Transform Image into a Canvas Painting

Transform your photo into realistic painting in canvas. This tutorial will teach you how to achieve that.

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Transform Normal Portrait Image into Artistic Painting
In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to Easily Transform a Normal Portrait Image into an Artistic Painting. We will apply several image adjustments, filters, and Pen Tool to achieve this effect. This tutorial is suitable for those who possess intermediate Photoshop knowledge.

Oil Painting on a Canvas
Tutorial: Convert a photo to an oil painting on a canvas using Adobe Photoshop.

Painting with Lasers in CS5
This technique uses lasers to engrave an image onto a canvas made of solid wood and then, using a high quality flatbed printer, print the color image onto the carved wood, leaving the creator with an eye-popping 3D version of the original image.

Converting a Photograph into a Painting
If you know how to take great shots with your camera and you have a copy of Photoshop you can easily achieve the effect of a painting done on a canvas.

Painting with a Traditional Focus
n this video tutorial, digital art master Feng Zhu looks at how to paint with a traditional focus and emulate a canvas painting. He uses a mixture of photo references and imagination, and also examines the importance of understanding what you are painting.

Original Art painting on a digital canvas
How to create an artwork that imitates real painting made with a brush- only you will make it on your screen.

Transform tools
In This tutorial we will will learn how to use the Transform tools in our Digital Painting projects, we will learn some Tips for Free Transform, Additional Options, Warp option and I will showcase some examples of how you can use these techniques in your work flow.

Transform a Photo into Chinese Painting
Here will show how we can transform a photo into a chinese painting with the help of a few oriental elements.

How to give a canvas-printed look to your images
I'm glad to share with you some nice techniques about textures, and how they can be used in Photoshop to transform a digital work into a printed stylish image.

Oil painting effect tutorial
Today you are going to learn how to convert your personal photos and pictures into beautiful canvas painting using the power of Photoshop CS6. Here is the preview of the final result.

Make a Painting on canvas from a picture
Turn a picture into a realistic-looking painting. No special tools are required, just a few simple filters and blending modes.

Create a beautiful fantasy scene - part 1
Begin by opening an image of some clouds as your background and rename the layer ‘Clouds’. Then import a suitable rocky, canyon shot onto your canvas and resize it with Free Transform to fit the width of the image. Using the Eraser tool at 100% Opacity, erase everything above the canyon range to extract the mountain.

Magic Painting Tutorial
Simulate a painting based on an image using Adobe Photoshop CS5. A picture's worth a thousand words, a painting is worth so much more! There is no better way to capture the essence of a person than from photos of the subject, and there is no better way to portray a subject than through a beautiful painting.

Image canvas effect
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a image canvas effect.

How to draw a cute pirate character
Photoshop is not only powerful on image editing or photo manipulations, but also very useful to produce image creations. Even from scratch, pure from your imaginations. We can take character design for example. When you design a character, you put your imaginations on your canvas. You can do it although you start from a blank canvas, and this tutorial will help you to see the process.

Digital Photograph to Painting
Quite a number of Photoshop filters are able turn a photo into a painting with just a few quick and dirty clicks and flicks of a mouse. However, these filters don't really give us the control that we at times desire to really tweak the photograph and really turn it into 'a work of art'. Check out this tutorial to learn how to turn a Digital Photograph into a Painting complete with textured canvas.

Realistic Watercolor Effect
Learn how to transform a photo into a realistic watercolor painting. Here is a simple technique that gives you more control on the painting and texture parameters.

Painting scene photo manipulation
In this Photoshop tutorial we will make photo manipulation. We will transform photography with cat to still life painting and add it to photo frame, so we will get painting scene photo manipulation. Se sill use few clip arts, blending modes and filters to create this photoshop effect.

Transform A Photograph Into A Sketch
Transform any digital image into an image that looks like a sketch in only a few mouse clicks without actually having to paint one!

Make creative collages in Elements in just four steps!
Design your own portrait photo strips with this four-way gem. Go to the first image and double-click the layer’s thumbnail to unlock it. Go to Image>Resize>Canvas Size. In New Size, change units to Percent and make the Width 400%. Click the middle-left arrow so that the canvas is only extending to the right.