What's New in Photoshop CS2

This tutorial will teach you how to highlight the new features in Photoshop CS2. Also we will be discussing some of the new cool features in Photoshop CS2.

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Tips For Working With Layers In Photoshop CS2
There's lots of brand new stuff in Photoshop CS2 and the following tips and tricks are just for this version of Photoshop. We'll concentrate in this batch of tips on some changes that are making some people happy, and some people not so happy — and that's the brand new way that Photoshop layers work.

Writing On The Wall: CS2 Vanishing Point
The new Photoshop CS2 Vanishing Point is a powerful tool. This tutorial will show you the basics of this new feature.

Photoshop CS2 Splash Image
This tutorial will show you how to create photoshop CS2 splash image.

Overlapped or linked Text effect photoshop cs2
Make a Overlap Text Effect or design a text effect with linked letters for logo - photoshop cs2 tutorial.

Reducing Noise In Images
In this Photo Retouch tutorial, we'll look at how to reduce the appearance of noise in an image, including luminance noise, color noise and even jpeg artifacts, all using the Reduce Noise filter, first introduced in Photoshop CS2 (which means you'll need at least CS2 to follow along). Notice that the name of the filter is Reduce Noise, not Remove Noise. As powerful as Photoshop is, there's still no way to take a noisy image and clean it up completely, at least not without removing most of the detail in the image along with it.

Spot Healing Brush in CS2
Remove objects from images in a single click with the power of the new Photoshop CS2 Spot Healing Brush.

Exposure Command - Photoshop CS2 (Photoshop 9)
This video clip shows how to work with 32 bits of data per channel.

Channel Project Image Effect with Photoshop
It's kinda Easy to make that with photoshop CS2, Follow me : First Open Photoshop and Open desired image.

Brushed Metal Logo
Create a brushed metal logo in Photoshop. You will need Adobe Photoshop 7 or above (all illustrations attached to this article show Photoshop CS2) and you'll want to give your creativity free reign.

Make Graffiti effect
This photoshop tutorial will help you create graffiti of any kind. I have demonstrated how to use adobe photoshop software cs2 tools like transform, perspective etc.

Create a Lollipop Girl
how to make a Lollipop Girl in Photoshop. I have used Photoshop CS2 for this tutorial. Please note that this is an advanced photoshop tutorial and I consider my readers to know how to use Pen Tool well. Anyways, beginners may find it difficult but practice always makes a man perfect.

Creative Focus with Lens Blur
In this Photoshop Effects tutorial, we're going learn how to add creative focus to an image using Photoshop's Lens Blur filter, which has been available in Photoshop since Photoshop CS (which means you'll need Photoshop CS, CS2 or CS3 for this tutorial). When most people think of adding a blurring effect to an image in Photoshop, they immediately think of the Gaussian Blur filter, which has been around in Photoshop since the days of the dinosaurs (they used Photoshop BC back then). While Gaussian Blur is still a great filter with plenty of uses, it doesn't offer us much in terms of control over the blurring effect and usually needs to be paired up with a layer mask for it to be of any real use.

Perspective Correction - Repairing Keystoning
Tired of the buildings in your photos looking like they're leaning backwards? That's a common perspective problem known as keystoning, but Photoshop's powerful Lens Correction filter, first introduced in Photoshop CS2, makes it easy to fix!

Vanishing Point in Photoshop CS2+
There are many possibilities for removing defective image areas in Photoshop. The most advanced one of them is Vanishing Point. Its usage requires a bit of practice, which you may just get over with if you follow this article.

Create a Retro Vintage Poster
I've decided to do another, this time using a slightly different style. The key to making a good poster is to use the ideas from this tutorial, and create your own unique poster, to improve upon this style. We'll be using Adobe Photoshop CS4, and hopefully this is possible to follow even if you're on Photoshop CS3 or CS2

Brighter, Whiter Smiles with Photoshop
Everyone wants a brighter, whiter smile... at least that's what my television tells me every 15 minutes. This Photoshop CS2 lesson will demonstrate how you can brighten and whiten the smile in any of your digital portraits. Along the way you'll discover how to use the Magic Wand and the Lasso selection tools and you'll learn about the Hue/Saturation adjustment dialog.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Style Icons
The Adobe Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create icon that resemble the new icons included with Adobe Photoshop CS3. This tutorial is quick and easy. With the old icons it was hard to tell which program each one represented. The new icons are simple and easier to recognize. The funny thing is that this tutorial is done using Adobe Photoshop CS2.

Replace Eye Color
Recolor eyes with ease using the Color Replacement Tool in Photoshop CS/CS2.

Tips For Working With Type In Photoshop CS2
Now that Photoshop has a nice font preview feature, you can get a glimpse of what your type faces look like right in your Character Palette menu. An extra nice touch is that the size of the font previews can be changed.

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts - Tips & Resources
Learn how to edit and create sets of keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop CS and CS2. Also includes links to free keyboard shortcuts PDFs.