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How to Create a Synthetic Rainbow

How to Create a Synthetic Rainbow
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In this week's free movie, Deke shows you how to brighten your world with your very own realistic rainbow, constructed completely from scratch in Photoshop.
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how to make a rainbow photoshop

How to make a rainbow photoshopdesign a useful basic drawing of a rainbow the technique might be helpful for other tutorials.

Add A Realistic Rainbow To Your Photo in using CS5

In this Photoshop CS5 photo effects tutorial, we'll learn how to easily add a rainbow, and even a double rainbow, to a photo! As we'll see, Photoshop ships with a ready-made rainbow gradient for us to use. We'll learn where to find it and how to load it in. We'll also learn how to flip the order of the colors in a gradient, which we'll need to do to create a more realistic double rainbow effect.

Create a rainbow

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a rainbow effect in Photoshop

Create a magical rainbow color flame

One of the things I’ve seen around quite a bit lately is a transparent rainbow gradient effect on a dark background. It seems to me that flashy transparent gradients are in these days. They make me think about magic. Today I’ll show you how you can create a magical rainbow color flame. OK, maybe I’m using too many words in a row here, but it’s the best I can do to describe this.

Realistic Rainbow

In this Photoshop tutorial we're going to add a rainbow to an existing photograph.

Rainbow Text Effect

A quick photoshop tutorial showing you how to create a colorful rainbow text effect

Adding Realistic Rainbow to your photo

In this tutorial we will create a realistic rainbow and add it to our photo. This is an easy Photoshop tutorial, aimed at beginners with detailed explanations at each step.

Bright Rainbow Text Effect

This Photoshop tutorial will show you a very simple way to create a bright colorful rainbow text effect, using simple gradients and a blur filter.

Over the Rainbow

In this fun tutorial you will learn to make a rainbow.
Make your own custom gradient using varying colors and opacities.
Use layer opacity.
Use a Radial Gradient.

How to create abstract colorful rainbow background

In this tutorial, you'll go through easy steps for creating a nice abstract rainbow background in Photoshop. Well use Photoshop's simple shapes, layer styles and gradients to create a colorful background. Lets get started!