offer free content to the masses, they still have to monetize WordPress in someway and what`s the most convenient way if not Google Adsense?

Must Have WordPress Plugins and Tools
Using WordPress alone limits the user to just plain blogging. So I've listed down some of the plugins every WordPress site should have. Use this to extend the functionality of WordPress. I've listed 9 of them below. In case some of them does not work on your current site due to compatibility issues from upgrades in WordPress core or other plugins, you can always search for an alternative with the same functionality.

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We can teach you how to build your online shop or website using WordPress, however we tend to get a large amount of emails from our students asking if we can walk them through this process again for when they are looking to make another website. So kindly our Advanced Web Design instructor Eric has written a great step by step guide for everyone to use!

Secure WordPress Config File With htaccess
Your wp-config.php file stores all of your config variables for your WordPress site. If someone has access to this file they will be able to see your database username and password.

When you first install WordPress there is a default wp-config-sample.php file which you need to rename and modify.

To keep this secure you can move this file outside of the WordPress root folder, WordPress is able to find this file one level up from the root.

How to turn WordPress into a CMS in 4 easy steps
We already know that WordPress is a great blogging tool, but did you know that it's also very easy to turn WordPress into a CMS (Content Management Tool)? In fact, a lot of websites are built on WordPress, because it's so easy to use. In this post I'll explain how you can turn your own WordPress blog into a CMS.